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Lost and Foundation is a monthly podcast about exploring and evaluating the SCP wiki. Each episode, we review several SCPs completely at random — be they good, bad, or ugly — and then chat about some aspect of the site or share underrated articles. The podcast is hosted by Scantron with the help of various guests from the community. It is frequently not safe for work.

Since this is a podcast about writing, we strongly encourage you to actually read the articles we review, and to share your thoughts in their discussion pages. But we totally get it if you don't.

The show also has a Patreon page where you can support it financially; in return, you'll get patron-exclusive bonus episodes for as little as $1/month. Click through to learn more and sign up!

Interested in being a guest? Shoot me a message and I'll get back to you about it eventually.

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Episode 16 - Bobby Bumrush And His Bio-Boyfriend ft. Zhange and Dexanote

Zhange and Dexanote come on the show to chat about the Church of the Broken God.

Episode 15 - Gamer Colonies ft. Stallmantic

Stallmantic is the only guest. Try not to worry about it.

Episode 14 - I Like It When You Call Me Big Gordo ft. Dog Teeth and OthellotheCat

OthellotheCat can predict the future. Dog Teeth is a furry. Scantron puts socks on a brick. Together, they fight crime.

Episode 13 - A Small Loan of a Million Souls ft. Tiefling and Petrograd

Scantron, Maxima, and Petrograd get killed in the vicinity of a monkey in a trenchcoat. Just a coincidence.

Episode 12 - Elon Machamp ft. DolphinSlugchugger and OthellotheCat

DolphinSlugchugger slutshames Scantron and OthellotheCat. Fair warning, this one gets horny.

Episode 11 - The Well Awaits ft. Decibelles and The Great Hippo

Scantron, Decibelles, and The Great Hippo recap the latest episode of Bobble the Clown.

Episode 10 - Sadism Salad ft. LordStonefish and PeppersGhost

Scantron, LordStonefish, and PeppersGhost just fuckin murder some orangutans.

Episode 9 - Scroll Down, Sweet Chariot ft. Joreth and Stallmantic

A very special episode about the pride logo, 4chan raids, and associated drama, capped off by reviewing a few things from the RPC Authority.

Episode 8 - You Call These Bullets? ft. Joreth and kinchtheknifeblade

Kinch discusses comics, much to the chagrin of Scantron and Joreth.

Episode 7 - 🅱-Class Personnel ft. Dexanote and Stallmantic

Scantron, Dexanote, and Stallmantic dab only when the situations warrants it, so as to avoid cheapening the act. Kind of nsfw.

Episode 6 - Aggravated Basalt ft. Taffeta and CaptainKirby

You know Scantron, Taffeta, and CaptainKirby had to do it to em.

Episode 5 - The Racism Store ft. Tiefling and The Great Hippo

Scantron, Maxima, and The Great Hippo never had eyes. Never needed them.

Episode 4 (Left untitled in solidarity with SCP-3993) ft. Zhange and OthellotheCat

Scantron, Zhange, and OthellotheCat review the Black Panther movie.

Episode 3 - Welcome To Funny ft. Decibelles and LordStonefish

Scantron, Decibelles, and LordStonefish are the funniest little beings in the universe.

Episode 2 - Are We Meta Yet? ft. Dexanote and kinchtheknifeblade

By the time you read this, Scantron, Dexanote, and Kinch will already be dead.

Episode 1 - The Lost Episode ft. Taffeta and Tiefling

Scantron, Taffeta, and Maxima get imprisoned for anomaly crimes.

Episode 0 - Mayonnaise is Not a Hook

The episode before the first episode.

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