Losing My Colors

Quiet footsteps echo through the stairwell. Laura slowly climbs the stairs, bound for her apartment. The woman is exhausted, wishing only to crawl into her bed and rest. And yet she can't, as there are still important things that need to be done. She approaches the door and tries to open the lock, shifting the trash bags she bought today from one hand to another. The key gets stuck. After a few failed attempts to turn it, she almost lashes out and hits the door to drive the key deeper, but stops. She shouldn't do that. It would be wrong.

Finally, the door opens, allowing Laura to enter. The pink sunset light floods the apartment as she parts the curtains. Now she can see the room in all its beauty. A variety of furniture painted in different shades of pink, a wardrobe with huge number of dresses, an array of cosmetics on a coffee table in front of a mirror… She shivers for a moment. Then comes the realization that there's no reason to react like this. This is her room, as it should be.

Laura takes out a bright, glittery diary from one of the table drawers and tears out a page. Upon writing the first sentence, she sees herself in the mirror. Her clothes, her hairstyle, lack of makeup, all this catches her eye. It's disgusting. It's wrong. It needs to be fixed. A moment later, her clothes, one item at a time, land on a nearby ottoman: first a black jacket, then a T-shirt with a skull printed on the front, and dark blue jeans. After a close examination of her wardrobe, Laura chooses a bright red dress with a neckline and tries it on. The dress fits her new, correct image very well; for a few seconds, she looks in the mirror with pleasure. Exactly as she should.

New words appear on a diary page as Laura sits down and continues to write. Despite trying her best to concentrate, she quickly loses her focus, remembering that she still has flaws to fix. Her trembling hand reaches for lipstick, which will brighten her smile. Then comes the powder, which will conceal the imperfections of her skin. And finally, mascara, which will make her eyelashes longer and more voluminous. Step by step, she is becoming more beautiful, more feminine.

The diary page gets crumpled as the woman grabs it again to write. Her hand doesn't obey her and the writing comes out clumsy; some words have to be crossed out and replaced. For a second, she loses her train of thought. This moment is enough for her to recall her imperfection again. Her hairstyle. Slowly, her hand picks up a hairbrush lying on the table. Before the brush can reach her head, Laura stabs her palm with a pen, causing the item to fall down. She screams in pain, puts her hand back on the table and writes more words on a crumpled piece of paper.

However, there's one more important matter to deal with. Her gaze focuses on a far wall. There hang her medals for victories in sports competitions. Nearby are belts displaying her rank in martial arts. Next to them, the photographs which depict her receiving those awards. Her task is now clear. The woman takes one of the garbage bags and opens it. There's a short moment of hesitation. Then, the first medal ends up inside the bag. Then one more, and another. They are followed by belts, photographs, and all other objects that were delicately arranged in this part of the apartment. A tear drips from the woman's eye. But there's no reason for it. Eliminating her flaws is the right thing to do.

Laura's trembling hands pick up the garbage bags and her legs carry her to the stairwell. A moment later, the bags are sent falling down the garbage chute. The woman silently dries her eyes and returns to the apartment. A short melody is heard in the room. Someone just sent her a message.

Wow. Great job! you are soooo pretty now. :З I'm almost jealous! I mean, not too much since I'm also glad that we were able to help you! You look like a real girl, that's amazing! And we achieved that together, KeeLee will be proud! \(◕◡◕)/

So, since you're already one of us, it's time for us to know each other a littl bettre. Whoops sorry I'm so excited I can't text lol. Anyway, I'm sending you the info on where our little meeting will take place, so you could join us. ♡(Ξ◕◡◕Ξ)♡

Cya there. ♡♡♡♡

Putting her phone aside, the woman mentally evaluates herself in front of the mirror. Her hairstyle still requires work. Laura's hairband comes off and her dark hair falls on her shoulders. Not wasting any time, she begins to comb. There should not be any flaws in her image. She must not be wrong in any way.

Having perfected her hair, the woman drops the hairbrush and gazes at her reflection. Finally, she had gotten rid of her flaws. All her clothes match each other in style, the makeup underlines her beauty, and the new hairstyle perfectly complements her feminine image. The true girl gently takes a pen and writes a few more words on the diary page. Satisfied with her writing, she puts the phone into her purse and leaves the apartment.

Loud steps echo through the stairwell. Two men quickly climb the stairs, approaching the apartment. After a few seconds, the door is slammed open. The men examine the place in a hurry, looking into every room, every corner, and every drawer. They seek something important, but their search is unsuccessful. When they're ready to admit their failure, one of them notices a wrinkled diary page lying on the table.

PoI: KeeLee (Alias, used as a nickname)

Real name unknown


Most likely an individual capable of reality-bending. This ability primarily manifests in altering objects (such as furniture, household items, and clothing) that belong to PoI's female acquaintances, as well as creating new ones within their close proximity. Affected objects typically become a lot more beautiful and suitable for gir altered to fit a stereotypical "girly" design.

PoI is also able to help and aid mentally control female persons she comes in contact with. This effect scales over time, and the victim realizes her problems and flaws loses the ability to oppose it after several days. PoI keeps contact with the victims through a blog of her creation labeled "www.justgirlythingsblogsite.si", in which she keeps helping the girls big time and

Currently, there are 15-20 persons under PoI's control, presumably ordinary individuals in the past, who then got affecte controlled cannot keep
the effect trapped thinking is resist not

…who then realized that KeeLee is a great gal trying to help us all and started to behave like true girls, finally getting rid of all those dumb boyish traits.~

Laura ♡♡♡♡

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