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The following comprises excerpts from Agent ████████'s field notes. On ██/██/████ Agent ████████ was assigned the task of supervising the team assigned to SCP-1251, an autonomous phenomena under ongoing containment in the UK road network. The circumstances of Agent ████████'s transfer are the subject of a formal complaint and are currently under review by the Sector-25 disciplinary board, but it is noteworthy that it occured immediately after Incident ████-████-1, on which Agent ████████ was lead containment officer.

Initial recovery procedures for SCP-1251 required five personnel to remain on-site under the cover of a road maintenance team until full containment was achieved, with the expectation that the original site could be permanently removed from the road network and converted into a Foundation facility in similar fashion to other localised phenomena. Temporary housing was provided in the form of work tents and personnel obliged to sleep and eat in the containment area. A budget was allocated for food purchases and plans made for Site 1251-1 to be provided with electric power. However, the discovery of the mobile nature of SCP-1251 meant that plans for lighting, heating and entertainment were never fully implemented and remained on an ad hoc basis. Furthermore, the budget initially allocated to Site 1251-1 was not carried forward due to an administrative error. An informal 'relief fund' set up for the containment team was established at Sector-25 by Dr. ███ but was confiscated by sector management as inappropriate. Following review of containment measures a mobile containment unit has since been established with dedicated vehicle, electricity generator, TV, microwave and heating units, and a permanent budget for food and entertainment.

██/07/████: Arrived on-site today and was shocked at the ramshackle nature of containment measures. Personnel have been spending their own money on food because credit cards and accounts initially allocated to the team have been allowed to run empty. Complaints to ████████ have apparently gone unanswered. Several members of the team appear to be under the impression that their stint on 1251 is time-limited and have asked me when they will be able to return to their families. Despite this the team remains dedicated to containment and has been doing wonders with the limited resources available.

██/09/████: The weather is getting colder. I attempted to contact Sector-25 but it looks like location-specific email and phone keycodes are not being updated when SCP-1251 moves. I have personally purchased and distributed a number of small gas heaters. Several of the remote cameras used to monitor surrounding traffic intersections have failed and have had to be replaced with consumer products - again purchased at the team's own expense. I strongly urge that containment measures for 1251 be revised; this is not a temporary containment situation and should not be treated as one.

██/09/████: It was not necessary to tell the team that 1251 is being generated by a corpse of a highwayman, or whatever it is. We have enough bad dreams.

██/10/████: We have now experienced six weeks of almost unbroken rainfall. Equipment remains in a critical state and the suspension of testing due to the weather has removed the team's last line of communications with personnel from Sector-25.

██/11/████: Tent B has been lost. The radius of 1251's attractive effect varies slightly between locations and it was misplaced during setup owing to a fault with one of our spring scales. Agents █████ and ████████ woke up this morning to find their tent had been apparently blown away. It's now wrapped around the crossroads sign - we will attempt to recover it once 1251 moves on though I suspect it will be unusable.

██/11/████: We have been eating takeaway for five months.

██/11/████: Agent █████ has had an encounter with a local resident, who demanded to know when normal road service would be resumed. Communications with Sector-25 still almost nonexistent, we were unaware that the road had been officially closed for emergency water mains repairs, and instead informed the questioner that a hitch had been encountered while laying fibre-optic cable. The discrepancy was picked up on immediately and an ugly confrontation was had with the resident and subsequently with a police constable who became convinced that our purpose was criminal. Fortunately, his immediate superior, Lieutenant ████████ is associated with the Foundation and we understand he has been able to represent the situation as a Special Branch investigation. I have asked the Lieutenant to communicate the urgent nature of shortages at 1251's containment site.

██/11/████: Morale is appalling. If conditions continue we will see desertions.

██/12/████: Merry fucking Christmas.

██/01/████: Agent █████ left today; he said he planned to return to Sector-25 and report that containment had been breached to draw attention to the situation here.1 I tried to contact Lieutenant ████████ - the station said they have no record of him ever working there. Official extraction and reassignment with use of amnestics, a memetic outbreak somewhere else rewriting people's memories - who knows?

██/01/████: No word from █████. I overheard Agent ███████ openly discussing suicide by walking into 1251 in a high-activity state.2

██/01/████: Am I an agent of the Foundation? Does the Foundation exist? Doesn't it make more sense to assume that I'm just a worker on some road maintenance site somewhere who's gone mad? Does the world outside the yellow tape exist? I'm OK. I'm OK.

██/02/████: Last night I dreamt that it had stopped raining. I got out of the sleeping bag and wandered around - the sky was utterly dark, no moon, no stars, but the ground was perfectly illuminated. I walked into 1251's area of effect and it didn't touch me. I screamed "It's not gravity! It's acceleration!". Everything made so much sense.

██/02/████: I don't know who wrote that. It wasn't me. It's not my handwriting. Someone is fucking around with my log.3

██/02/████: 1251 ate ███████ today. We heard him yelling and got out of our sleeping bags. I couldn't see the moon anywhere. He was standing at the roundabout entrance. He said "It's all a lie. There was never a Foundation." and walked in. 1251 shouldn't have been in a high-activity state, but it sucked him in and buried him anyway. Then it moved. There's two of them now! Two 1251s roaming around, God help us all, and when the scientists come back from their white world where there's light and heat and everything works they'll see under one of them is a corpse in a hard hat, screaming. That's the meaning of the movements. Morse code; each hour is a dot, each day a dash. That's all ███████ can do now, one letter a month as he goes mad under the black soil. This is what he'll say IT'S NOT GRAVITY IT'S ACCELERATION.4

██/02/████: They're outside my tent. You'll have to kill me.5

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