SCP-432 Materials Recovered
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SCP-432 Materials Recovered

All documents contained in this file are Class 2 Clearance requiring two signed approvals to access.

All of the following items have been recovered from within SCP-432 during the █ expeditions to date.


Discovered on expedition 1. Twelve (12) leaves in total; 3 Oak, 4 Ash, 2 Rowan and 3 Maple leaves. All leaves are dry and crumbling and exhibit signs of extreme age.


Recovered on expedition 2. A single left sports shoe, made from rubber and canvas with the ████████ logo on the ankle. The branding and manufacturing style dates the shoe to 1982. The shoe shows signs of heavy use; frayed laces, worn soles and scuffed toes, and is caked in a fine layer of earth and rust.

Dried Blood

Recovered on expedition 2. Scrapings from a large dried blood stain. Tests have confirmed the blood is human, male, type O Positive. The blood is too old and degraded for DNA reconstruction.

Animal Hair

Recovered on expedition 4. A large tuft of matted brown animal fur with a large clump of skin cells attached to the roots. The hairs are approximately 13cm long, stiff and coarse and smell extremely unpleasant. DNA analysis has placed the creature in the Order ████████████, Family ███████, although noticeable irregularities in the DNA profile exist, suggesting [DATA EXPUNGED]

Food Tins and Fork

Recovered on expedition 5. Two (2) crushed and empty cans of █████ baked beans with meatballs and one (1) tin fork. The cans have apparently been opened with a churchkey-type can opener, and the contents consumed. Dried residue confirms the contents of the cans to have been █████ baked beans with meatballs. One can contains traces of human blood mixed with the food sauce, as well as small traces of human tissue. The blood and tissue is mixed with the food sauce in a manner to suggest it was added to the food prior to consumption.
The fork is stamped from tin and of a manufacture and style consistent with 1940s army-issue mess kits. It is bent and scratched in places as commensurate with extended use. The tines of the fork are covered with dried food sauce consistent with █████ baked beans with meatballs, as well as traces of human blood and tissue.

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