Personnel File: Systems Analyst Patrick Gephart

Personnel File

Personnel Number: IS601 - Systems Analyst Patrick Gephart

My name is Patrick Gephart, and I am a Class 1 Systems Analyst with a major in Information Systems, a minor in Computer Science, and a certificate in Networking. I was recruited by the SCP Foundation after discovering the Biological Networking Device, a wireless router with a connection to living beings.

I have worked in the field as an agent and I have worked in the laboratories as a doctor, but I am not considered either of these professions. However, when it comes to mechanical or electrical systems, I am to be consulted before any major changes are to be made. I am slowly taking on more jobs but I am hurrying as fast as I can. You can reach me at any time with a page to my Personnel Number or contact via phone at (███)-███-████.

Current SCPs Discovered (Working to Date)
SCP-379: Mechanical Pheromone
SCP-380: Biological Networking Device

Note: Any technical issues of any sort should not be added onto my personnel file but may be placed in the Technical Issues file. Thank you.

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