Little SCP-507 Lost
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I…I don't understand…
Why…why is it that they're everywhere?
Every place, everywhere, every fucking world…They're always there.

"Hi Mum! I'm back home from school!" Jimmy said as he walked through the front door.
"Hi Darling! Just so you know your friends Sullivan and Jameson are already here." replied his Mum.
'Great!' thought Jimmy, that means he could play 'Foundation', the game they always played together. Jimmy walked into the living room and greeted Sullivan and Jameson.

"Doctor Bright." he said to Sullivan in a serious tone.
"Doctor James." he said to Jameson in the same serious tone.
"Doctor Gears." They both replied in an equally serious tone.
Jimmy smiled. They always played Foundation well.
"I take it you're here to see SCP-846?" Jimmy asked them.
"That's right we are. There are a few more tests we would like to run." replied Sullivan.
"In that case I'm going to have to see your security clearance."
Sullivan and Jameson took out their identifications. Square pieces of paper with the names 'Dr. Bright' and 'Dr. James' respectively as well as The Foundation's secret symbol (Jameson's Dad had them laminated).
"Very good gentlemen. Now if you'll follow me."

Jimmy took them into his room and from underneath his bed he took out an old shoe-box. On the box Jimmy has written in big letters with a red felt-tip pen 'SCP-846' as well as the super-secret symbol.
The symbol had one thick circle, three arrows pointing inwards and another circle-like shape around the edges. Jimmy never told the other two that the symbol always gave him the creeps when he looked at it.
"Is the containment door closed?" He asked Sullivan.
"I'll secure it now Doctor Gears." Sullivan replied as he went to shut the bedroom door.

Once it was shut, Jimmy opened the shoebox and took out what was inside. It was a small robot that called itself 'Robo-Dude'. There was also a controller for it with an 'On/Off' switch, a 'Speak' button and a small microphone. Jimmy flipped the switch to 'On'.
"GREETINGS ROBO-PAL. HOW MAY ROBO-DUDE ASSIST YOU TODAY?" the voice of Robo-Dude was a dull, grating sound.
Jimmy turned to Sullivan and started to say "Dr. Bright, what tests did you want to ru-" He paused, noticing a stranger standing in the doorway.
"Who… who are you?" Jimmy asked the stranger in a shaky voice.
"That's… not important right now, what do you call that… thing?" The stranger had an odd accent.
"We call it SCP-846, but who are you?"
The stranger opened his mouth to reply, but all of a sudden he disappeared.

Sometimes…they're children…
Most times…they're adults…
But always…ALWAYS…
They look at me as if I'm…diseased…

It was raining as Robert drove home from work. He never liked the rain. He never really liked his job either, just some boring desk-job for an insurance firm. Working in a cramped cubicle for hours on end, constantly typing on a computer. It was monotonous work but at least it paid the bills.
Robert pulled into his driveway and quickly made his way inside. He trudged upstairs, taking off his jacket as he did so and headed straight for his bedroom. His house was tiny, a living/dining room, a small kitchen (not enough room for a washing machine of course), a hallway, a bathroom and one bedroom. He took his lab coat out of his wardrobe and smiled. This was how he could actually get through each working day.
Donning the lab-coat he switched to his alter-ego Alto Clef. Doctor of The Foundation.

On his way to the basement he engaged a conversation with a tattered lampshade.
"Ah, Doctor Kondraki. Good to see you on your feet after that little fiasco the other week."
Despite the lampshade being inanimate it responded with:
"Yeah, I'm not quite sure how he managed to do that."
Alto Clef went into his basement and approached the safe sitting on the table.
The safe wasn't very big, and on it Alto Clef had carefully engraved 'SCP-101' onto it as well as the symbol that he had come up with.
It consisted of a circular object surrounding three inward pointing arrows and a thick circle in the middle. The usual shiver went up Alto Clef's back when he saw the symbol.

Unlocking the safe (the combination was 24-17-11) he took out a leathery bag and placed it on the table.
He opened it and inside was a row of razor-sharp teeth and a spongey tongue.
There was a sudden 'thump' from above him and the sound of someone, or something, moving around the house.
Alto Clef quickly grabbed his handgun from a nearby cabinet and checked to see if it was loaded.

It was.

He cautiously edged up the stairs out of the basement with his finger on the trigger when suddenly a dark shape was standing in the doorway.
"I don't know who you are but… you better get out of my house right now!" Alto Clef demanded with as much assertion as he could muster. Although he couldn't stop his voice from shaking.
"I just…" the other man began "…I just want to see what you have."
"Who… Who are you?" Alto Clef blurted out.
"No time for that, I have to see it." The other man quickly pushed past Alto Clef and began moving towards the safe of SCP-101.
"Stop!" Alto Clef yelled out in desperation. "Or I'll shoot!"
The man stopped suddenly and slowly turned to face Alto Clef.
"I-" the man began but was cut off from the gunshot.
The man looked down at the blood coming out his chest and vanished completely.

He shot me…HE SHOT ME!
I'm…going to die from one of these places…
But as long as I… make sense of all this…
Then I won't mind…

Containment cell.
Rush of air.
Always happens like that.
Now where am I?
Where are they?
I see…

"Sir, the sensors have picked up movement outside."
"How large?"
"Human sized. Showed up out of nowhere."
Commandant Strelnikov narrowed his eyes.
"Send out a platoon of Ascension Guard to retrieve whoever it is. Secure and Contain."
"At once. Contain and Protect."

Commandant Strelnikov left the Central Command and made his way through Bunker #19 towards his office.
Once there, he began writing a report on the day's events.
16 minutes later he received a message on his terminal to proceed to Interrogation Chamber F.
'That must be the Ascension Guard back with whoever it was from Outside.' Strelnikov thought to himself.
He got up, left his office and made his way towards Interrogation Room F.

Outside, Commandant Strelnikov met Inquisitor Dodridge, the leader of the Ascension Guard that was sent out to retrieve the Outsider.
"Secure and Contain." Dodridge saluted.
"Contain and Protect." Strelnikov replied. "I trust the Outsider wasn't too difficult to apprehend?"
"He was not your eminence; in fact he gave himself up willingly. He also lacks the brand of the Blessed and bears no tribal markings."

Commandant Strelnikov entered the Interrogation Chamber and looked across the table at the Outsider.
He was dressed in clothing of Pre-Incident design. Strelnikov remembered they were called t-shirts, jeans and trainers. Remarkably they looked new and undamaged despite the Incident happening several decades ago.
Strelnikov sat down on the chair opposite the Outsider.

"Commandant Strelnikov presiding, interrogating an Outsider brought into Bunker #19 by a platoon of Ascension Guard led by Inquisitor Dodridge."
Everything said in the Interrogation Chamber was recorded by a machine located in the adjacent room that was separated by a one-sided mirror.
"At 1:04pm the Outsider triggered sensors located in sector 5b." Commandant Strelnikov went through the basic procedures an Interrogation.
Now looking up at the Outsider, Strelnikov properly began the Interrogation.
"Now, Outsider. What is your name?"
The Outsider was looking at the one-way mirror.
"You… have people on the other side of there don't you? Watching us." The Outsider's voice was very shaky.
Strelnikov glanced at the one-way mirror. Clearly this wasn't going to be an ordinary Interrogation.
"I'm the one asking the questions here," he said in a stern voice "Now tell us what your name is."
The Outsider finally looked at Strelnikov, and the Commandant could see the madness in his eyes common with Exposure.
"My… name… doesn't matter." The Outsider said before blurting out "You can call me Guy."
"Very well, Guy. Now tell us what tribe you are from."
"T… Tribe?"
"Don't play games with me outsider!" Strelnikov nearly shouted as he lost his temper. "Tell me what tribe you are from!"
"I… don't come from any tribe…"
"LIAR!" Strelnikov was shouting now. "The only way you filth can survive is by banding together and huddling close for warmth! Any loner in the Outside dies from starvation or from one of the Blighted Anomalies." Strelnikov stood up, towering above the Outsider who cowered before him.
"You WILL tell us what tribe you are from! You WILL tell us what you are doing here! And there is NOTHING you can do about it!"
He sat back down and with a growl demanded "Begin."

The Outsider sat there impassively.
"Did you hear what I said Outsider?" Strelnikov yelled. "Answer me!"
"Oh I heard you." The Outsider's voice had change dramatically, gone was any hint of fear. It had been replaced by a voice that seemed to suck all warmth out of the room with every word.
"I heard you alright." The Outsider continued. "But what makes you think that one such as me will ever answer to one as feeble as you?"
The Outsider looked up; the look of madness was still in his eyes.
"W… what are you?" Strelnikov stammered, he knew that this was something other than a Blighted Anomaly.
The Outsider grinned.
"I am… something else."
The Outsider began to laugh.
In one quick movement, Commandant Strelnikov gathered his wits, stood upright, drew his firearm and pointed it at… nothing.
The Outsider had vanished completely.
Strelnikov cleared his throat.
"Interrogation concluded, The Outsider being interrogated was somehow able to disappear. It is to be suspected that the Outsider was a Blighted Anomaly or was in possession of one. The Decontamination crew that processed the Outsider will be reviewed for dereliction of duty." He said, finishing the Interrogation.
The Judicators would not be happy.

I'm the only one who knows…
I'm the only one who understands…
I'm the only one who can figure all this out…
The Doctors of my world…they think they're so clever…
But… they know nothing…NOTHING…
And I can never tell them…about the others…
They wouldn't…believe me…
They think they're the only ones…
But they're not…
My…world's Foundation still only has 191 SCPs in containment…
There are more out there…
In other…places…

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