Log of Unexplained Locations
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Foreword: This page is to be devoted to the documentation of low threat anomalous locations which have been discovered by the SCP Foundation over the years. Although all locations listed in this document warrant securing and cover-up measures, none of them are closely enough tied to an underlying anomalous cause or considered a high enough containment or research priority to warrant full Special Containment Procedure documentation. This list may be used as a resource should knowledge of these locations become useful or necessary in the future.
– Doctor ██████ █████, Head of Containment, Site ██

Unexplained Location UE-673264
Description School classroom where all geometric drawings have one fewer side than normal. Triangles have 2 sides but remain triangular, circles are points, and points [REDACTED]
Date of Containment: 1984-06-24
Location: Room 4, St. Cedric's Primary School, Surrey, UK
Security Protocol: Doors and windows bricked up, room fitted with intruder alarms.

Unexplained Location UE-941712
Description A sphere 5 meters in radius. All humans who are caught in the sphere spontaneously vocalize, in English, "boy, I wish I had a nice cold Pepsi right now" regardless of native language or knowledge of the Pepsi brand.
Date of Containment: 1968-02-29
Location: In interplanetary space, static relative to the Sun at approximately the same altitude and inclination as the Earth.
Security Protocol: Due to the difficulty of studying this area astronomically and the erratic nature of the affected locations, modeling software capable of predicting future affected locations is still in development. Currently, mentions of the above phrase are monitored on social media, with amnestics distributed at the discretion of security personnel.

Unexplained Location UE-404816
Description A 250493.29km² area encompassing the entire state of Michigan. All road work and/or road maintenance within this area take approximately 3 times longer to complete than what would normally be needed.
Date of Containment: 1904-04-06
Location: Michigan, USA
Security Protocol: None is currently needed, as residents of Michigan view it as a result of the state's unpredictable weather fluctuations.

Unexplained Location UE-656688
Description A small industrial shed where the internal temperature is at a constant -273°C (0 Kelvin).
Date of Containment: 2017-01-24
Location: Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland
Security Protocol: Shed purchased by Foundation and is now used for cold storage and thermodynamic experiments.

Unexplained Location UE-867920
Description A treehouse behind an abandoned house. The words "SCP CLUBHOUSE" are carved into the wood. Inside are three boxes. The first box is labeled "106". A G.I. Joe's action figure crudely painted black is contained inside. The second box is labeled "682". The skeletal remains of a lizard are contained inside. The third box is labeled "999". A single cup of orange Jell-O is contained inside. Despite the possible containment breach this poses, nothing about the location is anomalous.
Date of Containment: 2017-06-24
Location: Mississippi, USA
Security Protocol: House and treehouse demolished. Boxes and contents are currently in storage. No further action is required.

Unexplained Location UE-537968
Description An area of approximately 27 square meters where fire cannot exist. Any existing fire will spontaneously extinguish when it enters the area, and no substances will ignite while in the area.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Yosemite National Park, California, USA.
Security Protocol: Foundation outpost constructed over the area and disguised as a ranger station. Structure designated a non-smoking area.

Unexplained Location UE-345456
Description A 2m x 2m square of a swamp that causes an American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeiana) to manifest on the top of the head of any human who enters it. This bullfrog vanishes upon exiting the area.
Date of Containment: 2009-07-01
Location: ████████, Maryland
Security Protocol: Property purchased and closed to the public.

Unexplained Location UE-807488
Description A sound stage dressed with polystyrene rocks, replica of the Saturn 5 landing module and greenscreen backdrop. Props are marked in an unknown script.
Date of Containment: 1969-06-21
Location: Sea of Tranquility, Luna
Security Protocol: Disinformation campaign (currently self-sustaining).

Unexplained Location UE-387168
Description A 4.9km square area of land, where the song "We Built This City" by Starship can be heard playing at ~115 decibels. The exact source of the music is unclear, but it appears to originate from the sky. The song repeats continuously, with no apparent end.
Date of Containment: 19██-01-08
Location: Uninhabited land in south-western Libya, near the Algerian border.
Security Protocol: Area cordoned off. Branded as toxic chemical waste site.

Unexplained Location UE-521392
Description An abandoned building where every five years, approximately 1,000 non-anomalous typewriters from the early 1900's materialize. All textual documentation about the building appears in 12pt Pica font.
Date of Containment: 2016-02-08
Location: ████████
Security Protocol: The building has been restored. Typewriters are sold online from a closed internet connection after being checked for anomalies.

Unexplained Location UE-464176
Description A classroom located in Clayton High School, Tennessee. Looking through the windows of the classroom allows the viewer to see a large, amorphous black object in the sky outside the window.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Clayton, Tennessee, USA
Security Protocol: Classroom barred from access under the cover story of asbestos contamination.
Note: As of the 27th of July, 2016, the object appears to be getting either larger or closer to the window. Possible implications are unknown.

Unexplained Location UE-175936
Description A spherical area 5 meters in diameter. Any human subjects located inside the sphere will experience visual hallucinations, viewing any space outside the sphere as a real-time view of the Martian sky and surface. All effects cease when the subject leaves the sphere.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Cardiff, Wales.
Security Protocol: "Stars and Constellations Planetarium" front company constructed around the anomaly. Anomalous location contained in a "Staff Only" area.

Unexplained Location UE-539040
Description An apartment in Australia. When objects which are either identified as vacuum cleaners or function as a vacuum cleaner enter the apartment, they then experience gravity at roughly one-hundredth its usual strength. This effect does not reverse upon leaving the apartment. Identified following news reports showing a man "gliding using a Roomba".
Date of Containment: 2015-07-13
Location: Sydney, New South Wales
Security Protocol: The apartment has been bought by a Foundation proxy company and is now inhabited by an agent.

Unexplained Location UE-826208
Description A kitchen of average make and size, attached to an Italian fine dining restaurant. Any dishes listed as 'vegetarian' on the menu will spontaneously partially transform into meat, even in cases where the corresponding non vegetarian dish would not have contained meat.
Date of Containment: 2017-05-01
Location: Jamestown, NY, USA
Security Protocol: The restaurant was purchased and is currently used as a Foundation front and fundraiser. The word 'vegetarian' on the menu has been replaced with all capital letters, with the exception of a lowercase letter 'L' to simulate a capital I.

Unexplained Location UE-252944
Description A 7.4 m x 9.2 m crater filled with a liquid of orange color. The liquid appears to be of the Fanta Orange company's recipe, and checks out as such when sampled.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Pandorae Fretum, Mars
Security Protocol: NASA satellite imagery altered. Foundation personnel embedded within NASA are to redirect all missions planned and currently in operation away from the target area.

Unexplained Location UE-251872
Description An exact replica of the Disneyland USA theme park as it appeared on July 16, 1955, constructed entirely of steel.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: The Moon.
Security Protocol: All NASA images and public photographs containing the location edited. Internet activity to be continually monitored for information leaks.

Unexplained Location UE-137440
Description A park including tennis courts, a play structure, and picnic area, with signs written in English. When exiting the park, if a subject leaves from the east entrance they will exit in ███████, CA, USA. Leaving from the west entrance deposits the subjects in front of an identical copy in ████████, Saitama, Japan. There is no west entrance in the Californian iteration and vice-versa.
Date of Containment: ██05-██-██
Location: ███████, CA and ████████, Saitama
Security Protocol: Both entrances have been closed for renovations, Foundation microfacility erected inside the park for shipping and security.
Note: This zone has been used for years to transport objects, and we just made an entry now? - Dr. ███████

Unexplained Location UE-270592
Description The interior of an ████ brand wardrobe. This space has been revealed to be approximately 2500x bigger than would be expected given its exterior dimensions, and is inhabited by a number of species of saprophytic molds, believed to subsist on the wooden paneling bordering the area. This paneling is presumed to be of unlimited thickness, as borings have provided no reliable limit to its depth.
Date of Containment: 2017-03-██
Location: Determined to exist solely in extradimensional space. Wardrobe entrance relocated to Site-34.
Security Protocol: Due to the pathogenic nature of many fungi inside, entrance is restricted to personnel equipped with Mark-III respiration equipment. Currently used to hold non-perishable equipment.

Unexplained Location UE-194656
Description A set of approximately 78 stars in unknown locations that form a constellation that resembles the Foundation's main symbol (A large circle, with three distinct arrows pointing to the center). Despite this, the Founder and O5 Command have stated on multiple occasions that they designed the symbol before discovering this constellation.
Date of Containment: 2015-02-23
Location: Directly south of the Gemini constellation.
Security Protocol: Due to the extremely abstract nature of its depiction, no attempts have been made to contain the constellation.

Unexplained Location UE-731552
Description An irregular area ~2.3km in diameter, from where two suns are visible in the sky.
Date of Containment: 1998-██-██
Location: Kharan Desert, Pakistan
Security Protocol: Cordoning of region, explained by nuclear testing.

Unexplained Location UE-599472
Description A structure resembling an outdoor amphitheater, though lacking any form of seating. At irregular intervals, the curtain opens to reveal a group of robots with vaguely cephalopod appearances. These robots carry unidentified objects assumed to be musical instruments, and perform a tune on them before the curtain closes again.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Calisto, moon of Jupiter
Security Protocol: Information suppressed. Foundation intends to send a rover to investigate when feasible.
Note: Though our telescopes cannot actually hear the music, our attempts to recreate it from analysis of the visuals yielded results described as "pretty catchy."

Unexplained Location UE-809632
Description An apartment building. A different view of the skyline of Paris, France is visible from each window. All views include the Eiffel Tower.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Paris, Texas, United States
Security Protocol: Building purchased, all former residents evicted and administered Class-A amnestics.

Unexplained Location UE-254016
Description A river which is missing a six meter segment. Testing has indicated that water will simply disappear at one point (Point Alpha) and reappear at another (Point Beta), with no evidence that the river exists in the six meter segment between the two points.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: ████████, India
Security Protocol: The area has been surrounded by an electric fence, with signs warning against trespassing.
Note: Analysis of the water flowing from Point Beta has revealed trace amounts of dust which appear to have originated on Earth's moon. MTF Gamma-4 is to be tasked with searching for any evidence of the missing segment on the Moon.

Unexplained Location UE-689840
Description A 2.23 meter by 2.23 meter square area of ground. Once a human has stood on this area for 5 or more minutes, all humans encountering the subject for the next 120 hours will experience the olfactory hallucination that the subject smells of strawberries.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Plant City, Florida
Security Protocol: A strawberry field is planted over the area and is sustained by the Foundation front company "Strawberry and Cantaloupe Plantations."

Unexplained Location UE-405888
Description An island in the South Pacific Ocean, independent of other island chains. Highest elevation 2054 m, area 12.5 km². Known to have regular volcanic eruptions, but the resulting flow is a water solution of sodium acetate, carbon dioxide, and FD&C Red 40. A sound similar to that of a child's laughter can be heard during eruption events.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: ██°██' S, ███°██' E
Security Protocol: Area stricken from maps and patrolled to prevent people from approaching. Due to the remoteness of the anomaly, further action is unneeded.

Unexplained Location UE-943856
Description A large grove of evergreen trees located at a high altitude. Plant life and inorganic material produce liquids anomalously. Disturbance of soil has resulted in the production of goat or cow milk, and striking rocks in the area has caused them to produce water. Pine trees in the area produce wine from their bark instead of sap.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Mount █████████, Greece
Security Protocol: The area has been designated as a national wildlife sanctuary for a rare species of squirrel, and entry by civilians has been forbidden, with infrasonic repellents and a guard placed at the sole entrance to the grove.

Unexplained Location UE-346528
Description A 4m x 5m x 10m x 7m area of space in which all objects appear to exist in four spatial dimensions.
Date of Containment: 2014-05-17
Location: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the Canary Islands, Spain.
Security Protocol: A warehouse has been constructed around the location, and at least three guards are to remain on site at all times in order to monitor and guard it.

Unexplained Location UE-271664
Description Both UE-271664-A and UE-271664-B are public restrooms located at two different gas stations in different countries. Both are constructed of the same materials in the same dimensions, and contain the same brands of toilets, sinks, and other bathroom fixtures. When an inanimate object weighing less than 2 kilograms is dropped on the floor in one bathroom, it will immediately disappear and reappear in the other bathroom in the same location.
Date of Containment: 2012-04-04
Location: Portland, Oregon (-A) and Liverpool, England (-B)
Security Protocol: Both locations have been locked up under the guise of being storage rooms, and new, non-anomalous bathrooms have been constructed. Standard Low-Threat Monitoring (LTM) equipment has been installed to detect re-emergence of anomaly.

Unexplained Location UE-883424
Description An irregular volume ~500x300x250m, where only medieval French can be spoken. Attempts to speak other languages result in inability to exhale.
Date of Containment: 2001-07-03
Location: ~1500m above 23°N, 271°W
Security Protocol: Air flights redirected to avoid anomaly.

Unexplained Location UE-327808
Description A country ranch. All buildings on the ranch and all matter contained inside them are an undifferentiated blue. Despite the lack of shading, color, and opacity contrast, humans are fully capable of discerning shapes and form within the affected areas, occasionally to a greater extent than they can outside the anomaly.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Fallon, Nevada.
Security Protocol: Ranch purchased and closed to the public. Satellite images of the ranch edited.

Unexplained Location UE-675408
Description Room 202 of ██████ High School. Entering this room would cause freshman student █████ ██████ to turn completely invisible, though his gut flora and all other microbes on his body, along with items on his person, would still be visible. This effect would cease upon exit.
Date of Containment: 2012-09-09
Location: Bangor, Maine, USA
Security Protocol: All witnesses were administered Class-B amnestics.
Arrangements were made for ██████'s father to be offered a financially lucrative job in Albany, New York, causing the █████ family to move. Both he and Room 202 were placed under observation for five years; no new anomalies were discovered during this period.

Unexplained Location UE-193584
Description An underground mine (about 2 kilometers deep) where it is constantly raining. The mine does not flood.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Arizona, through the edge of Utah.
Security Protocol: All entrances blocked off, signs that state "Dangerous! Mines still active!"

Unexplained Location UE-177008
Description A wooden shed in the middle of a field in ████, Iowa. Anything entering the door of the shed is transported to a hallway in the basement level of Site-35.
Date of Containment: 1999-06-14
Location: ████, Iowa
Security Protocol: 5 meter area around the shed barricaded with barbed-wire fence. Signs posted containing memetic amnestic agents to prevent unauthorized access. Site-35 personnel have been notified of the possible threat to security and additional security measures have been installed on-site.

Unexplained Location UE-601616
Description An unnamed island (0.44 km²) in the Baltic Sea completely devoid of animal life. Land animals introduced to the island gradually lose survival impetus and typically die of dehydration within days. On initial containment, human subjects developed a flat affect within 15 minutes of exposure and became unresponsive to stimuli within two hours. A single subject eventually recovered when removed within 16 hours, although 50% of subjects failed to recover after 4.25 hours exposure (and expired without medical life support). This effect has decreased over time and as of 2018, these thresholds are estimated to have nearly doubled since initial testing.
Date of Containment: 1944-05-08
Location: 54°57' N 15°32' E
Security Protocol: Island is to be listed on nautical charts as a NATO weapons testing facility and to be surrounded by a 2 km exclusion zone. The Global Occult Coalition shall enforce the security cordon in accordance with the Köln Agreement.
Note: Additional information concerning this location is classified 3/3457/Broken Horizon.

Unexplained Location UE-540112
Description A roughly spheroid area, 10 m in radius, in which no water exists. A 5 m tall statue, depicting a humanoid with lepidopteran features, is located in its exact center.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: 5000 m below sea level, ██°██'██.█"N ██°██'██.██"E
Security Protocol: Due to its isolated location, minimal security is necessary. Any expeditions to this depth of the ocean are to be redirected at least one kilometer away.

Unexplained Location UE-868992
Description An area measuring roughly 10 m x 20 m x 17 m in which the effects of gravity are reversed. Entering the area causes an object to "fall" upwards until exiting the area 17 m above. However, since this would typically cause the subject to fall downwards, most objects become trapped in a cycle of exiting and reentering the space until managing to force their way towards the edges.
Date of Containment: 1999-09-17
Location: Iquique, Iquique Province, Chile
Security Protocol: A warehouse has been built around the location. At least two guards are to monitor it at all times.

Unexplained Location UE-691984
Description A hospital. Security cameras will occasionally display humanoid entities possessing fatal injuries. Entities will stare at the camera, only moving to avoid interaction with others present in the room. These entities are not visible in the room and can only be seen through the cameras. After approximately five hours, entities will demanifest.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Farmington, NM, USA
Security Protocol: Staffed by Foundation personnel, appearance of all manifestations is logged in Document UL-██-A.

Unexplained Location UE-118720
Description An empty, cement schoolyard where every other year small-scale natural disasters occur. Disasters do not appear to be tangible, and have included a sandstorm and tornado.
Date of Containment: 2017-06-21
Location: ██████████ Elementary School, ██, US
Security Protocol: School has been purchased by the Foundation. Due to be torn down and blocked off from the public under guise of a violation of code involving proximity to power lines. Children and teachers amnesticized.

Unexplained Location UE-14894
Description A small water park which houses a long black tube water slide labeled “The Black Hole”. Anything that enters the “The Black Hole” appears to exit through any other tube-like water slide in the park; the exit slide appears to be random.
Date of Containment: 2017-01-16
Location: British Columbia, Canada
Security Protocol: The park was purchased by the Foundation and labeled “The Black Hole” as under construction. Anybody who attempts or successfully enters “The Black Hole” are to be administered Class A amnestics and escorted out of the park.

Unexplained Location UE-542256
Description A "Haunted Manor" theme park ride inhabited and operated by entities that claim to be ghosts. Entities are non-hostile and only wish to scare and entertain. Entities will attempt to keep their sentience a secret voluntarily.
Date of Containment: 1967-03-12 (Public access granted 1969-08-09)
Location: Buena Vista Lake, FL, USA
Security Protocol: Due to high public knowledge of the building's existence, but not of the anomalous property, and financial backing and investment of the █████ corporation, the building must be under constant watch, and a stock of Class B amnestics be kept on site should secrecy be lost, and cover story A-13298, "False Rumor", be spread. The site should be condemned and demolished afterward.

Unexplained Location UE-928135
Description An approximately circular area of land, with a diameter measuring ~4.5 km. The area will appear on any digital geographic modeling system as a real-time representation of an inhabited village, with a confirmed population in excess of 2000 individual members. All inhabitants seem to be fully sentient, but unaware of the nature of their existence.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Herefordshire, England
Security Protocol: The area around the location is to be heavily monitored, and the area itself has been designated as landfill and waste processing. All major digital maps have been altered to avoid rendering the location.

Unexplained Location UE-1072
Description A small town in Belarus. At approximately 13:30, between 1 and 124 residents will sing "Rosanna" by Toto. Instrumental portions will be mimicked by the affected residents. Subjects show no memory of this event.
Date of Containment: 2013-04-13
Location: ██████████, Belarus
Security Protocol: No less than 2 researchers are to be kept in the town to observe effects. No further action is to be taken at this time.

Unexplained Location UE-815582
Description A small one story house. Sand continually flows in five-centimeter wide paths from underneath the doors of the rooms connected to the hallway - including a bathroom and two bedrooms - to other doors. No sand has ever been located or detected within the rooms.
Date of Containment: 2010-08-24
Location: Miami, Florida
Security Protocol: A single agent has been assigned to live in the house full-time and observe the anomaly for changes.

Unexplained Location UE-479680
Description A housing estate measuring 50m x 35m, designed by Architect ███ █████ in 1986 but never inhabited. It is constructed in five spatial dimensions, explorations revealing paradoxical but consistent geometry.
Date of Containment: 1987-02-06
Location: ██████████, Scotland
Security Protocol: Purchased, and infrasonic repellents installed. Demolition request denied. ███ █████ now designated POI-5536.

Unexplained Location UE-732624
Description A small shed where a strong odor of decaying bodies is permanently present. The odor can not be perceived outside the shed, and does not cling to clothing or other objects after they have been removed from the location.
Date of Containment: 2008-09-06
Location: 4.3 km directly north of ████████, Sweden
Security Protocol: Location purchased by the Foundation and walls constructed. Perimeter alarms installed on 09/24/2008.

Unexplained Location UE-865776
Description A circular area approximately 46 meters in diameter. Gravity in this area does not conform to regular laws or models, lessening and partially reversing at points.
Date of Containment: 1945-██-██
Location: Santa Cruz, California
Security Protocol: Due to public popularity at the time of the confirmation of anomalous activity, location permitted to continue operating as "The Mystery Spot", a local tourist attraction. Every several years, theories are to be leaked through the scientific community as to possible causes for the anomaly, such as optical illusions or geographical positioning.

Unexplained Location UE-866848
Description A 5m x 5m x 5m wood cabin with a single 1m x 2m closed window located in the center of one of the sides. No other windows or doors can be found on any other side. It is possible to see a humanoid figure standing in the middle of the area of the cabin with a single light bulb hanging on the ceiling, illuminating the figure. The figure doesn't move and the light bulb doesn't seem to be connected to any power source, although it is powered at all times.
Date of Containment: 2001-02-27
Location: ████████, South Sudan, Africa.
Security Protocol: Surrounding area is fenced off with two security cameras placed at one of the fences, facing the windowed wall.

Unexplained Location UE-463104
Description A 6 square foot patch of land that is always shaded. It appears in the middle of a field with no sign of any objects that obstruct light. It does not shade people who enter, and only affects the ground.
Date of Containment: 19██-09-27
Location: Granville, Ohio, USA
Security Protocol: A Foundation-managed horse farm is currently surrounding the anomaly. A sign stating it is private property is kept outside of it.

Unexplained Location UE-328880
Description A 3m x 3m area of empty land. Area is suspected to be void of light, appearing to be completely black from within the area. Whether or not the area is actually devoid of light is undetermined, due to difficulty of observation.
Date of Containment: 2005-07-08
Location: Forsyth, Georgia
Security Protocol: Surrounding area is fenced off and disguised as a stud farm. One Foundation Agent is to be stationed in a house near the premises.

Unexplained Location UE-466320
Description A small indoor paintball field. Carrying a paintball marker inside the field causes a Heads-Up-Display containing an aiming reticle and score tracker to appear inside the wielder's vision.
Date of Containment: 2002-03-04
Location: Multnomah County, Oregon, USA
Security Protocol: Property purchased and closed to the public. All former employees and visitors administered Class-A Amnestics. Occasionally used for staff birthday parties due to Site-64 proximity.

Unexplained Location UE-59360
Description A 3m x 3m x 3m area. Despite the surrounding temperature, there will always be 30 cm of snow on the ground. The snow cannot be brought out of the area.
Date of Containment: 2016-02-04
Location: Mojave Desert, Nevada, United States
Security Protocol: A 4m x 4m x 4m steel room has been set up around the perimeter.

Unexplained Location UE-314448
Description A small town in Madagascar where any long time resident (10+ years) will spontaneously combust if they do not eat 5 kilograms of peanuts annually. This will not affect the resident if they are allergic to peanuts.
Date of Containment: 2013-05-29
Location: Ambondromamy, Boeny, Madagascar
Security Protocol: The town and surrounding area have been crop-dusted with Class-A amnesiac, locals have been given a strong government backing to invest in peanut crop production.

Unexplained Location UE-179152
Description A ~15 x 19.5 x 17 meters area in Northeast England where no sound above ~2 decibels can be heard or recorded.
Date of Containment: ██-██-20██
Location: Penrith, England
Security Protocol: Building constructed around the area with an agent stationed permanently in a nearby farmhouse. Site currently used for sound experiments and low-level sound anomaly storage.
Note: Very calming. -Dr. Lisiewicz

Unexplained Location UE-616048
Description A stretch of beach from which a constantly repeating atomic explosion is visible. No sound or radiation is produced, and the explosion is not visible from any other location.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Bikini Atoll, Marshall Islands
Security Protocol: Area cordoned off, and kept under constant surveillance.

Unexplained Location UE-121936
Description An indoor paintball arena on █████████ Ave. Any amount of persons who enter and set up a standard paintball are joined by 4 male military style personnel (two per team). The men will give accurate and useful tactical instruction and advice to each team in order to achieve swift victory for their respected team.
Date of Containment: 05-19-20██
Location: ███████, Pennsylvania, United States
Security Protocol: Building and property were properly purchased and closed to the public under the report that rats had infested the "party area". Suggestion to use the location as an MTF training facility is pending approval.
Note: Accepted. - Dr. Gears

Unexplained Location UE-828352
Description Standard school classroom in which time passes 2x slower (e.g 30 seconds = 60 seconds etc.). Location was previously designated as a detention room.
Date of Containment: 2017-05-02
Location: Downlands Community School, West Sussex, UK
Security Protocol: Area cordoned off by Ofsted Foundation recovery team. Labelled as "unsafe".
Note: Poor students. - Dr. Lewis-Wood

Unexplained Location UE-348672
Description A 25m x 25m square area of rural countryside. Any breed of dog Canis lupus familiaris in the area will proceed to emit a sound similar to the popular TV character Pingu’s "noot" at approximately ~110 decibels whenever they bark.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: ████ district, Derbyshire UK
Security Protocol: Area cordoned off and labelled as unstable ground with hidden security cameras in bushes around the area to monitor if the area's effects spread.

Unexplained Location UE-613904
Description A street where any noise perceived by humans or electronic devices is followed exactly two seconds afterwards by an exact copy of the sound. The echo effect does not extend to sounds caused by the echo effect.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: ██████ ██, Surat, India.
Security Protocol: Road blocked off and removed from maps.

Unexplained Location UE-178080
Description A room where all objects placed inside seem to be replaced by English words describing them.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: ██████ Library, London, England
Security Protocol: ██████ Library purchased by the Foundation and now closed to the public.

Unexplained Location UE-676480
Description An area of roughly 7km² in which all precipitation takes the form of specimens of the Indian Red Scorpion (Hottentotta tamulus). Specimens are nonanomalous and instances which survive the fall typically perish due to inclement weather conditions.
Date of Containment: 2007-10-17
Location: ██ km south of Area-██, Ellsworth Land, Antarctica
Security Protocol: Due to its isolated location and relatively rare occurrence, minimal security is necessary. Outpost A██-02 has been established to allow for remote monitoring.

Unexplained Location UE-735840
Description An underground hot spring with a constant surface temperature of approximately 98° Celsius. Of note is that the spring is not connected to any underground water system, and does not extend deeper than ~12 meters. The water in the spring is anomalously replenished at a rate of 0.3 cubic meters per minute if drained below normal water level. The spring is home to multiple previously-unknown non-anomalous species of thermophilic archaea.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: ████████, CO, USA
Security Protocol: The Foundation has purchased 24 acres of land surrounding the hot spring and built a private cabin there, with the cave entrance disguised with a storage shed. The property has been fenced off from backcountry hiking and skiing, and two personnel are stationed at the cabin to perform research on the spring's native microbial life.

Unexplained Location UE-600544
Description An area of exactly 50 cubic meters that contains 20 marble statues, similar in style to constructions from the Renaissance period, which are only visible from within the anomaly. Statues cannot be removed from the area by any known means, though they themselves are not considered anomalous.
Date of Containment: 1957-08-10
Location: Near Milan, Italy
Security Protocol: Land around location purchased, small museum constructed and staffed by foundation personnel. The location is open to the public as a gallery of little known sculptors from the Renaissance period, who are Foundation fabrications.

Unexplained Location UE-690912
Description An apartment where loud screams can be heard by those under 12 whenever they try to sleep in the beds. The screams are said to come from under the beds, and cause those who hear it to believe that monsters are under the beds.
Date of Containment: 2013-09-08
Location: New York, NY.
Security Protocol: Apartment blocked off with tape. Tenants given refunds and amnesticized.

Unexplained Location UE-315520
Description An elevator affixed to the ice with a placard above the doors that bear the words, "Department of Abnormalities". The doors themselves appear to have been welded shut and the button panel has been altered to no longer function.
Date of Containment: 2019-██-██
Location: Antarctica
Security Protocol: Area cordoned off and kept under constant surveillance.

Unexplained Location UE-197872
Description A one-story ranch-style house. The walls of the house are integrated with a rudimentary circulatory and respiratory system; these systems maintain approximately 4000 human noses located on the walls. These noses have been observed inhaling and exhaling, and do not appear to require nutrition. DNA taken from the noses has not connected them with any person recorded in the Foundation genetic database.
Date of Containment: 2007-03-29
Location: Milton, Florida, United States
Security Protocol: The home has been purchased by a Foundation front company, and is currently inhabited by two security agents. Any unidentified persons approaching the house are to be apprehended, interviewed, and amnesticized.

Unexplained Location UE-117648
Description A 2,700-acre campground. Every two weeks over ██ individuals will enter the campground for two days (between the ██th of ████ and the ██th of ████), what these individuals accomplish whilst inside the campground are unknown, as any information pertaining to the location is obscured and/or falsified. Attempts to enter the location during this two day time period have proven difficult, as any person/s entering the location who isn't a part of the original group of subjects who originally entered, will appear to go missing. Photographs sent from Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 ("Mole Rats") have been blurred and obscured immensely, however; the only photograph which has been proven somewhat identifiable contains the remnants of a large owl statue.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Monte Rio, California
Security Protocol: A fence has been constructed around the perimeter of the observed effects. No personnel are to enter the campgrounds during the two day period. Any public individual attempting to enter the location will be arrested on sight, this same principle is to be applied to any subject attempting to enter during the two day period.

Unexplained Location UE-485040
Description A small ice skating rink located in Fairbanks, Alaska. There appears to be people drowning under the ice despite there being no way the people could have gone there. New individuals appear every ten hours.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
Security Protocol: Ice skating rink bought and closed off to the public. Rink guarded until further notice.

Unexplained Location UE-811776
Description A standard-sized wooden dog kennel, containing a small dog blanket inside. Within the kennel resides an incorporeal entity that appears to be roughly a canine. It behaves in a manner similar to that of a domestic canine.
Date of Containment: 2011-08-27
Location: Houston, Texas, USA
Security Protocol: An infrared camera was installed inside of the structure to track the behavior of the entity inside. Researchers are to report to the location daily to play with it to keep it cooperative.

Unexplained Location UE-892000
Description A small beehive containing anomalous chocolate-producing stingless bees, located on a cultivated Theobroma cacao tree beside the parking lot of Site-19 Facility 23.
The beehive was not noted to have existed prior to containment and the bees have been designated under the Foundation's expanded biological kingdom classification as Melipona cocoa.
Date of Containment: 2019-██-██
Location: ███████, USA
Security Protocol: As the bees are of the stingless variety and are limited to Foundation interaction only, no active security measures are needed to protect them from the public.
Note: Researchers are advised not to disturb the bees without an adequate research proposal, as the bees are currently the only known colony of their species. If any researchers are caught attempting to steal chocolate from the beehive, they will be severely disciplined. - Facility Director Arthur Hackett

Unexplained Location UE-4288
Description A 5.10 sq km (1.97 sq mi) area located at approximately 40°28′49″[REDACTED] and 84°37′46″[REDACTED] where unexplained weather phenomena occur or, in most notable cases, do not occur. An example of this includes an instance in 2011 when the neighboring town of [REDACTED] was hit by two tornadoes, while the anomalous area experienced mild winds. A similar occurrence happened as recently as 2017.
Residents of the area have nicknamed the phenomenon "The [REDACTED] Bubble" and are accustomed to the relative safety the "Bubble" provides.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: [REDACTED], Ohio, USA
Security Protocol: Currently, two Field Agents and their families have taken up residence in the area under the guise of local law enforcement in order to monitor the "Bubble" and its potentially hazardous influences on the surrounding towns. They are also to report all hazardous weather phenomena that occur solely within the area's boundaries.

Unexplained Location UE-6432
Description An intersection where cars can only turn right. Turning the steering wheel of any car causes said car to turn right, regardless of the actual direction it is turned.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Osaka, Japan
Security Protocol: The intersection has been closed off to the public. Due to its close proximity with Site-04, experimentation on this location is ongoing.

Unexplained Location UE-525680
Description The [REDACTED] Memorial Library's third floor at Ohio [REDACTED] University may experience anomalous time-traveling phenomena. It is rumored amongst students that the large potted vine plant located in the center of the library's third floor causes time to pass quicker for students the closer they are to the aforementioned plant. Students who have attempted to study or write papers on the third floor have lamented on having spent hours there while accomplishing only about thirty (30) minutes worth of work.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: [REDACTED] OH, USA
Security Protocol: Approval for follow-up research on the potentially anomalous properties of the third floor plant is currently pending.

Unexplained Location UE-277024
Description A patch of land that, when a subject enters, a wooden chair will manifest at a random location less than 7 meters away from said subject. If a subject then tries to sit on the chair, it will rapidly disintegrate into sand.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Mojave Desert
Security Protocol: The area was fenced off and is being guarded by security personnel from nearby Site-22.

Unexplained Location UE-201088
Description A small mountain in the Australian Tweed Range. Plant life and topography in areas of the mountain not under direct human observation will occasionally rearrange to create fake hiking trails leading to dead ends or drop-offs.
Date of Containment: 1994-07-25
Location: Tweed Range, New South Wales, Australia
Security Protocol: Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service convinced to ban hiking in the area due to pre-existing indigenous significance.

Unexplained Location UE-695200
Description A restroom in which on every April 1, the toilets will squirt cold water as one defecates. Toilet paper also will sometimes be replaced with sandpaper.
Date of Containment: 1987-██-██
Location: Site-17
Security Protocol: A warning sign has been placed to inform staff that the restroom will be unavailable on April 1. The doors to the restroom are to be locked until the next day.

Unexplained Location UE-66864
Description A large building that, when viewed from a distance of over 100 meters, will appear to be a large kangaroo.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Sapporo, Japan
Security Protocol: A large barricade was built around the building and is being guarded by personnel from nearby Site-97.

Unexplained Location UE-578521
Description A walkway where walking and running is impossible. All attempts to either walk or run will be held back by an unknown force. Currently, the only known means of moving on the walkway are hopping or rolling on one's side.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Ulleung-do, South Korea
Security Protocol: A small Foundation outpost was built over the walkway. It is currently intact and is occasionally used for recreational purposes.

Unexplained Location UE-468464
Description A point above the sea where a note written on a 10cm by 6cm piece of printing paper materializes approximately every hour.
The note contains the following text (translated from Korean):

I’ll be back in an hour.
— Maria Jones, Director, RAISA

The point moves vertically to stay approximately one meter above the surface of the water.
Edit: Following land reclamation on ████-██-██, the point is currently located on land. Site-101 has been extended to the location.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Site-101, Dangjin, South Korea
Security Protocol: All recovered notes are to be inspected and incinerated.

Unexplained Location UE-254301
Description A D-Class holding cell that, when entered, a male can be heard sobbing from an unknown source.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Site-44
Security Protocol: An exorcism was performed and no activity has been reported since. Deemed neutralized and the entry has been archived.
Note: The cell formerly housed D-8219 ("█████ ████"), who was repeatedly exposed to SCP-███. Residual haunting has been noted on its file.

Unexplained Location UE-50014
Description Fifteen solitary confinement cells located within Block-█ of the █████-State Penitentiary which are unable to be illuminated by any known means.
Date of Containment: 19██-06-04
Location: █████, U.S.A.
Security Protocol: Site is currently used by MTF-████ to hold persons of interest.

Unexplained Location UE-337211
Description A patch of land shaped like a five-pointed star with a golden tint. When facing Earth, the words “Good Job!” are visible on the surface.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Deimos
Security Protocol: The location is being edited out of NASA-released footage of Deimos. Foundation web crawlers are monitoring the internet for civilian footage.

Unexplained Location UE-679696
Description A diverging railroad track with a lever-operated switch. When more than 5 people enter the area around the track, the people will instantly demanifest and remanifest in the following positions:

  • The person nearest to the lever will remanifest next to the lever.
  • One other person will be tied to the branching track.
  • All others will be tied to the main track.

After completing manifestation, an unidentified trolley will manifest on the track before the switch and will start moving forwards at a speed that is always fast enough to kill everyone tied to the main track.
Apparently, in cases where more than ten people are tied to the main track, pulling the lever will derail the trolley.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
Security Protocol: The area has been closed off to the public, and the track was jammed to prevent further casualties.

Unexplained Location UE-676523
Description A large 16m by 9m rectangular patch of land covered with an unknown species of gray cyanobacteria that are able to change their brightness rapidly. An HDMI cable is present on one corner of the area. Normally, the arrangement is random and mimics TV static. When the cable is plugged in, the bacteria will act as a large black-and-white screen.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Duluth, Georgia
Security Protocol: The area is being secured by assigned personnel.

Unexplained Location UE-492018
Description A circular crater containing two large snakes of an unknown species, one significantly shorter than the other. The tails of the snakes are glued to the center of the crater and are therefore unable to move out of it. Both snakes slowly rotate clockwise inside the crater at constant speeds. The longer snake rotates once every hour, and the shorter snake rotates once every twelve hours.
Date of Containment: 1972-04-27
Location: Apollo 17 Landing Site
Security Protocol: Information expunged from public records. Foundation web crawlers are monitoring various sources for civilian telescope footage of the area.

Unexplained Location UE-922910
Description Each year, in Boston Harbor on December 17 at 2:00 AM, a large vacuum sealed crate will appear floating in the water. The crate is made of an unknown metal and contains various teas. If not collected from the water by 2:30 AM, a tentacle only visible using infrared cameras will collect the crate.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Security Protocol: Agents are to arrive at Boston Harbor on December 17 to collect the crate. The crate is to be reported as lost cargo to anyone that inquires about it and amnestics are to be used when necessary.
Note: No crates have manifested since December 17, 2002. Anomaly has been deemed neutralized and archived.

Unexplained Location UE-139584
Description A 424,074 km² area encompassing the entirety of the state of California as well as the town of ██████████, New Jersey in which calling the phone number "867-5309" will result in cardiac arrest exactly 7 days later. This anomaly is not known to have occurred at any time earlier than █████ ██th, 1997.
Date of Containment: 1997-██-██
Location: California and ██████████, New Jersey
Security Protocol: Memetic agents have been placed within local media outlets (newspapers, radio stations, billboards, etc.) which strongly dissuade anyone from activating the anomalous effects. Foundation agents placed within phone companies are currently attempting to make calling this number impossible.

Unexplained Location UE-211180
Description Pedestrian crossing on █████ Street, a high-traffic road adjacent to █████ █████ Primary School. Anomaly is observed when crossing the road at the location and looking eastward.
If a car is approaching, an indistinct humanoid figure manifests approximately 300 meters from the location. The figure runs onto the road in front of the car's headlights and reacts as if about to be run over, then disappears upon impact. Drivers do not see or react to the figure.
Anomaly generally reported in low-light conditions (early morning, twilight, rainy weather, etc.). Exact frequency of occurrence is unknown. The highest number of sightings in a day is ███ on 1999-██-██, when █████ █████ students left the school grounds en masse to investigate rumours of a 'ghost'. Resulting disruption to school activities and traffic incidents brought the location to the Foundation's attention.
Date of Containment: 2000-██-██
Location: Perth, Australia
Security Protocol: Pedestrian crossing moved ███ meters from prior location under cover story of road improvements. Students and staff given counseling, medical attention and Class-B amnestics where necessary; drivers compensated for damage. No further sightings reported.

Unexplained Location UE-223462
Description An area of farmland spreading across 100 acres. If one were to enter the area, they will suffer a severe third degree burn on any exposed part of the skin, regardless of temperature, weather, and health of the person.
Date of Containment: 1998-5-29
Location: Tifton, ████, USA.
Security Protocol: A two story house has been built in the middle of the land while the surrounding area is fenced off with a sign saying: "TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT."

Unexplained Location UE-596962
Description Otherwise ordinary hotel in which doors seldom connect to the expected rooms, instead connecting to other rooms seemingly at random. For reasons that have yet to be discovered, this effect only occurs when entering a room that is not otherwise occupied. Leaving a room leads to the hallway directly outside the room, leading many of those affected to believe nothing unusual has occurred.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Paris, France
Security Protocol: The hotel has been bought by the Foundation under a front company and is closed to the public. A cover story that the building requires extensive renovations to fit the needs of new management has been circulated.

Unexplained Location UE-678306
Description A massive empty house seemingly in perfect condition. All persons in its proximity consider ever buying, selling, desecrating, or entering it to be completely unthinkable. Affected are always incapable of realizing the illogic in this, no matter the circumstances.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Security Protocol: The location is benign, and its nature ensures no amnestic application is needed. Body mics and cameras on personnel in the area are configured to automatically record when in proximity for survey purposes.

Unexplained Location UE-875585
Description A floor of a residential building where a pancake is perpetually present. The pancake cannot be removed by any known means, and removing the portion of the floor directly underneath the pancake will result in the pancake attaching onto the nearest undamaged floor until the original floor is restored.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: [REDACTED], AZ
Security Protocol: The building has been bought and is being secured by personnel from a nearby site.

Unexplained Location UE-314607
Description Room ██ on floor █ of ███ Hotel is 1/2in wider than external measurements would permit.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: ███, USA
Security Protocol: Room is to be continually marked as under maintenance and access is to be denied.

Unexplained Location UE-527824
Description A book that is permanently fixed to the ground. The book appears to be thicker than it is wide, and scans have concluded that the entire book consists of approximately 10,000,000 pages. Only the front 1,000 pages are accessible from the surface. The contents of the book appear to be made of nonsensical combinations of English words.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Edmonton, Canada
Security Protocol: The book was covered with a rock and bolted to the ground to deter civilian access.

Unexplained Location UE-812848
Description A 9x15m room that can only be entered through a toilet in the second floor bathroom of the ██ Building in ███, Seoul, South Korea. The room itself is located on the side of a minor unnamed hill in northern Alaska, and appears to be completely sealed from the outside via 2cm thick stainless steel plating. The inside of the room is furnished to look like a stereotypical American living room, with the exception of a ladder leading from the floor to an opening in the ceiling of the room connected to the toilet entrance. Electrical appliances within the room appear to be powered through anomalous means.
Date of Containment: 19██-██-██
Location: ███, Seoul, South Korea and ██████, Alaska, United States
Security Protocol: The bathroom containing the toilet entrance has been sealed permanently, and the room has been covered in dirt. Both locations are being guarded by security personnel.

Unexplained Location UE-947072
Description A small suburban home in which a 42 second segment of the song Völlig Losgelöst by Peter Schilling can be heard playing at a volume of 162.5 Decibels. Despite the incredibly high volume, the sound can not be heard outside of the house. The sound seems to be coming from somewhere in the kitchen, but the exact source has not been located.
Date of Containment: 1999-01-07
Location: ████████ ██ ██, Spain
Security Protocol: The house was purchased on 1999-01-07 and perimeter alarms were installed. An agent from the nearby Site-██ will be dispatched to administer amnestics in the unlikely event of intrusion.

Unexplained Location UE-9648
Description A traditional thatched cottage of local design. Previously used as a shelter by locals, whenever the structure and the immediately surrounding area is left uninhabited, it relocates seemingly at random. No other anomalous effect has been discovered.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: ████████, County Mayo, Ireland.
Security Protocol: It is currently used as a holiday home for Foundation employees who show outstanding commitment to work. The schedule has been organized such as that the structure is never uninhabited, thus preventing it from relocating.

Unexplained Location UE-471680
Description A door in [REDACTED] High School, Anglesey, Wales that when opened goes into the lobby of the [REDACTED] Museum in Kingston Upon Hull, England.
Date of Containment: 2019-09-25
Location: ████████, Anglesey, Wales
Security Protocol: The entrance has been sealed off and disguised as an electrical outlet. Any subjects who had reportedly stepped through the door have been questioned before receiving Class-A amnesiac. No further action has been taken.

Unexplained Location UE-528896
Description An area of land that, when entered, will cause all serotonin molecules to exit the body through anomalous means. Once a sufficient amount of serotonin has been collected, sand will rise from the ground and combine with said serotonin to form a cloud-like formation in the air. When observed for a period exceeding 5 hours, the cloudlike formation will collapse into a small rotating disk, and the central mass will start emitting light. After approximately 10 hours of observation, the disk will collapse even further into small concentrated spheres of serotonin-sand matter orbiting a large central mass.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Mojave Desert
Security Protocol: Area has been fenced off and is being guarded by personnel from nearby Site-44.

Unexplained Location UE-141728
Description A large metallic sphere with an approximate radius of 74m protruding from the side of a mountain. Due to its antimemetic properties, directly viewing the sphere will cause an inability to notice the anomaly, and said viewer will consider the sphere a natural part of the mountain. However, the effect does not extend to photographs of the area.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Indonesia
Security Protocol: Covered with additional antimemetic shielding to make the effect extend to photographs. Existing records were expunged from the internet.

Unexplained Location UE-948144
Description An area of roughly 0.6km² wherein any moving solid object produces a faded and intangible afterimage which persists for █ minutes and ██ seconds following initial apparition.
Date of Containment: 03/12/1977
Location: ██°██' N, ███°██' E, Mongolia
Security Protocol: Secured as part of nearby Site-██. Area used as firing range by on-site security and assigned MTF units for training purposes.

Unexplained Location UE-731563
Description A circular area of land with an approximate radius of eight meters where the ground is made of solid graphite mixed with a small amount of clay. Analysis shows that the graphite extends down to approximately 1.5 kilometers below the surface with a pointed tip at the very bottom. The area is surrounded by multiple cedar trees arranged in a regular hexagonal pattern.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Ticonderoga, New York, USA
Security Protocol: Area purchased and covered with soil. Site-02 was later built on the area.

Unexplained Location UE-392528
Description A roughly spherical area with a radius of 42 meters where oxide layers on metals are unable to exist. All metallic surfaces that enter the area will have their oxide layers removed immediately.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Low-Earth orbit, 800 kilometers above Tokyo, Japan
Security Protocol: Embedded Foundation agents are to reroute satellites and space missions away from the area to avoid cold welding of equipment.

Unexplained Location UE-316592
Description A large clearing in ██████ National Forest. A hole located in the center of the clearing produces an item from an unknown source every 10 hours.
Items produced from the hole are listed below:

  • A small toy car
  • Two models of the Empire State Building, stuck together with chewed gum
  • A spherical lump of coal coated with peanut butter
  • A balloon filled with argon gas
  • An Ikea table set
  • A 0.02m x 0.02m x 2m cardboard box
  • A large cylindrical tank containing a single corpse of a honeybee
  • A toy quadcopter drone without a controller
  • Multiple IC chips glued together in the shape of a tree branch
  • An old outdated map of the Greater Tokyo Area
  • A vacuum cleaner

Date of Containment: 2018-██-██
Location: ██████ National Forest, USA
Security Protocol: The area is being guarded by security personnel. All items are to be collected and inspected for anomalies. The current number of anomalous objects produced is 0.
Note: Personnel are allowed to take items for themselves after it has been tested for anomalous behavior.

Unexplained Location UE-602688
Description Residential building where all items and furniture inside are transparent. All attempts to reduce transparency deemed impossible, and amount of items in the building is unknown.
Date of Containment: 19██-01-04
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
Security Protocol: Doors and windows barred up and fitted with 24 hour surveillance via CCTV, motion detectors, and alarms.

Unexplained Location UE-198944
Description A cabin entirely made of fish resembling members of the species Carassius auratus (goldfish). When any sapient entity capable of vision enters the cabin, the fish will always look as if they are facing towards said entity, despite not physically moving. When multiple sapient entities capable of vision enter the cabin, the fish will prefer the entity that entered first.
Date of Containment: 19██-██-██
Location: ███, Jeju Province, South Korea
Security Protocol: Land surrounding the cabin purchased under the guise of a Foundation front company. A larger cabin was built around it to hide it from view.

Unexplained Location UE-130839
Description A 380m cobbled section of Dolmansaxil St. south of Brontital Rd. The soles of shoes wear 50% faster while walking on this street. Discovered by retired Foundation researcher D. Adams, who noticed several shoe sales and repair shops along this stretch of road had a higher volume of business than could be explained by the local population and geography.
Date of Containment: 1980-01-24
Location: London, England, UK
Security Protocol: As this does not appear to have been remarked upon anywhere discoverable by Foundation investigators, no containment procedures are deemed necessary at this time.

Unexplained Location UE-923666
Description The Lemuria Restaurant and Wine Bar. Necessary to complete the Great Journey. Any documentation of this phenomenon is always in a promotional tone, and have sentences sprinkled in about how we must finish the Great Journey.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Bonifacio Global City, Philippines
Security Protocol: None, because we do not want to anger the people walking the path and they must complete the Great Journey.
Note: GLORY TO LEMURIA!!! - Dr. Felteich

Unexplained Location UE-394672
Description A large meteorite crater. When a human subject observes it from the north, it will appear as if the crater is convex upwards.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Iceland
Security Protocol: The location is being guarded by personnel from nearby sites. Photographic data has been altered.

Unexplained Location UE-697344
Description A large pile of volcanic rocks. When a subject comes in contact with the rocks, said subject will be unable to use English verbs for 5 years afterward.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Mojave Desert
Security Protocol: The location has been fenced off and is being guarded by personnel from nearby Site-192.
Note: Request for Field Agent ███████’s Spanish education has been approved.

Unexplained Location UE-393600
Description A large pit filled with approximately two metric tons of confetti. The confetti collectively sings the song “Happy Birthday to You” when unobserved.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Dangjin, South Korea
Security Protocol: The surrounding land was purchased by a front company. Due to its proximity to Site-101, the location is occasionally used for staff birthday parties.

Unexplained Location UE-351888
Description A building that causes all animals that enter it to turn into a small peach. The peaches are retrievable from the outside since the effect only manifests upon complete entry. Notably, decay of the peaches occurs significantly slower when inside the building. They are otherwise non-anomalous.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Johns Creek, Georgia
Security Protocol: The building has been purchased through front companies. One security guard is to monitor the area at any given time.

Unexplained Location UE-519422
Description A large cabin comprised of pure oxidane. The manner in which the structure maintains a solidified state is unknown though it is theorized to be a telekinetic force exuded from a point in the Earth's upper asthenosphere. When any foreign oxidane comes into contact with the cabin, it will be absorbed into the cabin and be converted into items consistent with that used in suburban homes throughout the late 20th century. As of this current writing, all objects removed from the structure have evaporated after being brought over 5 Meters from the initial entry point to the cabin.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Inglin's Park, Connecticut
Security Protocol: A 1.5 Meter electrified fence has been constructed surrounding the structure 0.5 Kilometers from the object.

Unexplained Location UE-760460
Description A 13x13 meter area in which all metal alloys do not experience oxidation. Any metal alloys that leave this area will be instantly converted to a granulated substance composed of 50% sulfur and 50% potassium nitrate.
Date of Containment: 2019-10-10
Location: Austin, Texas, USA
Security Protocol: Area gated off through barbed wire fences fitted with intruder alarms. Currently under 24 hour CCTV surveillance.

Unexplained Location UE-261520
Description A house in Sacramento, California where a small green parakeet flies across the same patch of sky and disappears every other Friday. Attempts to catch the bird have failed, as it will disappear after approximately five minutes. Attempts to interact with it have also failed due to it disappearing the moment touched.
Date of Containment: 5-25-2016
Location: Sacramento, CA, USA
Security Protocol: Residents seem to have no interest in the bird whatsoever, deeming containment unnecessary. Personnel who have witnessed the flight of the bird seem to forget the event after one day.

Unexplained Location UE-768169
Description A room in the ███████ building of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). The door does not lead to the normal room's interior, but to the sun's core. The room's exterior walls do not seem to be affected in any way by the conditions on the inside, nor does the door or the rest of the building.
Date of Containment: 3-21-20██
Location: Room ██, ███████ building, CERN, France-Switzerland borders
Security Protocol: Normal door replaced with a reinforced titanium security blast door, windows covered with bricks, and a cover story about "the room being contaminated during a chemical experiment" leaked to the public.
Note: Plans to send a probe through the door have been rejected by the Overseer Council.

Unexplained Location UE-872246
Description A spot in the Hudson Bay with a 0.7km radius where gravity is 8% weaker than normal. Every year, this spot orbits around the coordinates 52°35''06.81" N 79°45''11.01" W from a distance of 0.5km and completes a full circle every four years.
Date of Containment: 16/07/2002
Location: 10km North west of Weston island, Hudson Bay.
Security Protocol: It still resides in the same area (52°35'06.81" N 79°45'11.01" W) and researchers have theorized it to be linked to the decrease of gravity in the Hudson Bay region, although this still remains unclear.

Unexplained Location UE-143872
Description A two story house where all water on the property is always at 95°F (35°C), regardless of the conditions surrounding the property. Built in 1949, the house has had all plumbing replaced at least once, and as such the house itself is not the source of the anomaly.
Date of Containment: 11/20/1959
Location: ██████████, Pennsylvania, USA
Security Protocol: Under ownership of Dr. Marques, who resides there.

Unexplained Location UE-740128
Description A one story rental log cabin that causes people inside to forget important items, such as wallets and phones, which leads to the person who left the item returning and then forgetting another item, causing subjects to return over and over until they are reminded about their lost objects.
Date of Containment: ████-██-2017
Location: █████, Michigan, USA
Security Protocol: The cabin is to remain closed at all times, with cameras around the building in order to prevent break-ins.

Unexplained Location UE-664192
Description An area with multiple tall buildings made entirely out of flesh and bones. The material appears to originate from multiple species of Diprotodon, and are kept alive through unknown means. The size of the buildings range from 3 to 50 meters in height, and streets are placed between the buildings in an incoherent fashion.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: [COORDINATES REDACTED], Great Victoria Desert, Australia
Security Protocol: Due to the remote location of the anomaly, only minimal containment is required. Satellite photography containing footage of the location is to be altered.

Unexplained Location UE-539894
Description A large hemispherical granite formation, approximately 100 meters in height.
When a human subject comes into contact with the surface, said subject will undergo a psychological reformation, resulting in a full personality change. However, other traits, such as the subject's memories and identity, appear to be untouched. The altered personality always resembles that of the person who last came in contact with the surface.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: [REDACTED], Arizona, USA
Security Protocol: The area is being guarded by personnel from nearby Site-██. Personnel are not allowed to come within 20 meters of the rock formation unless cleared by personnel of Level 3 Clearance or above.
Note: The identity of the people affected by the anomaly prior to discovery is unknown; however, the personality of the last person (presumed civilian) affected before Foundation discovery has been analyzed, and efforts are being made to locate them.

Unexplained Location UE-402859
Description An anomalous rectangular space approximately 4x5x4 meters in size that is constantly at a temperature of about 704ºC. On June 1st, 2023, celebrity ███████ ███████'s mansion mostly burned down as a result of the spontaneous development of this space's properties, as it was the kitchen.
Date of Containment: 2023-06-02
Location: ███████, ██, USA
Security Protocol: Proper amnestics given, and a cover story of an arsonist was disseminated. Land bought by Foundation for testing purposes and Area-511 built nearby.

Unexplained Location UE-333883
Description An eight acre farm in which all vegetation was replaced with potatoes. Any vegetation brought in will be converted to potatoes. Any seeds will become potato seeds.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: ████, Spain
Security Protocol: Superb Potato Company farms has been registered as the owner of the plot of land. Intruders are to be arrested and all plants are to be confiscated.
Note: The potatoes are non-anomalous and delicious - Senior Botanist Castañeda

Unexplained Location UE-487184
Description A restaurant named Burger Kingdom. Whenever someone attempts to cook in the kitchen, a voice will harshly criticize whatever meal is cooked. The more mistakes are made, the louder the voice will become. The highest recorded volume was 154 decibels.
Date of Containment: 2003-03-05
Location: Ohio, ██████, USA
Security Protocol: The restaurant is to remain closed and any offers to sell are to be denied. Trespassers are to be given amnestics and removed from the location.

Unexplained Location UE-918651
Description A cornfield in which all known flora can be grown, including those that can not normally grow in that environment. The exception is corn, which cannot be grown in the area.
Date of Containment: 1983-10-15
Location: Jamestown, Virginia
Security Protocol: The area has been blocked off via a barbed wire fence. The surrounding areas are to be monitored for unauthorized use.

Unexplained Location UE-129304
Description A large patch of land that, when any vehicle enters, will cause multiple small white rabbits to manifest above the vehicle every three minutes. The number of rabbits appearing at the same time is five on average, however manifestations of up to 20 rabbits at once have been observed. All rabbits dissipate once the vehicle has exited the area.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: [REDACTED], Malaysia
Security Protocol: Task Force MY0253 (“Bunny Catchers”) are tasked with removing the rabbits on the area and administering amnestics to civilians who encounter the anomaly.

Unexplained Location UE-337456
Description An irregularly shaped approximately 1km squared area of land bordering the Black Sea where upon entering during nighttime, various phenomena occur:

  • All water within the area appears to be black, removing the black water from the area returns it to a normal transparent color.
  • A rhythmic, droning sound can be heard from an unidentified location, those who enter the area describe the sound as coming from "around their head".
  • Individuals who remain in the area during anomalous activity for more than 10 minutes reported a "dreadful feeling" and "that they did not feel welcome".
  • All light-emitting devices malfunction and are unable to produce light until taken out of the area.

Date of Containment: 2004-07-04
Location: [REDACTED], Russia
Security Protocol: Area has been fenced off and guards have been set up around the area; intruders are to be arrested and if exposed to anomalous phenomena, amnesticized as well.

Unexplained Location UE-169630
Description An In-N-Out Burger restaurant where the burgers seem to always be pink (uncooked), no matter how long they’ve been cooked for. Investigation of the kitchen has revealed nothing wrong with any of the kitchen appliances.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: A town in California.
Security Protocol: Restaurant shut down under the guise of bugs in the kitchen. All workers were given amnestics. The customers naturally forgot about the anomaly on their own.
Note: All In-N-Outs should be placed under surveillance in the event that another one has the same (or a similar) anomaly.

Unexplained Location UE-268376
Description A back storage room in the former building of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in ████, ██ in which if a Michael Jackson wax figure is put inside and left for ten minutes the figure will start dancing and singing, with audible backing vocals and instruments, any of the late singer's hits.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: ████, ██
Security Protocol: Witnesses were given Class-A Amnestics. Madame Tussauds has been moved, making the likelihood of an event occurring improbable. However, the room remains under surveillance.

Unexplained Location UE-114527
Description A 20x10x4 kilometer region in the upper troposphere of Neptune. Every █-██ weeks, two equally sized squadrons of fighter aircraft, consisting of █-██ P-51 D-30 and Bf-109 K-4 aircraft respectively, will materialize on opposing long ends of the region and engage in aerial combat, with aircraft dematerializing shortly afterwards. No pilots have yet been observed.
Date of Containment: 1989-08-27
Location: Upper Troposphere, Neptune
Security Protocol: A small aerostat observation probe has been deployed above the region. No further containment is currently needed.

Unexplained Location UE-825345
Description An abandoned wood shed that is filled with 150 Acer laurinum leaves approximately every 24 hours through anomalous means. This effect does not take place if there is no space available for the leaves to manifest.
Date of Containment: 1997-05-17
Location: Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon, Myanmar
Security Protocol: Destroyed in an earthquake. Testing has shown no anomalous effects.

Unexplained Location UE-448301
Description An 11x11x10m area with a size of 11x11x10 meters where all materials, including gases and liquids, become flammable and may experience spontaneous combustion approximately every 20 seconds. These fires cannot be extinguished by normal means and will only dissipate upon the material leaving the area of effect.
Date of Containment: 2019-11-28
Location: A part of the former ███ ██████████ █████ Aquarium in ██████, Louisiana
Security Protocol: The aquarium has been converted into a Foundation front company entitled "Sea Creature Palace". The anomaly has been surrounded with a fire-proof chamber. One door leads into the chamber, and is accessed from a staff-only area. Further tests of the anomalous location are prohibited.

Unexplained Location UE-816064
Description A sidewalk where pedestrians are only able to walk while their eyes are closed. Attempting to walk with open eyes invariably causes said pedestrian to expel a large amount of liquid resembling vomit from the mouth via unknown means.
The composition and appearance of the substance is completely unrelated to the contents of the affected person's stomach.
Date of Containment: 2019-██-██
Location: Jeju, South Korea
Security Protocol: The surrounding area was purchased and is being monitored for further anomalous activity.

Unexplained Location UE-364675
Description An exact copy of a defunct kebab restaurant originally located in London, England. Exploration by autonomous drone reveals the inside of the building to not only be fully furnished but also fully stocked with restaurant supplies despite its location. The original building that the anomaly appears to be based on was shut down in 2004 and has shown no sign of anomalous activity.
Date of Containment: 2013-11-14
Location: The bottom of the Weber Deep, Banda Sea, Indonesia
Security Protocol: Foundation agents are embedded in various nautical research institutes to divert civilian research away from the area. The original restaurant has been bought by Foundation front company and converted into a safe house.
Note: Radiocarbon dating done 2019-02-05 shows that the building is at least 4,000 years old.

Unexplained Location UE-119221
Description A small lake that when frozen over, footprints will appear occasionally on the ice spelling out the name of a person that will die within the next five days.
Date of Containment: 2017-03-22
Location: █████ ████, ID, USA
Security Protocol: Snow is to be shoveled bi-daily. The location is also fenced off and labeled as private property. No security procedures are needed during late spring, summer, and early fall.

Unexplained Location UE-490400
Description UE-490400 is a retail park that extends itself infinitely when an individual attempts to leave the area through the entrance gates. Witnesses describe victims "turning upside-down" followed by them vanishing, along with a persistent scent of plastic and gasoline. "Generated" extra stores in the extended version of the park are usually copies of existing stores, although these can deviate at times. Deviant stores include "Baker Food!", "Quiche Quiche Quiche", "The Long Way 'Round", "Mallwart", "Tobacco High School" and "This Is An Infinite Retail Park".
Individuals that enter this area can leave by passing back through the gates.
Date of Containment: 2015-██-██
Location: Madison, Wisconsin, USA.
Security Protocol: Little effort is required to contain UE-490400's effect. A sign has been placed on the entrance gate's adjacent wall that promises a $50 fine for exiting through it. Cameras monitoring the gates capture any individual to enter the infinite section, who will be retrieved and amnesticized.
Note: Who exits through the entrance anyway? - Dr Stuart

Unexplained Location UE-282412
Description A basement where items that have disappeared within a 10 mile radius manifest.
Date of Containment: 1987-06-05
Location: South Boston, VA, USA
Security Protocol: The house above the location has been purchased by the Foundation. Items are to be disposed of after checking for significance in local crime. Tupperware and left socks may be disposed of immediately.

Unexplained Location UE-700560
Description UE-700560-A and UE-700560-B are two areas of land within a 1km distance of each other wherein satellite imaging shows the presence of two non-existent structures, one of which has never existed (a large mansion in a secluded pasture, UE-700560-B), and one of which formerly existed, but has been demolished (an abandoned house located on a nearby side street, UE-700560-A). The latter, formerly existing structure was at one time an anomalous structure, however the structure inexplicably lost its anomalous properties in 2010 and was demolished the following year. Satellite surveillance shows minimal activity occurring at either location, but personnel on the ground report seeing neither the structures, nor subjects coming or going from these areas.
Date of Containment: ████-██-██
Location: Walkertown, NC, USA.
Security Protocol: The pasture land designated UE-700560-B has been purchased by the Foundation and is currently used as a surveillance outpost to monitor activity at either site, itself designated Site-B. Due to the secluded location of both sites and low likelihood of civilians being affected by the anomaly, no action against residents living in the area is authorized.

Unexplained Location UE-561348
Description A collective designation for any "Jamba Juice" brand beverage chain operating inside the nation of Indonesia. All franchise chains appears to instill a memetic sense of "dread" and "terror" to approximately 0.005% of costumers who interacted with any of the instance. The effect cannot be removed with any treatment and subjects would often be driven into mental breakdown.
Date of Containment: 2019-03-29
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Security Protocol: As per 2019-07-03, the Indonesian Jamba Juice operation have been bought by a Foundation front company, which then shut downs all 4 existing chains. A stand built and contained in Site-██ still exhibits the anomalous property.

Unexplained Location UE-294721
Description The storage closet of ██████, a Dolphinarium in ██████, the Netherlands. Any step ladders or whale statues will immediately disappear and reappear in a incinerator outside of the area.
Date of Containment: 2020-05-12
Location: ██████, the Netherlands
Security Protocol: Storage closet has been bricked up, and any step ladders and whale statues should be disposed of by the incinerator.

Unexplained Location UE-66328
Description: A Pokémon-themed store that sells t-shirts, plush toys, and plastic toys depicting different Pokémon from the series. Once purchased and brought outside the store, the purchased item will transform into a ball of light that reveals an item of the same type that was bought except it now takes the form of the Pokémon Ditto. Only merchandise of said Pokémon is immune to this effect.
Date of Containment: 2018-12-20
Location: ████████, Japan
Security Protocol: The Foundation has purchased the store and placed a front business in the place of the original store. The merchandise for sale has been sent into storage at Site-██, and all items related to the Pokémon series is prohibited from this area.

Unexplained Location UE-773217
Description: The stall farthest from the entrance of a men's room in a ████████ brand movie theater that, when the door is opened, will automatically flush the toilet. Whilst the water is refilling in the bowl, the pelt of a small mustelid drenched in the blood of either a small rodent or songbird will rise into the bowl.
Date of Containment: 2020-11-26
Location: ███████, Massachusetts
Security Protocol: An "Out of Order" sign has been applied to the door, and caution tape has been wrapped around the stall. Any person who opens the door should be administered Class-A Amnestics, and the pelt should be checked for anomalous properties.

Unexplained Location UE-824317
Description: Five square meters of land in the ██████ Desert of Nevada which, when stood in, will cause extreme vertigo and nausea until the affected individual is moved out of the area.
Date of Containment: 2020-12-19
Location: ██████ Desert, Nevada
Security Protocol: Small house built on top of the location, windows boarded up and door blocked.

Unexplained Location UE-029305
Description: A crater (.5km diameter) in the Scottish highland, formed by a massive kinetic force converting into thermodynamic detonation. Interior is lined with plant detritus and ash. A badly damaged wooden door was discovered at the crater's center, with a note nailed to its front reading "KRUG KNOCK TOO HARD SORRY".
Date of Containment: 2021-02-14
Location: 10km north of ██████████, Scotland
Security Protocol: Note and door kept in containment, environmental restoration efforts underway.

Unexplained Location UE-71135
Description: A LAN gaming center sponsored by GoI-078 (Arcadia). It’s a minor nexus for video game-based Anomalous Items and SCP objects and presents Nexuses’ qualities, including a population of ten people.
Date of Containment: 2023-01-24
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Security Protocol: Every Anomalous Object or SCP object not bound to the Nexus Confines is to be brought to Site-15 for analysis. The Foundation bought the site and it is kept as a center for the study of minor electronic anomalies.

Unexplained Location UE-55984
Description: A cave in the small village of ██████, France with various cave paintings dating back as far as 2.3 million years. Among the drawings one would expect, several interpretations of figures in lab coats and jumpsuits standard to SCP Foundation personnel are present along with several crude depictions of the SCP Foundation logo.
Date of Containment: 1997-03-03
Location: ██████, France
Security Protocol: Due to the location presenting no danger aside from a small information breach, security is minimal. The parts of the cave containing the SCP related drawings are walled off to the public under the guise of being unstable. They are accessible to study given approval by one staff member of level-2 clearance or above. The remaining area of the cave is now operating as a tourist site "Special Cavern of Paris" as a low-maintenance form of income. Any members of the public caught trying to infiltrate the roped off areas of the cave are to be taken into custody, questioned, and then released after given appropriate amnestics.

Unexplained Location UE-55112
Description: A small area of land at Montauk, New York was accidentally discovered on February 19 by Dr. █████ █. Hawley in which all photos taken depict a massive amount of compression, despite being roughly the same file size as a high quality image. Any photos taken within an area of around 50 square meters will display varying degrees of compression, ranging from 50 to 4 pixels per centimeter (ppcm). Additionally, the photos taken will not compress any organic matter captured in the image, resulting in an effect similar to focusing a camera on a single position. The affected area seems to shift every few hours, but stays within a one kilometer diameter circle.
Date of Containment: 2021-02-19
Location: New York, United States
Security Protocol: The area of land affected should be tested daily using Rettru Mini hidden Spy Cameras, positioned around the radius of land described previously. Access will be cut off via a cover story that sharks infest the waters around the land and that quicksand covers the entire beach; care should be taken to ensure no individuals wander into the anomalous zone, and even greater care not to release any media taken of the area. Any individuals who may appear are to be monitored to ascertain whether they are of any degree suspicious of the region and/or if they take any form of media away from the area. Should any media be taken of the region, the individual and any accomplices may be taken into custody, where the captured images and video will be deleted permanently via use of █████.█████.exe at Site-█.

Unexplained Location UE-196224
Description: Island containing what appears to be a relatively small modern town, complete with signs of current habitation. Little information is available, as any attempts to actually reach the island result in the island appearing to move away from the observer, remaining at roughly the same distance regardless of speed. This occurs regardless of the method of travel used and will also affect air traffic. Testing revealed that the anomalous nature of the island will also affect skydivers. If multiple people attempt to reach the island simultaneously, all of them will experience the same effect.
Location: South Pacific Ocean
Security Protocol: As the island gets very little traffic and is effectively self-containing, security is nearly non-existent. Those experiencing the anomaly generally believe themselves to be hallucinating, often from exhaustion. This is facilitated by a misinformation campaign denying the existence of an unreachable island.

Unexplained Location UE-237179
Description: Small, locally-owned thrift store. Contents are completely normal and display no anomalous properties. However, every item for sale was either lost or sold by Jane Edwards, a certified public accountant from Portland, OR. Worthy of note is that Jane Edwards has never visited the store or even the city in which it can be found. Items arrive at the store through a series of unlikely yet apparently coincidental events.
Location: Galway, Ireland
Security Protocol: Foundation personnel installed as employees of the store. Original owners and employees placed under Foundation surveillance. As the provenance of the items cannot be easily discovered by the public, no further security protocols are necessary at this time.

Unexplained Location UE-234872
Description UE-234872 is a single bedroom hunting lodge. UE-234872 is constructed of pine wood and has tinted glass windows. The entire interior of UE-234872 is painted white and decorated in a minimalist style. UE-234872 is a Class B cognitive hazard and deteriorates the thalamus of any persons present.
Date of Containment: 2017-07-2
Location: [REDACTED], Forest of Dean, [REDACTED] Drive, Christchurch, Coleford, Gloucester, UK, GL██ 7██
Security Protocol: UE-234872 has been purchased by the Foundation. All unauthorized individuals attempting to enter the premises are to be turned away and administered amnestic treatment if required. On-site security must wear non-foundation clothing and be armed with concealed weapons.

Unexplained Location UE-641092
Description: UE-641092 is a abandoned corn maze. Between October 1st and November 1st multiple small child like entities can be seen within the UE-641092.
Date of Containment: 2013-10-8
Location: [REDACTED], Illinois
Security Protocol: The land surrounding UE-641092 has been purchased All unauthorized individuals attempting to enter the premises are to be turned away and administered amnestic treatment if required.

Unexplained Location UE-561967
Description: UE-561967 is a small village and is constructed in the Western Rustic style used for structures in the western United states, dated early to mid-1800s. Any individual present will exclaim that it's 'hotter than hell's basement' and will often point out that the location is 'a ghost town'. The settlement contains no individuals and appears abandoned. Individuals within a 1 km radius will express the desire to engage in a duel via firearms with any person they have major difficulties with.
Date of Containment: 2017-12-29
Location: Death Valley, California. Specifically the exact geographical center.
Security Protocol: The Foundation has inserted personnel into the nearby populous and disinformation campaigns were administered to create the widespread belief that death via escalated temperatures and wild animals is a given in the centre. Place has been investigated and fenced off to prevent anomalous activation.

Unexplained Location UE-8711
Description: A 3.8km square area of land, near the Egyptian border . The area is also surrounded by a large lake , with no visible coastline. The shore line is instead approximately a half mile from where it would be expected to be found and is surrounded by a watery beach. The band of people that live in this area and who have been affected have no known location. The site includes a large swimming pool that is surrounded by a rock wall.
Date of Containment: Cleveland, east of Potsdam
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Security Protocol: A small hole in the surface of the ocean and a large floating building.

Unexplained Location UE-550055
Description: An island with a 2-meter radius and a single palm tree at the center able to sustain all people inhabiting the island (currently one). Was classified as micro-nexus due to heightened anomalous activity in theme with "mystery islands".
Date of Containment: 2020-06-30
Location: Pacific
Security Protocol: One Agent is always stationed at the island. Stranded people are amnesticized and rescued at the next opportunity.

Unexplained Location UE-343434
Description: A small hunting cabin in a remote section of [REDACTED] National Park. No signs of wildlife (of any kind) can be seen within 50 meters of the cabin. The exterior walls and doors show claw marks from an extremely large bear. The depth, length, and spacing of the claw marks suggest that they were made by a fully-grown cave bear. However, the cabin was built in the year 2000 and the cave bear has been extinct since the previous Ice Age.
Date of Containment: 3-14-2021
Location: Pacific Northwest United States
Security Protocols: The cabin is built for occupancy by between 3 and 5 people. However, only 2 agents are deemed necessary for containment. Anyone straying into view of the cabin is to be turned away and informed that access is restricted due to the area containing breeding grounds for endangered species.
Note: Agents stationed at the location occasionally report hearing sounds of bears outside the windows in the middle of the night. Night-vision and thermal cameras were authorized, but no evidence of any bears has been discovered. Bears already in the region avoid the location, as do all other animals. Dr. Somerset

Unexplained Location UE-BM3
Description: An area of indeterminate size, located around the deepest point of Lake Tanganyika. Drinking glasses of various shapes and sizes will spontaneously appear, filled with a red liquid that will promptly dissipate in the surrounding waters. The liquid is composed mainly of alcohol, tomato juice, and other ingredients commonly used in the recipe for the cocktail known as a Bloody Mary. Experimentation showed that performing a "Bloody Mary challenge" (Vocalizing "Bloody Mary" several times in front of a mirror) will cause the objects to appear in the location after a small delay.
Date of Containment: 13/12/2020
Location: Lake Tanganyika, Southern Africa
Security Protocols: Glasses are to be extracted from the lake and disposed of on a yearly basis. Given the volume of the Lake Tanganyika, no other measures are necessary.

Unexplained Location UE-86475
Description: Conference room in a luxury hotel. Anyone entering the room will have auditory hallucinations of a type of music they find enjoyable. These hallucinations are unique to each individual. To date, no two people have ever reported hearing the same song at the same time. The music does not appear to have any anomalous properties in and of itself; an urge to dance is regularly reported, but this has been proven to be a normal reaction.
Date of Containment: 12/6/2019
Location: Kansas City, MO
Security Protocols: An error has been introduced into the hotel's computer systems that causes the room to be shown as already reserved at all times, making it impossible for hotel staff to allow the room to be used. Foundation personnel are to hold meetings of some sort in the room at irregular intervals, to maintain the facade of normalcy.

Unexplained Location UE-678414
Description Building with no windows or doors. Entry can still be gained to the building, however a suspected memetic effect will become apparent. At the time of writing, any Foundation personnel who enter the building cannot remember how they got in. Attempting to observe or film entry to the building causes observing personnel to be unable to recall how they entered, as well as corrupted video.
Date of Containment: 2-16-2015
Location: ██████, Florida.
Security Protocol: Building under surveillance. Any corrupted video is to be taken as a perimeter breach, and is to be investigated.
Note: If we could figure out a way to consistently enter the building, I bet we could set up a safe house here. -Researcher Vance

Unexplained Location UE-333333
Description A small spatial anomaly that is in a storage room in Biological Containment Area ██████. From the outside, the room appears to be a small storage room. But from the inside, the room is a large containment room that is usually used to contain SCPs. A thaumaturgical luminescent glyph is situated in the center of the room. Writings around the glyph reads "Delphinidae rituals" No other anomalies are discovered. Objects previously in the room are presumed lost.
Date of Containment: 1-11-2023
Location: Biological Containment Area ██████, Department of Cetacean Research and Containment.
Security Protocol: Security cameras are placed in the room to monitor the glyph. SCPs are NOT to be contained in this room. Any personnel doing so will be demoted to janitorial work. Storage equipment can be stored inside the corners of this room.
Note: As always, dates before months. And please put stuff in here, it's free storage. - Dr. Daysbeforemonths, Head Researcher of SCP-██████

Unexplained Location UE-333334
Description: A waiting room that affects human's throats to cough at much faster and constant rate. Coughs will increase in intesity if another human is in the range of the cough's expulsion of air and saliva.
Date of Containment: 11/12/2023 (November twelve, Two-thousand-twenty-three)
Location: St John's Hostipal, Livingston, United Kingdom.
Security Protocol(s): Access to the room was closed under the cover of renovation.

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