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Right, Kyle, here's those notes you asked for. Keep in mind, hush protocol seven means the investigation is still ongoing, so some of the stuff isn't released yet. Best I could do. Good luck.


The following is a transcript of the voice over from a pirate television broadcast intercepted by the Foundation in September of 2011.

Male voice: One zero zero five. Two one two. Six four six. Nine one seven.

Short pause, soft beep, brief static which continues through the remainder of the interruption

Second male voice: People of the new media world, listen! There was a mouth that was where all that was on the media was and it spoke and we heard it was speaking and we heard its voice on the radio, the television, the internet, the sky. "Tell us truth," we cried, "oh voice, and we will break the world like sweet, sweet eggs before the mother, the hen, the television! Television voice, speak!" It spoke to us and we listened as it told us- told you- but us, because we listened- that the world was dead like leaves in fall that fall like all of us fall, and that it was dead because it slept through the message of the voice, and that message was "stop!". Wake, oh earth, as your cores crack, hatching volcanoes like chicks, sweet burning chicks to play in the fields left behind when the sleepers have gone. Good morning, living earth. Good night, dead society.

<Extended pause, rattling inhalation or sigh>

Female voice: Are we cool yet?

The broadcast consisted of man hanged by the neck in a doorway softly twisting as the camera moved closer, at which point it became clear that he was mouthing along with the voice over. At approximately one minute and forty seconds, synchronized with the line "good night, dead society", the man began thrashing, apparently due to asphyxiation, and appeared to die. Throughout the video, at each instance of the word 'voice', an image of a bank of televisions, each showing a different image of violence, appeared on screen for exactly one second. Following the apparent death of the hanged man, a female voice interjected the whispered question "Are we cool yet?" in what is theorized to be an imitation of sexual ecstasy, and the broadcast terminated. Regular channel broadcasting resumed after a momentary delay, cutting approximately three minutes from the opening scenes of Ses[FURTHER INFORMATION REDACTED AS PER HUSH PROTOCOL SEVEN]

Overwatch Report of agent Scott Manheilm:

After one of our intelligence persons operating in [DATA REDACTED AS PER HUSH PROTOCOL SEVEN]zed the numbers as postal codes for Wall Street addresses, it got a lot easier to hone in on a point of origin for the transmission jam last week.

We raided the building at approximately six in the morning. It was a bit before that, I'm not sure. It should be in the full report compiled after the incident. It was a small operation, not like the big SWAT style MTF things you hear about in the cafeteria or anything, just me, Steve [Mader], and Mike [Chillnoski] posing as local detectives. We were expecting maybe a token resistance from the squatters, nothing fancy.

First thing we did was break the door down, flashing badges and yelling. We figured they'd come quietly. Didn't happen. Almost immediately a hand grenade comes down the stairs at us; we spent a couple days under observation afterward just in case it was one of… well, I'll get to that. Mike took down the guy who threw it, damn good shooting. After that, things went more or less as we'd expected. Wound up bringing in four subjects, three guys and a girl, all mid twenties. They're profiled in the mission docs, I'm sure. Just squatter artist types, locals. Probably recruited thro[DATA REDACTED AS PER HUSH PROTOCOL SEVEN]ging in a door frame upstairs pretty much confirmed it as the transmission location. Nasty.

Anyway, I'll cut to the chase. The reason this operation became such a big deal is what we found upstairs. Not the body, but the crate in the next room… We figured they were just normal grenades at first, what with the one they tried to hit us with when we came in, but Steve had a bad feeling about the writing on the crate and those signs, so we boxed them up and called in an analysis team. Wound up being a good move; I think Steve got a commendation.


Transcript from the notes of Dr. Tsung regarding incident 1[REDACTED AS PER HUSH PROTOCOL SEVEN]

Crate appears unmarked on sides, bottom. Large banner style logo on lid reading "Are We Cool Yet?" may prove significant, particularly in light of recent events. Crate contains thirty cardboard signs, each apparently produced by hand with varying degrees of artistic merit and style, all of which read "OSSIFY WALL STREET" in all caps. Ominous.

Below the signs is a layer of packing material. I've submitted a sample for forensic analysis and incinerated the rest in order to avoid possible contamination. The packing material is wrapped around several modified fragmentation grenades which look to have been originally of russian manufacture. Weld seams visible where grenades [unintelligible] modified payload. I'll crack one open and see.

Addendum 1[REDACTED PER HUSH PROTOCOL SEVEN] of Dr. Tsung has been retained for study in the Hazardous Lifeforms wing of Armed Research Site-45. Further information can be found in Report-439-A.

Thanks Nate. These Foundation types catch on slow, don't they? They don't seem to appreciate our work much, either. Art tends to fly right over the head of tough guy types. Good thing they have a few like you in their ranks who can appreciate true creativity.

A few of the others say hi. Remember Miley from the thing in Alaska? She's made a full recovery and will be helping out at our next… exhibition. Are We Cool Yet?


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