Rsr. Lloyd (a.k.a. "Bunton")'s Personnel File

Name: Researcher Lloyd (official title), ████ ████████ (personal usage), Bunton (out-dated alternative name, assigned for reference as per Protocol ███)

Security Clearance Level: Level 2/1168-1186, etc. (see below)

Position: Researcher

Qualifications: Master’s degree in entomology.

Location: Site-██, ██ and ███, as necessary.

History: Recruited from the University of ████████ on ████-██-██, after he and several colleagues were found to have received and been studying the remains of an SCP-████ specimen. While the rest of those involved were administered amnesiacs as per protocol, he was found to display a notable lack of surprise at the nature of the subject, stating that it was simply “just one of those weird things that happens” (see Document F733-P: "Psychosis-Preventing Dispositions in Recruitment Candidates"). Later employed as an Assistant level Researcher at the suggestion of Agent █████.

Of note is the fact that Researcher Lloyd has no standard given name. This is apparently due to his family (collectively identified by the term “Lycon”)’s atypical nomenclature, which is not entirely consistent with standard Western naming convention. All given names resemble those of a previous member who had achieved a high level of notoriety, resulting in (presumably due to some oversight) most members having very similar names.

The pseudonym “████ █████” has been assigned for personal use.

SCP items researched by Rsr. Lloyd:

Fictional documents/romanticised reports written, surrendered, confiscated, obtained or otherwise produced by Rsr. Lloyd:

Notable excerpts from a correspondence between Rsr. Lloyd and Dr. ██████ regarding the former's [REDACTED]:

We live in a rather fantastical world. We both see evidence of that daily, it being the subject of our work. A world in which anomalies, inexplicable and crude, do not only exist but are prevalent. I simply consider the life that occurs with such conditions, how creatures surrounded by often empathetic abnormalities, would adapt.

Once you have accepted magic as a possibility, you must also accept the wide variety of related concepts which logically result.

You must surely feel some degree of sympathy for parasites; we aren't entirely illogical beings, after all. Most parasites lack malice, and indeed, can't survive if they did not carry on in such a way so as to cause us a minor degree of harm. Yet we've adapted so well behaviourally to these tiny, fragile little things, that we (creatures so large and powerful we can destroy them with little thought) struggle to feel anything but disgust for them.

They're simply out of the loop, and the only means for their survival to continue is to adapt further, so that we cannot stop them through any action of ours. And so, we have this sort of constant struggle with ourselves becoming progressively more disgusted and violated and destructive, and them becoming progressively more feared and invasive.

I take pride in being outside of all that.

[…] sheeps.

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