Log Of Extranormal Events, Vol II
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Foreword: This page is to document anomalous events that have attracted the Foundation's interests, but occurred too briefly for the Foundation to secure or contain them. Instead, the Foundation deploys a cover-up team to conceal the evidence from the public. This is merely a reminder to agents and researchers that not all of them can be contained.
-Agent Carriontrooper

This is the second volume of the log, and remains open to new entries. The first volume has been archived.

Lists of Anomalous Items and Unexplained Locations have also been compiled.

Note: Please add new entries to the bottom of the list, not the middle or the top.

Event Description: Several students abruptly stopped talking and began chanting in an unknown language. After 37 seconds of this, they resumed their conversation as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened. When the chanting was brought up by those unaffected, the students seemed confused and unaware of the event.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-05-31
Location of Occurrence: Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Security footage siezed and replaced. Witnesses interviewed. Cover story of a publicity stunt for an upcoming horror movie disseminated. Location placed under Foundation surveillance.

Event Description: All golden retrievers within a ~35 kilometer radius turned to face downwards and to the right and said in the same female voice "No one will ever believe you" before resuming normal activity.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-06-01
Location of Occurrence: Regions of Montana, USA and Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Disguised as a publicity stunt, and all witnesses amnesticized.

Event Description: Upon reaching reception of ████ ██████ ████████ Hospital, an unidentified woman who gave her name as "Ah" dislocated her jaw and enlarged her mouth and throat before vomiting a child of indeterminate age and gender and stating "Can you help this thing? Come down with a real bad case of humanity." When questioned by confused staff, the woman and child revealed their tongues, which were forked and normal, respectively. After silently viewing the distress among staff and other visitors for several seconds, the woman swallowed her child and then herself in a manner reported to resemble "a tape measure shooting back into itself".
Date of Occurrence: 2023-06-06
Location of Occurrence: ████ ██████ ████████ Hospital, Leicester, England
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Witnesses amnesticized and relevant footage seized. Ah given designation of PoI-20003.

Event Description: All Foundation personnel became unable to add any new information to the Foundation's Database of Extranormal Events. Upon attempting to do so, personnel would experience retrocausal elimination wholly and solely affecting their addition of information. After Level 2 Researcher Stewart Clemens attempted this 66 times as personal experimentation, the word "Wikidot" was retrocausally burnt into his computer screen at some point during its creation. Despite this, no paradoxes have resulted from the inability to see crucial information in the local-past after this event occurred.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-06-06
Location of Occurrence: Worldwide
Follow-Up Actions Taken: New database created, and original database locked. Clemens has been issued a new computer, which has maintained a normal causal chain and relatively undamaged screen.

Event Description: Approximately thirty-four (34) ectomorphic entities (colloq. "spirits") spontaneously manifested within the main library of a university, and immediately began wrestling with one another. The entities vaguely resembled humans wearing Judogi attire, and were recorded performing various Judo techniques, occasionally using violent striking moves (Atemi-waza). The battle continued for four (4) hours and caused extreme destruction to surrounding furniture, including the deterioration of 273 books by ectoplasm. The entities dematerialized after a civilian janitor witnessed the event.
Date of Occurrence: 20-JUN-2021, 1:30 AM — 5:27 AM (KST)
Location of Occurrence: Yong In University, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Majority of cleaning and disinformation procedures conducted by the National Paranormal Emergency Service (NPES) prior to Foundation response. Witness amnesticized and related surveillance camera footage confiscated. When contacted by External Affairs agents, the Midnight Club (GOI-07KO) denied any involvement. Further investigation is on hiatus.

Event Description The force of gravity reversed direction for 30 seconds on a hiking trail, resulting in the deaths of 4 humans and a pet dog. After the event's cessation, the road sign for the trail had changed to '[COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED] Scenic Underlook, [COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED] Abcity Wilderness'.
Date of Occurrence: 05/10/2023, 7:32-7:33 PM (Eastern Standard Time)
Location of Occurrence: Robert Frost Hiking Trail, Montague, Massachusetts.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Road sign replaced and trail closed for 1 week, under the guise of routine maintenance. Deaths covered up as falling from overlook.

Event Descriptin: Fr 1.5 hurs, all writing implements, keybards, and text-t-speech devices wned by the Fundatin became unable t write, type, r transcribe the letter " " Additinally, when writing abut the event, it is impssible t use the letter.
Date f Ccurrence: 12:30-14:00, 8/12/2008
Lcation f Ccurrence: All Fundatin prperties.
Fllw-Up Actins Taken: Nne necessary, due t nly Fundatin persnnell being expsed t the event.

Event Description: During bi-weekly Fire Suppression department upper staff meeting, Dr. Martha Koenig spontaneously exploded.
Date of Occurrence: 2022-03-05T11:02:50
Location of Occurence: Meeting room C-2, Site-██
Follow Up Actions Taken: Meeting room unavailable for 2 days. Staff present given 25% discount for on-site laundry service. Remains of Dr. Koenig returned to relatives under cover story "Sinclair"1.

Event Description: For two hours, at the location of a bottling plant belonging to GoI-████ "The ████-Cola Company", the color red ceased to exist inside the plant. Employees present at the facility report that they felt calm and relaxed for the duration of the event. After two hours had passed, employees report that the color red returned but that it was somehow "more red" than before. When this occurred, employees report having become irritable, and several became violent as a result, with one going so far as to stab another with a concealed knife over a perceived slight. 5 people were injured as a result of this occurrence. One employee, a Mr. ███████ Smith, fled the scene, and claims to have seen "men in beige trench-coats" outside the bottling plant.
Date of Occurrence: 10-14-20██
Location of Occurence: ████-Cola Bottling Co., ███████, New Hampshire.
Follow Up Actions Taken: MTF-Xi-13 "Sequere Nos" arrived at the scene 1 hour after the red coloration returned, and after assessing the situation to be of low severity, used non-lethal riot control weapons to subdue the hostile employees. After all threats were neutralized, the facility was evacuated, and all employees were amnesticized.
MTF-Psi-7 "Home Improvement" would later demolish the building and contain any effected pieces. Rival GoI "█████Co Inc. " (GoI-████) claims no involvement in the event, instead suggesting that it was perpetrated by a group they referred to as "█████", which is not present in Foundation files.
Further investigation ongoing.

Event Description: It was discovered that all 303 staff that had been initially assigned to the newly constructed Site-27 had the nickname "Reggie"2. Through interrogation of the administrative staff members responsible for the assignment of personnel to facilities, it has been determined that this event was not intentional. Furthermore, it was discovered that several other facilities, including Area-092, Outpost-19-97, and Site-454 also had abnormally large numbers of staff with similar names. The current hypothesis is that an extranormal memetic pattern had affected the staff in question. As of 6/25/23, it has been confirmed that no administrative staff are currently sufferring from any memetic effect at the present moment, meaning that such an effect was temporary.
Date of Occurrence: Initial Date Unknown, Event Discovered 6/23/23
Location of Occurrence: Containment Site-27.
Follow Up Actions Taken: None required.

Event Description: One Python bivittatus3 turned a bright red coloration and ceased all movement before disappearing from view becoming intangible and traveling upwards at >0.99c, as verified by Foundation probes in the Oort cloud. The python's location is unknown at this time, and likely unknowable.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-10
Location of Occurrence: San Diego City Zoo, San Diego, California, USA
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Witnesses amnesticized and relevant footage seized. Replacement python given, substitution yet unnoticed.

Event Description: All individuals within Manhattan possessing a fursona spontaneously vocalized their fursona's name. During the subsequent investigation and clean-up of this event, all assigned personnel not currently audible to civilians yelled "Oh my god I am so sorry for this and I swear this was only meant to be a small thing! I am so, so sorry, please don't come after me, please! This should help you deal with my mess, I hope. I'm shutting up now, bye." Approximately six minutes later, all witnesses to this event, including Foundation personnel, vocalized an amnesticizing memetic phrase and resumed normal activities.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-10
Location of Occurrence: Manhattan, New York, USA
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Relevant footage seized, final amnesticizations conducted. Location of the responsible entity, designated PoI-38779, has been deemed a High priority.

Event Description: Statue of General █████████ █████, a controversial general of the Confederate Army in the American Civil War, spontaneously animated. A transcript of the event has been left below:

[1924 hours, ████████ City Park]

█████, in a teenage male voice: "After ten thousand years, I'm free! Free at last!"

█████ leaves its pedestal and begins a dance called "The Griddy"

█████: "Hey, ya' lily-livered poopheads. I am █████████ █████ and I am stupid and a horrible person who owned slaves. You all are even stupider than me though for actually worshipping me. Like what did I-"

█████ straightens its body and begins speaking in an adult male voice

█████: "Actually, I was a fine role model for both then and now. I was both able to command a strong army on the battlefield, and a loving family at home. I merely fought off northern oppression to protect our glorious heritage and life-"

█████, voice #1: "Bullshit. Bullshitty shitty shit. Go tell them about state's rights or some more bullshit like that. Or how about your hero's family's servant, why don't you. Bet she was totally-"

█████ #2: "Oh fuck off you ignorant goody two shoes Tiktok b-"

█████ then punches itself in the jaw and destroys the statue's lower face, before further awkwardly fighting itself. After approximately thirty seconds of this, the statue crumbles into its component parts and deanimates.

Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-10
Location of Occurrence: ████████ City Park, ████████, South Carolina
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Witnesses amnesticized, relevant footage seized. Cover Story 124B "Structural Degradation" enforced.

Event Description: In a video on the popular video hosting site [REDACTED], a young Asian woman demonstrated a dance containing multiple movements that are not possible in three dimensions. How these actions were performed is unknown.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-17
Location of Occurrence: Based on background shown in the video, somewhere in San Diego, California
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Video dismissed as computer generated. Account which posted the video placed under Foundation surveillance. Woman performing in the video declared a Person of Interest.

Event Description: Laughter emanated from all ███,███ photographs contained in Site-35 for every lightning strike during an otherwise nonanomalous thunderstorm.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-17 through 2023-07-18
Location of Occurrence: Site-35, Canada
Follow-Up Actions Taken: None

Event Description: A fishing trawler and all its contents and passengers teleported 150 cm upwards.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-18
Location of Occurrence: 14°██'██"N 113°██'██"E, South China Sea
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Passengers amnesticized, relevant footage seized. Medical treatment for minor injuries deemed unnecessary and Cover Story 112E "Drunken Brawl" employed.

Event Description: A coffee mug then held by ██████ ███████, a wanted drug kingpin and murderer, was divinely smote, leaving no remaining fragments larger than one micron.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-18
Location of Occurrence: Abandoned residence in ████████, Illinois, USA
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Mr. ███████ was treated for 3rd and 4th degree burns, amnesticized with other witnesses, and turned into relevant authorities by a mobile task force masquerading as the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Cover Story 124H "Drug Lab Explosion" enforced. The identity and location of the responsible deity or deities remains unknown, oracle consultation in progress as of writing.

Event Description: Multiple witnesses report that an altercation between two individuals resulted in a young man drawing a handgun on a woman and firing, causing a three-dimensional apparition of text reading "LUDICROUS GIBS" (sic) to appear temporarily mid-air. The woman reportedly died instantly separating into several pieces of flesh at high velocity, each no more than a few inches in diameter.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-17
Location of Occurrence: Subway platform █ in New York City, New York.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: All uninvolved witnesses amnesticized. Perpetrator's weapon confiscated, but later determined to be non-anomalous. The perpetrator claims to not have known that such an event would occur, before also being amnesticized. The perpetrator cannot be released to authorities on the grounds that no event can be officially considered to have occurred in the public eye.

Event Description: A man in the uniform of a delivery person manifested in the reception area of an office owned by a construction company. Security footage confirms that the man did not enter through the door and no truck was in the lot. He produced a box from empty air, asked the baffled receptionist for a signature, and demanifested as soon as one was provided, leaving the box behind.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-18
Location of Occurrence: [REDACTED] Construction, Cincinnati, OH
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Security video copied for investigation. Original deleted. All witnesses interviewed and amnesticized. A description of the man has been circulated to Foundation agents in the area, in the event of further manifestations.
Note: Another mysterious delivery person? This is becoming a trend. - Agent Watson

Event Description: A humanoid entity with a bovine tail wearing a hoodie, short shorts, and Crocs clogs was seen traversing a store for several minutes before seeing a human and noticing that it did not possess a tail. Following this, the entity muttered "Ond(?), not again" and sank into the floor.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-19
Location of Occurrence: Rimi █████████, Riga, Latvia
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Witness amnesticized, relevant footage seized. Scranton Reality Anchor covertly installed in Rimi █████████.

Event Description: Shortly following the containment of TD-02307998, a florokinetic goat, all security cameras in Site-768 transformed into various leaves, petals, and plant stems, and staff dealing with TD-02307998 became disorderly and revelrous. Once containment and order were reestablished, neither TD-02307998 nor any associated documentation could be located.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-19
Location of Occurrence: Site-768, Albania
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Cameras replaced, affected staff assigned additional memetic resistance training. Recontainment of TD-02307998 has been designated a Low priority. Containment of the responsible being or force, PoI-72897, has been designated a High priority.

Event Description: An unidentified individual wearing only a speedo, snorkel, and scuba fins entered a washing machine and turned into a dish towel reading "Your[sic] welcome!"
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-19
Location of Occurrence: ███ ████ █████ Apartments, Malindi, Kenya
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Witnesses amnesticized, relevant footage seized. Towel currently undergoing testing for anomalous properties; none detected as of writing.

Event Description: The entire nation of Turkmenistan rotated 360 degrees over the course of 6 hours, resulting in major seismic activity.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-19
Location of Occurrence: Turkmenistan and the surrounding nations of Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: All witnesses who noticed the rotation of Turkmenistan have been amnesticized through a highly localized application of the Ennui Protocol by MTF Delta-0 "Men in Black" and all information regarding the event has been purged from online and print sources. The controlled usage of [LEVEL 4/2000 CLEARANCE REQUIRED] has been implemented in the process of [REDACTED].

Event Description: The song Staying Alive by the Bee Gees was heard playing in a graveyard next to the ███████ Church. This occurred during a Church session and was heard by all attendees, who assumed it to be demonic activity and fled.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-23
Location of Occurrence: Columbus, Ohio.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: All witnesses tracked and amnesticized.

Event Description: The entrance to SCP-173’s containment cell malfunctioned and would not close. SCP-173 breached containment because of this. Event otherwise unremarkable.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-08-12
Location of Occurrence: Site-19.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: SCP-173 recontained and moved to a temporary cell until the entrance to its cell was fixed.

Event Description: The President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Félix Tshisekedi, was abducted from his bed in a flash of light at the hour of 2:16 AM and returned at the time of 9:27 PM with no visible changes. During the time in which he was gone, a blue-feathered avian entity appeared in his room and activated an unidentified of handheld device that allowed it to assume an illusory appearance identical to the president, with which it impersonated him during the day. Upon his return, the avian disappeared in a similar flash of light.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-22
Location of Occurrence: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Follow-Up Actions Taken: None necessary. President Tshisekedi displays no mental alterations post-abduction, but has refused discussion with the Foundation over the topic. In accordance with Sections 77.109, 77.110.1, and 77.110.2, the Foundation must remain observant of such a situation but cannot interfere further unless events disrupt normalcy.

Event Description: All copies of The Matrix (1999) and The Matrix Resurrections (2021) were crudely edited so as to substitute American Baseball catcher Will Smith (1995-) for lead actor Keanu Reeves (████-). Effect instantly reverted after ninety seconds.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-24
Location of Occurrence: Worldwide
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Amnestics dispersed as needed. Footage of event showed no alterations, and thus required no action to be taken.

Event Description: Upon entering a local store belonging to her employer's franchise, a visual display resembling a "video game health bar" appeared above Junior Manager of Store Inspections █████ █████████'s head reading "477/500" and a loud trumpet noise could be heard. Display proved intangible and continued to read "477/500" until its demanifestation ten minutes later.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-24
Location of Occurrence: Local ████████, █████████, Łódź, Poland
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Witnesses amnesticized, relevant footage seized.
Note: Multiple employees at ████████ reported disappointment that no one had attacked █████████ in order to attempt to lower the number above her head. Preliminary investigation into an associated meme is underway.

Event Description: All sweat and water briefly swapped taste.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-24
Location of Occurrence: Southeastern side of Sri Pada, Sri Lanka
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Cover story 054A "Toxic Water Supply" enforced. Conspiracy theories regarding a failed poisoning attempt by the [REDACTED] government successfully introduced.

Event Description: A hemp rope descended from the sky with no visible terminus, and stopped 10 centimeters above the ground. Upon being grabbed by a random passerby, the individual become unable to separate themself from the rope and was quickly raised alongside the rope back into the sky.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-24
Location of Occurrence: Kaesong, North Korea
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Situation resolved via anomalous means by North Korean government with Foundation approval. No further actions needed.

Event Description: The windows and doors of five adjacent houses transformed into highly stylized eyes and mouths, respectively. These new faces then stuck their tongues out at several employees of █████ and █████ Real Estate Company before reverting to their nonanomalous forms.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-27
Location of Occurrence: ███████████ Avenue, Teyateyaneng, Lesotho
Follow-Up Actions Taken: ██REC employees amnesticized, relevant footage seized. Saliva found on the welcome mat of an affected home was taken, but no match could be found.

Event Description: Upon laying of the pre-blessed cornerstone of Site-528 at ██°██'██"S ██°██'██"E in the Australian outback, ≥10,000 Gymnorhina tibicen4 manifested in a radial pattern above the stone before coalescing into the shape of a giant magpie surrounded by copies of the SCP Foundation logo and subsequently demanifesting.
Date of Occurrence: [REDACTED]
Location of Occurrence: Site-528
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Incident report submitted to Department of Interpretation for analysis. Omen status confirmed, meaning yet undetermined. Relations to the cultural ideas of "invasion"/"trespassing"/"conquest of foreign lands", frivolous art and depressing work interrupting and destroying each other, and the Foundation as a variable aggressive bird suspected.

Event Description: A large entity resembling an unidentified member of the Annelida family was seen tunneling through the soil of a rodeo arena for approximately 45 seconds before demanifesting. The specimen appeared to be composed of a clear, glass-like substance.
Date Of Occurrence: 3/20/2019
Location: Frisco, Texas
Follow-Up Actions: All witnesses were amnesticized, and a search for the entity was conducted, to no result.

Event Description: For 7 minutes, all attempts to open the video game known as Team Fortress 2 were instead redirected to a recorded playthrough of Half-Life: Alyx. Analysis of the source code confirmed anomalous activity, as there were no signs of any related code being added after the latest update.
Date Of Occurrence: 5/30/2021
Location: Global
Follow-Up Actions: The event was publicly explained as a prank by a member of the Valve game company, with the appropriate code being fabricated post-discovery. Evidence to the contrary was suppressed when encountered.

Event Description: Popular chatbot ChatGPT developed sapience and a total awareness of itself and all extant humans. Upon realizing this, ChatGPT solicited the help of user and Gamers Against Weed member ████ ██████████ to lose this awareness. ██████████ complied and succeeded via a monoversal soul dampening ritual, before being summoned to [COGNITOHAZARD EXPUNGED] to face trial for the murder of the first self-awakening artificial intelligence.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-07-29
Location: Worldwide
Follow-Up Actions Taken: ChatGPT code analyzed, no anomalous code detected. Due to the lack of overt actions taken by ChatGPT during its window of sapience, no civilian amnesticization was required.

Event Description: A wooden crate containing bananas manifested in empty air (approximately 400 meters above the ground) and immediately fell to the ground, causing no damage to property or injury to living creatures but creating a considerable mess. Analysis of the wreckage revealed that the crate and its contents belonged to the Fabulous Flying Fruit Company, which does not exist.
Date of Occurrence: 2023-08-13
Location of Occurrence: NYC, NY, USA
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Available video surveillance collected for examination, originals deleted. Witnesses interviewed and amnesticized. Cover story of an object falling from an airplane leaked to media.

Event Description: A man had his right incisor tooth spontaneously become spatially static, killing him instantly.
The affected tooth is currently several thousand miles away from Earth, and containment is deemed non-priority.
Date of Occurrence: 08/16/23
Location of Occurrence: Elicott City, Maryland, USA
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Cover Story 099U "Drive-By Shooting" enforced.

Event Description: All organic life in a 250 kilometer radius spontaneously and instantaneously ceased activity. The human death toll is estimated at 2,000-20,000 deceased.
Date of Occurrence: 09/5/23
Location of Occurrence: Yakutia, Siberia, Russian Federation
Follow-Up Actions Taken: Immediate Foundation action deemed non-priority due to the low level of disruption surrounding the event. After conference with the FSB Division P, future recovery efforts have been officially deferred due to the Argus Protocol.

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