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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:
LTE-8686-Yellow-Kewpie "Fools' Gold"

Authorized Response Level:
4 (Severe Threat) N/A (Confirmed Liquidated)




Threat entity is a female Caucasian of average build, named Penny Williams. Threat entity is a former employee of the SCP Foundation, but an unknown incident resulted in its developing anomalous traits.

Threat entity's primary ability is that any form of currency within a certain area around itself becomes detached from the abstract concept of money. Affected currency ceases to be considered as legal tender on a conceptual basis, despite being fundamentally unchanged. This effect is able to deconceptualize standard cash and change, but also extends to credit or debit cards, which remain considered as legal tender to automated registers and scanners, but cause confusion to humans due to their lack of conceptual value. The effect on digital currency remain unknown, as it lacks a physical location. This effect persists even after the affected currency is no longer within the radius of deconceptualization.

It is currently estimated that over twelve million dollars have been lost to deconceptualization. The area of the effect around the threat entity appears to be expanding at an exponential rate, albeit at a currently low one, but is expected to encompass the entirety of the planet within the next three years.

Threat entity's secondary ability is that it can witness events up to a few days into its own future. This has caused immense difficulty for Coalition forces, as it is able to witness Coalition capture attempts before they even occur. However, it is apparently only able to witness events around its future location, meaning that private deliberations may still be carried out without its knowledge.


Due to Williams' primary ability, it has been concluded that elimination of the entity would be the desirable goal, as its area of effect is ever-growing and cannot be halted or secured by any known means. However, termination of threat entity is of incredible difficulty, due to its secondary ability, and that its recognizes GOC operatives as a threat. Furthermore, its status as a Type-Yellow entity, rather than a Type-Purple, makes its properties far more difficult to negate remotely1.

As a result, the following outline has been prepared, as a rough draft of a termination operation.

  1. The GOC forms an agreement with an individual or group which Williams places trust in.
  2. Said entity coerces Williams into some form of holding unit or enclosed area, which it would be unable to escape alone.
  3. Termination of Williams commences, at least three days after initial containment, via widespread application of deadly force across entirety of enclosed area (e.g. toxic fumes, spread gunfire).

PSYCHE Records

The following represents the message correspondence between the SCP Foundation and Director Maria Kane of the Global Occult Coalition, regarding Penny Williams.

Sender: Dir. Maria Kane, GOC
Recipient: SCP Foundation

To our associates at the SCP Foundation,

It has come to the attention of both of our organizations that a former Foundation employee, has been wreaking immense havoc across the United States, only encouraged by efforts to capture it. While its secondary ability would already be a great threat, its primary ability forces widespread damage in a large area, which is continuously expanding.

We understand that one of the primary disparities between our organizations is that you would prefer the containment of anomalous objects, even if it comes with great risk, whilst our own organization is far more liberal in this regard. We would like to be clear that the proposal we intend to make would not be made if we didn't judge the gravity of the situation to be this severe.

We would like to request your assistance in the elimination of Penny Williams, a former member of your organization. Its effects cannot be contained while it is alive, and it is almost completely impossible to either terminate or even adequately contain, as it perceives the Coalition as an immediate threat. We believe that your organization can establish a sort of trust with it, convincing it that they only seek to contain it, and then lull her into a false sense of security, allowing for a more efficient method of termination. A complete outline of the proposed operation is attached with the given file, and we can discuss the details if you agree to assist us.

Sender: SCP Foundation
Recipient: Dir. Kane, GOC

We are interested in your proposal regarding SCP-3992, or KTE-8686, and the research team for SCP-3992 has expressed a similar interest. However, there are certain policies that must be recognized before your request can be fully considered. The destruction of anomalous objects can only be authorized by our Decommissioning Department. An authorization form has been attached to this message, and will be relayed to the Decom. Dept. upon completion. Certain variables have been pre-filled for your convenience.

Sender: Dir. Kane, GOC
Recipient: SCP Foundation, Decommissioning Department

SCP Object Decommissioning Proposal Form

Item #: SCP-3992 (KTE-8686)

Object Class: Keter

Head Researcher: Jacob Seigert

Supporting Personnel:

  • A. Ferril - Representing Foundation Treasury and Finances Dept.
  • Dir. M. Kane - Representing Global Occult Coalition

Please check off or fill in the applicable boxes regarding the reasons for submitting your proposal: [Replace ☐ with a ☑ if applicable.]
☑ Excessively High Risk of Lifted Veil Scenario
☐ Excessive Danger
☐ Ability to Decom. Apollyon-Class Object
☑ Expense
☐ Ethical Concerns Over Necessary Containment
☐ Legal Concerns
☑ High Risk of K-Class Scenario (if so, please state which type(s): B (Anomalous Economic or Political Collapse))
☐ Other (please state):

Summary: KTE-8686 is both near-uncontainable and widely threatening. Its abilities present both an easily recognizable anomalous effect, as well as a threat to the global economy and functionality. The only adequate method of preventing its threat would be its termination, which requires assistance from your SCP Foundation. - Dir. M. Kane, GOC

Sender: SCP Foundation, Decommissioning Department
Recipient: Dir. Kane, GOC

Your proposal has been accepted. We look forward to future correspondence and cooperation regarding SCP-3992's decommissioning.

Following negotiations, the SCP Foundation and the GOC organized a joint operation aimed at the elimination of KTE-8686.


Quartermasters Division-AOD
Item Designation Title Qty
1 ITG-GOC GOC Termination Gas 4 Canisters
Notes: Only two canisters were required, with the other two remaining as reserves in case of failure.
2 IHCU-SCP SCP Standard Humanoid Containment Unit 1
Notes: Utilized to detain KTE-8686 for termination.
Department of Public Relations and Information Concealment
Sender Jameson Walter (DPRIC Supervisor) Recipient Terra Dean
Subject Re: 8686
Thus far, anything affected by KTE-8686 has been secured by joint task forces from the SCP Foundation and the GOC. KTE-8686 itself was successfully intercepted by SCP Foundation agents, who convinced it to enter Foundation containment at the SCP Foundation's Area-137, under the pretense that it would be kept protected from the GOC.


The following interview was conducted between KTE-8686 and an SCP Foundation agent in SCPF Area-137. KTE-8686 was restrained, as the interview began exactly three minutes and three days before KTE-8686's scheduled termination, for experimental purposes.


Interviewer: Hello, SCP-3992. How are you feeling today?

KTE-8686: I'm alright, thank you. Still getting used to the SCP designation, everything's been changing so much.

Interviewer: Understandable. I just have a few questions to ask you.

KTE-8686: May I ask a quick question first please?

Interviewer: Sure, go ahead.

KTE-8686: Has there been any progress on a treatment or a cure for me, for my primary… anomaly?

Interviewer: Well, we have an idea for how to deal with your primary anomalous properties. We'll be moving forward with it in a few days.

KTE-8686: [Sighs.] Thank you. If everything works out, will I be free?

Interviewer: If the operation is successful, then yes, the SCP-3992 slot will be redesignated, and you will no longer be an SCP object.

KTE-8686: Wonderful. I'm looking forward to it. Sorry about that, what were you gonna ask me?

Interviewer: To start, do you have any control over your anomalous properties at all?

KTE-8686: Not really, no. The money thing is always on, I think even when I'm sleeping.

Interviewer: And your precognition?

KTE-8686: I'm always passively seeing stuff for the next few days, but I can block it out mostly.

Interviewer: And it's a set limit? Nothing past that?

KTE-8686: If I concentrate though, I can sort of get a really vague mood, but nothing substantial.

Interviewer: I see. Tell me, can you give me an idea of what you're seeing now?

KTE-8686: Nothing much, just myself in a containment unit for the next three days. And beyond that- hmm.

Interviewer: What's wrong?

KTE-8686: I mean, like I said, I can sort of get a mood at least. It's nothing substantial, but after the next few days… nothing. It's strange.

Interviewer: Let's move on then. I wanted to get your account of how you gained your anomalous properties. We have a report of what happened, we just want your statement on the incident.

KTE-8686: [Shrugs.] I'm not sure what new stuff I can tell you. It's… sorry, I'm still… weird about the future, I still don't feel anything from it.

Interviewer: It might just be stress, or perhaps the containment. We'll know soon enough, anyway.

KTE-8686: Right. Well, we were running tests on a pair of new anomalous objects, they didn't even have SCP designations yet - I guess that's where I got my stuff from. By the way, do you know what happened to them?

Interviewer: Destroyed during the incident, unfortunately.

KTE-8686: Ah, okay. Well, I survived, obviously, and then the next thing I knew I'd woken up in the lab. I knew about the future-seeing stuff almost immediately. But the money thing took me a bit longer, when I was trying to access a vending machine. By that point, I figured it was a matter of time before everyone else found out, so I panicked and ran away.

Interviewer: I see. Something we did notice was that you had a tendency to avoid populated areas while you were away, was this deliberate?

KTE-8686: I mean, yeah. I didn't want my abilities to end up causing damage, especially for people who actually needed- need-

Interviewer: Are you alright?

KTE-8686: I don't- I'm feeling- I don't understand.

Interviewer: Can you describe to me what you're feeling please?

KTE-8686: I don't know what this is, I've never felt it before, I don't-

Interviewer: You're going to be fine. [At this moment, the time changes to 10:00, exactly three days before the termination of KTE-8686 is scheduled.] Now, could you-

KTE-8686: [Begins screaming.] Wait, what? Why are you doing this, I-

Interviewer: SCP-3992, could you please-

KTE-8686: You said you wouldn't hurt me! That I'd be safe here! [Begins crying.]

Interviewer: Again, SCP-

KTE-8686: Don't call me that! Don't! I want to be safe! You're going to kill me! Please-

Interviewer: I believe we have the results we need, this interview is over.

KTE-8686: [Attempts to break free of restraints.] You said you'd help! I don't want to die!


Joint SCP/GOC Task Force Report

Involved Assessment/Strike Team: AT-229

Filing Operative: "Nickel" 94762947/639

Mission: Termination of KTE-8686.

Encounter Report/Enemy Description: Enemy was secured in SCPF Area-137, four days before termination. GOC operatives arrived on schedule to assist in liquidation of the threat entity.

Results: See Termination Log


09/21/2012 09:55: Entity is in a fetal position, crying. Entity occasionally vocalizes distress, or requests to be released.

09/21/2012 10:00: Termination process begins. Toxic gas is pumped into containment unit.

09/21/2012 10:03: Entity falls unconscious.

09/21/2012 10:07: Life signs cease. Liquidation successful.


Personnel Condition: Personnel remained in standard physical and psychological condition.

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