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The Stein-III reactor at rest

Stein-III reactor (pictured) is an Akiva-based electricity generating reactor, originally patented by Prometheus Labs in 1989, and developed by the SCP Foundation after the company fell into bankruptcy. It is the first Akiva based reactor and first anomalous power source to be used by the public after the Dissolution of the Veil Policy. The Stein-III reactor also features prominently in the Whole Earth Campaign organized by the Manna Charitable Foundation as part of their yearly environmentalism month, which saw great success in reducing carbon emissions in North America.

In 2027, NPR Active Reporting discovered controversial information on the development and use of the Stein-III reactors. The SCP Foundation performed Akiva experimentation on large numbers of religious artifacts and populations, specifically those that produced notable amounts of Akiva radiation during the 1990s. The artifacts were either borrowed from normalcy organizations or stolen from various religious sects, and the populations were sourced from remote Southern Christian churches. Most of these experiments are ethically dubious, violating right to privacy, right to religious freedom, and right to ownership. (Full article...)

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Bobsled team during initial push

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Jesus Glibad'torhjux

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Portrait of James VI

July 29: Seventh Observing Day (Daeva, 629)

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The Oldest House, where the event is hosted

The Revolutionary Anart Ex-Media Critics Gallery (RAEMCG) is a triannual event held in Paris, France, with an average turnout of over seventy thousand. It is the single largest art gallery showcase, hosting over two hundred unique artists per showcase. The goal of the event is to "explore the limits of art, without regard … to the constraints of physical reality". The winner is awarded the Real Duchamp Prize, determined via a set of critics chosen by the host of the event, Ironic HANSARP. The critics are given a set of abstract criteria (e.g. "Which one do you think tastes the most like submerged rage?" which was asked during the 2023 RAEMCG), and asked to rate on a scale of five to seven, which functions similarly to the up or down vote, with the addition of an ambivalence rating. Uniquely, the ambivalence rating is more akin to a conventional down vote, as the art was simply not impactful enough to leave an impression on the critic.

The RAEMCG is exceptional in that it allows very few express limits on what is allowed to be presented as art. This has resulted in several iconic artpieces, such as Home, in which the artist, Adam Smalls, claimed the premises of The Oldest House and everything contained within as a part of his art, quoting "my perception is reality". This has also resulted in Ironic HANSARP being implicated in several crimes against humanity, among them, a live demonstration of summoning the Antichrist. (Full list...)

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The Subterranean Iberia Gateway is an Einstein-Rosen bridge found in the Madrid Metro subway system. It is famous for its conventional and low barrier of entry, accepting a single coin with a numerical value of one. It exits into a parallel universe in which global warming suddenly experienced a major turn of events, plunging the Earth into perpetual overcast and below freezing temperature. The walkway was commissioned by SAPPHIRE and built by Gavin Lime Halfacre II in 2021, and remains one of the most compelling arguments for environmentalism.

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