The Mighty Lore and Aesthetics Contest

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Phew! After all the effort, the weeks of training, the dozens of broken ice axes and a few power naps on the gigantic sheets of paper, you have just hoisted yourself to the top of the Great Literary Beanstalk. As you pull your backpack up on your shoulders, you see a cabin of gigantic proportions looming before you: perched atop its misty island, the House of Lore stands. Its sheer size is making you feel as though you were a little mouse, and you are already looking for a way in. Fortunately for you, near one of the hinges of the wooden door is a crack. Come on, you're almost there!

You jump several meters down onto a tiled floor, and your landing echoes through a corridor. In a swift motion, you collect your grappling hook before surveying your surroundings. Each tile is the size of a small apartment and the black-and-white pattern is giving you the impression of standing on a gigantic chessboard. But are you the bishop, the rook or one of the pawn? A pleasant odor attracts your sense of smell. It seems that someone is cooking in a room further down the corridor. Intrigued by the odor, you decide to remove your shoes to make yourself quieter and trust your nose to guide you.

You pass through a peculiar "Lore Bureau." In this room made of the rarest wood, the candle lighting is mirrored by the immaculate floorboards upon which no one has set foot in the longest time. Suddenly, something catches your attention. On a lectern, the book series A Song of Ice and Fire in Quarto format sits majestically, along with an additional, unknown volume. Taking a closer look, it appears that tiny pieces of paper, coming from God-knows-where, are flying up toward the pages, as if a recording of a book being torn apart was being played backwards. In awe, you once again smell the irresistible aroma and move on forward, but not without noticing familiar elements on your way. A bust of Isaac Asimov, with robotic features, sits besides a portrait of Marcel Proust, just above what appears to be a worn computer monitor flashing a title: The Elder Scrolls VI.

After a few minutes, you eventually reach a large, closed door. The delicious aroma that has brought you there is leaking from the medieval-looking keyhole, which is big enough to let you through. Now acquainted with this strange climbing sport, you throw your grappling hook onto a giant splinter and begin your ascent. God, is it hard to focus with this wonderful smell filling your lungs!

When you finally reach the height of the keyhole, you are treated to an unexpected sight. A… cooking class?

"Splendid, splendid, my little goblins!" a bipedal giant with green skin rejoices, ladle in hand and wearing a toque blanche. "I can see your little lores are mixing, it's beautiful!"

"Chef, Chef," a similar-looking creature interjects, with a more childlike appearance. "I've got greenish clumps in my lore!"

"Let me have a taste…" the teacher says before immersing his ladle in the titanic goblin's cauldron. "Ah, yes, a little too much worldbuilding. Mmmmh, try adding some emotional tension!" the chef suggests as he hands out what looks like Gulliver's salt shaker.

"Um… Chef?"

In the back of the classroom, a cauldron is making very large bubbles as a panicked, juvenile titan watches.

"Woah, what's going on in there, my little Kaos?"

"I… I dropped my dice in the pot…"

"Oh no," the goblin chef mutters before starting to scream. "Take cover, everyone!"

As the pot of lore explodes, you see a wave of multicolored soup surge towards you, preceded by a dozen fleeing colossal goblins.

The Mighty Lore and Aesthetics Contest


Contestants & Entries

The contest is over. Here are the entries.

Contestant(s) Branch Constraints (· has rerolled) Entry (original) Entry (English translation)
CretinusVoxCretinusVox FR · Stonepunk, Portuguese thaumaturgy SCP-689-FR SCP-689-FR
OreobananeOreobanane (puccimaskass) FR · Vulture culture, SCP-RU-178 SCP-618-FR /
ThatGuyRichardThatGuyRichard (moby_rik) IT Cottagegore, PAMWAC Uwucazione Uwucation
AllnytaAllnyta (allnyta) DE · Mushroomcore, maxwellism-com-jp-lightning SCP-390-DE /
Henry Von KartoffenHenry Von Kartoffen (henryvonkartoffen) FR · Decadent, Association of Black Magic Power Users SCP-563-FR SCP-563-FR
Rab333Rab333 (Hexon555#0982) EN Dark Romanticism, Little Havana Insignificance /
DrJohannesDrJohannes (johannesviii) FR Marginal, Liferaft Noir Blanc Jaune noir-blanc-jaune
jtdnjtdn (jtdn) FR Academia, ALDA SCP-642-FR SCP-642-FR
AlwaidAlwaid (arkanur) FR Post-apocalyptic, SCP-250-DE Lumière à l'horizon /
AftokratorAftokrator EN After Hours, Republic of Shigastan SCP-7722 /
LechugaNinjaLechugaNinja ES · Cyberpunk, IMBW SCP-ES-229 SCP-ES-229
CauchynambourCauchynambour & Dr BenjiDr Benji (doc_benji) FR Mythpunk, MADAO De fil en aiguille /
NephritisNephritis EN Afrofutrism, Robotic Republic LTE-6362-Bronze-Blackwood - "Moway-Lubwe Man" /
KH NamKH Nam VN Countryside, Humanist Gentlemen SCP-030-VN /
BitOddInnitBitOddInnit EN · Kidcore, SCP-106-TH Masayang Palaka /
JNColossusJNColossus (colossus#3655) IT Futurism, Grotto of Gangrenous God Un Diario Di Guerra Datato 1943 /
EthagonEthagon EN Voidpunk, SCP-106-TH Bee Swallowed /
Irina BougainvilleaIrina Bougainvillea VN Abstract, SCP-150-DE Mười Sáu Mùa Tuyết Phủ /
Dr OreDr Ore DE · Solarpunk, Letters Entertainment Dinge Die Inspirieren Things that inspire
GuaireGuaire , Uncle NicoliniUncle Nicolini & AriadnesThreadAriadnesThread EN · Byzantine, Cult of the Great Green God The Virtue of Resilience /
The PigheadThe Pighead FR Sterile, Delta T Nettoyer, Astiquer Wax On, Wax Off
FelixouFelixou FR Fantasy, scp-1134-jp SCP-622-FR SCP-622-FR
Crow-CatCrow-Cat & LAN 2DLAN 2D EN Gloomcore, scp-143-pt SCP-7267 /
AgentSculderAgentSculder FR Monkeycore, Absinthe Dreams Rêve d'égalité /
SYTYCFanonSYTYCFanon & GregJChudleyGregJChudley EN · Fantasy, Mirror Flashpoint A Tale of Two Chugwaters /
Agente ShuffleAgente Shuffle & EthanHansonEthanHanson ES · Solarpunk, Midnight Club Corazones Muertos si-es-real-entonces-me-quedare
Maxyfran73Maxyfran73 EN Dark Romanticism, African Office of Occult Affairs SCP-7752 - A Cave East of Oran /
Agent PhageAgent Phage CN Academia, Little Havana 求学·小哈瓦那 /
haplocalyx haplocalyx &two cattwo cat CN · Spacial, The Kingdom of Univers'Isle 自宇宙岛王国(Nx-12)寻获日记文本 /
SynthPanda_SynthPanda_ & Prime GirlPrime Girl EN Fantasy, Meat Circus Moral of the Story /
blackinblackblackinblack CN · Desertwave, Das Wunderkabinet 普通的多孔红砖 /
JeallucineJeallucine, Leo_HeliantasLeo_Heliantas & AnoureAnoure FR Fanfare, Detective Marw Un spectacle pour Marw /
Stealth000Stealth000 EN Byzantine, Memories of a Nobody Nobody, Not Anybody /
arthcymroarthcymro EN · Abstract, Caldeira SCP-7669 /
KirQKirQ & RedEyeMikeyyRedEyeMikeyy VN · Liminal Spaces, Mirror Flashpoint SCP-022-VN /
TimidChildTimidChild&POI_DamgiPOI_Damgi KO · Solarpunk, Caldeira SCP-569-KO SCP-569-KO|
HammerianoHammeriano ES Web, Site-Aleph Aleph-AI Aleph-AI
Edward_KnaveEdward_Knave ZH Solarpunk, Polish spectrology SCP-ZH-424 SCP-ZH-424
Some ReferenceSome Reference & AmpyrsandAmpyrsand EN · Polar, Psionics Dancing Into the Sun /
Mang GwanMang Gwan ZH Cottagegore, Caecus Carneliana 懷恩村偵察任務說明 /
FattyAcidFattyAcid JP Voidpunk, French narrative anomalies SCP-1382-JP SCP-1382-JP
Enterark_DEnterark_D CN · Marginal, The Kingdom of Univers'Isle #ExpIred728vR /
Re_spectatorsRe_spectators & EnflowerzEnflowerz & EtinjatEtinjat CN · Masquerade, Delta T SCP-CN-2845 /
agente alanagente alan ES Solarpunk, Sekyriu Club Ella sólo quería calmarse She just wanted to calm down
Al_W0onderAl_W0onder FR Masquerade, Association of Black Magic Power Users De laque et d'or. /
OdeoOdeo CN Countryside, Das Wunderkabinett “韩赛尔与格蕾特”陪伴姜饼人 /
roneatosuroneatosu JP · Tropical, Site-PL-69 SCP-3843-JP SCP-3843-JP
WhoIsCthulhuWhoIsCthulhu EN Backpacking, Psionics What to See in Kansas City /
Dr NieliuxDr Nieliux & Agent TruthAgent Truth & Agent DaalAgent Daal & Researcher ArnavazResearcher Arnavaz INT Cyberpunk, Chopinian Cult یک آغاز و یک پایان An End & A Beginning
Agent TruthAgent Truth & Agent DaalAgent Daal IR Autumn, MTF Theta-90 یادگار گذشتگان Remembrance of The Past
LeeBrLeeBr CN Vacation Dadcore/Beauf, Site-PL-69 假期 /
winkwonkboiwinkwonkboi EN Liminal Spaces, SCP-143-PT man overboard! /
Felter FinalisFelter Finalis FR · Futurism, Robot Republic SCP-579-FR /

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