Dr. Marcus L. Crassus's Personnel File

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Name: Dr. Marcus Licinius Crassus

Security Clearance: Level-4

Assignment(s): Humanoid SCP research, manager of Foundation front company "Sasha's Cleaning Products," Director of Research and Operations for SCP-5778

Location: Switches between Armed Site-21 and Site-42 frequently.

History: Dr. Crassus was born in ████ in Montego Bay, Jamaica, later legally immigrating to the United States in ████. He joined the United States Army in ████ with a 37F MOS (PSYOPS). He was recruited to the SCP Foundation from the Army in ████ due to existing exposure to the anomalous while on deployment and frequent interaction with humanoid anomalies. While under Foundation employment, he earned his doctorates from ████████████ in ████ under special contract with the Foundation, and was promoted to Level 2 following the discovery and acquisition of SCP-████, under his purview.

Dr. Marcus L. Crassus

Dr. Crassus steadily rose the ranks to achieve the highest rank of Level 4, in part due to his research efforts in humanoid anomalies and his impressive record in the field. He and fellow humanoid researcher, Dr. Jonathan Ward, would be assigned to the Foundation front company "Sasha's Cleaning Products" in ████. Following an incident in which Dr. Ward terminated a hostile humanoid entity in his own home, Dr. Crassus took part in the tribunal to decide a punishment for Dr. Ward breaking protocol. Most recently, Dr. Crassus took part in the containment efforts for SCP-████, where he worked closely with GOC personnel in order to contain the anomaly.

Personnel are advised to abstain from mentioning anything regarding "Parthia" or molten gold to Dr. Crassus.

Addendum #01: When asked about the historical significance of his name, or when he was born, Dr. Crassus does not give an answer.

Addendum #02.A: Why exactly is a literal parrot working for us again? Or is it a parrot-man…? Shouldn't he be among the things he's researching? — Researcher A. Wong

Addendum #02.B: We have had weirder staff before. Get over it. — O5-7

Addendum #03: I'm not exactly sure what Researcher Wong is talking about. Dr. Crassus is a man. — Dr. Jonathan Ward

Addendum #04: What I think about Doc Crass? Well, he's extremely analytical and helpful, godlike patience, will stick out for you if you are on his good side. Good connections, too. Somehow, he knows his way around firearms. He pulls rank a lot, though. — Agent Colt, MTF Delta-6 ("Instant Action") CO

Addendum #05: █████ ███ █████████1

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