Lord Goran
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Lord Goran

The Horned Brute, The Breaker of Kingdoms, Wrath's Flame, Bane of Angels, the Scarlet King's Sixth Hand1


Lord Goran is a massive demonic entity who once lead the brutes of the Scarlet King's still-growing army.2 Lord Goran was known for his brutal, relentless assaults on lesser enemies of the Scarlet King, and it seemed no one was his equal until his mindlessness led to his fall.

Now he is imprisoned and awaits the day he may return to lead the Scarlet Hordes once again in destroying Creation.


Traits: Lord Goran is stated to be of massive size, though no exact measurements have been found.3 Around his body he is engulfed in smoke and flames, which obscure most details of his form. He has four crimson-colored eyes and his skin is black and leathery.45

In hand he would carry a club or a long sword, which is often subject to debate.6

Nature: Goran is near-mindless in his pursuit of destruction, though he maintains a moderate level of sapience. He is described to never speak7 and always complied with the Scarlet King's wishes.

He is ruthless and nearly invincible. Most beings and weapons barely manage in combat against him. One or two blows from Goran is enough for most to perish.

It is not known how long Goran has existed, or his true origin. It is likely he is a primordial creature, though there is no evidence to prove this.

History & Associated Parties: Lord Goran was not always called a lord until joining the Scarlet King during his rise to power. It is not known what Goran had done before the King, but speculation has deemed he likely was roaming the bottom of the Great Abyss.8 The reason why he would be within the Great Abyss is unknown, and the claim is to be taken lightly.

Under the Scarlet King's service, Lord Goran was involved in the conquest of 48 realms.9 He became favored by the Scarlet King, and was considered to posses authority of all forces. This favoritism would often lead to disputes among other lords, especially of those who favored different tactics than Goran.

At an unknown time, Lord Goran became imprisoned when attempting to conquer a universe already subjugated by an Archon of Yaldabaoth.1011 This enraged the Archon who battled and defeated Lord Goran after an hour. The Archon brought Goran by the horns to the Scarlet King, and demanded why his lord attempted to violate the Treaty of Thorns and Flesh.12

The Scarlet King apologized and explained Goran acted alone. To make amends, he punished Lord Goran by banishing him to an unknown plane of existence of little interest13 to be imprisoned for an indefinite time until needed. His current status is unknown.

Approach: Goran is to remain imprisoned for he is a threat like all beneath the Scarlet King. Efforts are being made to track his location, and develop measures to keep him there. Currently, it is speculated that the plane of existence may be accessible via a lone Way, which the Scarlet King used to send Goran. If such a Way exists then collapsing it would be an easy solution.

Observations & Stories

"On a distant hill, I watched the towers of my kingdom fall. I watched the many buildings burn. My kingdom of bronze and silver collapsed beneath a Colossus of Fire14 who waved a flag bearing a Scarlet seal. Those who could not flee, were taken as prisoners destined for a fate worse than death; sold into slavery under wicked machines of industry.

"As the sky became engulfed in smoke, I collapsed and wept, my rotors humming. 'I failed my people.' I whispered to Mekhane."

- Excerpt from A Memoir of the Years of Broken Metal

"For twenty days and nights, the Horned Brute laid endless waves of screeching horrors at our gates. As we kept them at bay, he struck at the barrier and on the third hit it shattered. Our Saints, in the name of the Father, ordered our retreat as the Brute sent forth the Deathless15 while the rest of his forces remained outside.

"We evacuated through hidden Ways16 far below the city, but I could still hear the accursed war drums above throughout the journey."

- Excerpt from Exodus of the Da'vo Christians


It has been heavily speculated that Lord Goran never had attacked the realm under Yaldabaoth's domain. Some point out that Goran only acts upon the Scarlet King's command so it would be unlike Goran. Some propose that:

  • Goran was set up by other lords. They would have a motive due to him likely to acquire supreme control over them at the time. Also, some lords are direct spawn of the Scarlet King (through his first bride), which could lead to envy.17
  • The Archon lied and a conspiracy is under way. This claim is entirely baseless, and deemed incredibly unlikely. It states that the Archons are planning to trigger a war against the Scarlet King, and wanted to remove Goran to weaken his army. This is deemed unlikely due to the fact the Archons have not acted against any other lords. Also they possess greater capabilities and can easily destroy the Scarlet King's army together without using their assets.18

Another doubt brought forth is that maybe he is not imprisoned or he does not exist. The latter statement is flawed due to countless testimonies from soldiers.

"I'd like to propose something. Isn't it strange the King never summoned him to be used? What is he waiting for? Is something wrong with Goran? Hear me out, what if the King killed him? He could have just said he imprisoned him to possibly prevent outrage among his soldiers. Makes sense, no?" - Kunj

"Hmm. I don't think so due to how valuable Goran is, and due to how the King keeps everyone in line. I would keep it in mind though for that is suspicious. It could have to do with him forgetting about Goran due to other matters, since he does have a lot of stuff on his plate." -M

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