Love in the Abyss
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Of the air across another Planet, and nestled between the darkness of earth and beast, had laid the Lovers. The two had been across the towers of the northern wastes. Lost in each other's shadow and withered heart.

They had stood tall, and sullen.
Across the darkness of the woods and valley, The Lovers had attempted to cross
Steps had been taken with slow and precision- like the delicate steps of a wind-up March Hare.
They walk across the uneven and muddy slopes, malborges-
One leg across, other following suit, each supporting the other, in front, and back
And back
Back again
To the East of the River, had laid chasm
And how would Lovers across such a thing?
Her arms and his Legs
Stumbled across the edge and-
HIs legs had scarcely ran across the river cerulean
Her arms following suit, gripping the wounded rope, held tight like her tender, wounded heart.
And yet, as she had near fallen, and him near stumbled, they had come across as dawn and abyssal remains gentlly faded

Across a path now, The Lovers soon had begun to fight, and shove
Such Trivial things!
But he had shoved, and she had whipped back
As the dark of sold night came across, faster and faster now, The Lovers had become separated
One could not have known if it had been the uneven ground
Or the quarrel.
Yet she had fell off of him, and in his panic, had run.
As Fate would have it, another bridge had come across.
This had been long and narrow, with rope across the sides, leading onto the narrow not of before.
And he could not across
For no arm to oft,
She had been thrown off, hadn't she?
And such cruel similar fate had across Her as well
For shan’t she across without legs of her own?
The two had laid dead, without each other.
In the Darkness of Earth and Beast. A wolf howls.

I am filled with upmost loathing and sullity. Let the old men keel them away. Better to rot alone then to fall apart together.

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