Directive: Make America Normaler

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Directive: Make America Normaler (or MAN) describes the Unusual Incidents Unit and the United States Government's goal of maintaining normalcy in all facets of American civilian life. The United States Government has deemed this imperative to the sanity and well-being of its people. In the removal of abnormalities, among the most successful initiatives was the displacement of said activity into the Three Portlands, a pocket universe / city that exists alongside the physical location of Portland, Oregon. This was considered sufficient precedent to justify Operation: MAN's Best Friend.

Operation: MAN's Best Friend

Summary: THUS-1221 (Boring, Oregon) is an area of disproportionate anomalous activity within Oregon. Operation: MAN's Best Friend seeks to reduce said activity through exporting it to Three Portlands via the nearby Portland, Oregon. By siphoning anomalies to Three Portlands, we can ensure the Veil's future in upholding and maintaining normalcy1. We expect to accomplish this by creating a Way from THUS-1221 to Three Portlands, through which locals can take said anomalies and sell them in the Three Portlands market. UIU agents already present in Three Portlands would overlook all of said market operations.

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