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Welcome to Mainline.

Introduction: In the world of the SCP Foundation universe, anomalies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are statues, others are tomatoes. We've got toasters, lizards, a cactusman, a man-cactus, and everything in between.

And of course, there are bound to be drugs.

Mainline is a tale about one SCP in particular. "Spirit Dust" is the name whispered from coast to coast in Japan, a new drug craze that centers around the drug's ability to make its user anomalous; a temporary deity of sorts.

In this scenario, who else is supposed to stop this other than the Foundation, and its special task force of undercover agents?

Of course, there's more than just the Foundation at play in this cartel…

Chapter 1: Spirit Dust

Chapter 2: Of Meetings and Meals

Chapter 3: Trip Hammer

Chapter 4: All Work and No Play

Chapter 5: Conferencing

Setting: Mainline is primarily set in Fukuoka, Japan, the epicenter of the Spirit Dust craze. Foundation resources and government ties here aren't the same as in the United States, so people have to rely on more old fashioned means of containment and operation.

Main Players/Characters: The main players in this series are the Foundation, the police, and the Dojin yakuza. All have vested interests in what happens to the flow of Spirit Dust through the country, and even the world.

This is a handy character sheet for people to keep track of who's who. Character descriptions are kept intentionally brief for readers to draw their own conclusions as to the true personalities/motivations of the characters.

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