First Interlude: Old School

"We're going to have a great year, aren't we?"

- The girl who sat behind you.

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Students! Please be advised that class scheduling will begin this Saturday, in the auditorium. Please remember to bring your class request forms, as well as being ready to spend time with a guidance counselor about possible choices. Seniors, if you wish to enlist in dual enrollment, please see Mr. Wehrner in his office afterschool. We hope each one of you has a wonderful second semester.

Congratulations to the Fightin' Lions, who won their way to the finals yesterday! After a close first quarter, we were able to shut them down for the rest of the game. An unbelievable upset in victory. Please congratulate Coach Collins if you see him on your way to class, or in the halls. Students are reminded to donate to the annual fundraising for extracurricular activities. Although Syncope has been very generous in their donations, we still need your contributions.

New Bus Schedule: Students displaced in buses 23, 11, and 24 have been returned to their normal schedule.

Note from Mr. Wallick to all band members: Intensive training begins Monday. Please come prepared each day to practice.

A new lunch menu has been announced, aimed to serve students who have been spending more time at school for extracurricular activities. It is being offered free to any student in a program sponsored by Syncope.

New Bus Schedule: Removed.

Students! If you feel strong enough, please rest with our brothers, see how the formula all comes together to make one tableture.

Hello students. This is Principal Wehrner. Mitchell decided that it was high time to take a step back in responsibility, and that he's going to groove to another beat. That's okay. We will grow onwards. Like the spire of the Eiffel tower, we will inspire many people to create the parachute so that they may safely live with the stars. Nobody will be excluded from further activity. We've brought everyone here to be together. Have a good year.

STUDENTS! Please stand with me for the pledge of symphonic allegiance, and sing your hearts out with style.

Some have said that it was the new system that caused them to part. Those of you who do are warned. The Director will hear of anything we say. He's listening to all of us now, hearing the rhythm of the panting and the running crowds. The bells, and the blackboards. It's harmony.


Students are reminded that only band members are permitted off school premises. Any violators will deal with their own consequences. They have only damned themselves with their own actions.

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