Name: ██████ ████
Alias: Lumancer
Position: Researcher

Acquisition: Prior to employment with the Foundation, Researcher Lumancer was a graduate student in the fields of Cultural Anthropology and Cryptosociology at ███ ████ █████ University in ███ ████ ██████, CA. Consequently, Lumancer was a witness to the the 2005 activation of SCP-████ and subsequent Type-P Sinking Preacher event at that location (see document C41901Y-AIA for details). As per standard operating procedure, he was escorted to Site-30 and debriefed. However, upon administration of Class B amnesiac, Lumancer suffered a severe allergic reaction and required emergency assistance from Foundation medical personnel. Following his recovery, Lumancer was retained for identification and study of his allergy.

It was ultimately determined that Lumancer's allergies to ███████ and ██████████ interfere with the standard function of all chemical amnesiacs currently approved for use on civilians, precluding him from release to the general population. As his profile was found to be acceptable for Foundation employment, termination was deemed unnecessary. Lumancer was subsequently appointed a level 2 Researcher and transferred to Reliquary Site-09.

Items Lumancer has brought to Foundation attention:
SCP-142: One-Armed Bandit
SCP-193: The Tissue Snail
SCP-465: Party in a Box
SCP-601: Sophocles' Chorus
SCP-1040: Daniel
SCP-1261: Memetic Emu

Items Lumancer has consulted on:

  • SCP-336 ("Lilith") - Replaced original documentation with the assistance of Dr. Vang

See Also:

- "Extra Disc" info for 1040, 142, 601
- "Extra Disc" info for Change (especially its inspiration -
- Experiment Log 1040, cross tested with Rocket Surgeon, Perceived Canibal Shaia LeBeouf, Mister Lonely, ???

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