SCP Site

SCP Translation Sites

  • SCP-INT - International Translation Archive.
  • SCP-RU - The Russian Branch! Translation available here.
  • SCP-KO - Our Korean Colleagues! Translation available here.
  • SCP-FR - The French have joined! Translation available here.
  • SCP-PL - The Polish Branch of the site! Translation available here.
  • SCP-ES - A Spanish branch of the Foundation! Translation available here.
  • SCP-CN - The Chinese counterpart of the site! Translation available here.
  • SCP-TH - The Thai branch. Translation available here!
  • SCP-JP - The Japanese branch! Translation available here!
  • SCP-DE - The German branch! Translation available here!
  • SCP-IT - The Italian Branch! Translation available here!
  • SCP-UA - The Ukrainian Branch!
  • SCP-PT-BR - The Portuguese (and Brazilian) Branch!
  • SCP-ZH-TR - The Traditional Chinese Branch!
  • SCP-VN - The Vietnamese Branch!
  • SCP-ID - The Indonesian Branch!
  • SCP-TR - The Turkish Branch!

SCP Foundation Offshoots

  • SCP Classic - A collection of articles which existed on the WikiDot site and before the mass edit.

SCP Foundation RPs

  • SCP Millennium - IRC roleplay about the SCP Foundation's efforts to keep control and maintain secrecy in an increasingly complicated world. The Foundation is recruiting whoever can and will get the job done, and accepts no substitutes.

Social Networks

  • Facebook - The Foundation Facebook page.
  • Twitter - The Foundation twitter feed.
  • r/SCP - The Foundation subreddit.

Cool Sites With Original Content

  • From the Shadows - Jason Offutt's writing. Generally good, usually clever reading.
  • The Dionaea House - The Dionaea House was one of the most followed and most terrifying stories on the internet when it was first written. Still an excellent read.
  • Marble Hornets - Varying quality, but generally engaging stuff. This is a link to the wiki for the site. To see the videos, check out here. For the twitter page, check out here.
  • Machine Of Death - What if there was a machine that could tell, from just a sample of your blood, how you were going to die. It didn't give you the date and it didn't give you specifics. It just spat out a sliver of paper upon which were printed, in careful block letters, the words DROWNED or CANCER or OLD AGE or CHOKED ON A HANDFUL OF POPCORN.

CreepyPasta Repositories

  • The Archive - The SCP Foundation's current host site for CreepyPasta and Weird Fiction.
  • Creepypasta Wikia Page - Probably the best current source for creepypasta. Fair warning, though. The archive the gold and the crap.
  • Curious Things - The Home of Mister Welldone. Currently considered complete.
  • Saya in UNDERWORLD - Looking for Eastern Flavor? Look no farther! This is one of the best English speaking areas of Eastern Creepypasta on the Net.

Free Reading

  • Forgotten Books - An independent publisher, specializing in historical writings, including works such as: classical fiction, philosophy, science, religion, folklore, mythology and sacred texts, in addition to secret and esoteric subjects, such as: occult, freemasonry, alchemy, hermetic and ancient knowledge.
  • The H.P. Lovecraft Archive - Check out some of the best writing of one of the most classic horror author authors. The ebook archive is located here.
  • Sacred Texts Archive - A good source on ancient mythologies and current religions the world over. Tired of Abrahamic? Try something new.
  • Baen Books - Online repository of select books published by Baen Publishing (and some others). If you're interested in the books, you might know that they also release CDs with them occasionally, which are available on the internet, legally.


Non-SCP Related Projects

  • The Holders The Holder's series, a collection of things out before the SCP. Different, but still good at time. They lack the quality control measure that we have embraced, so you've got to sort through a lot of chaff to get to the gems. Check it out!
  • Unexplained Mysteries - Ever seen one of those really hokey specials about the paranormal on National Geographic Channel? This is like that, only on the internet. There are a few gems occasionally.
  • The Anomalist - Kind of a hokey little site, but a lot of fun, too. They give crackpots a good name.

Image Boards

  • /x/ The source of a good deal of CreepyPasta. Also, the origin of the first SCP.
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