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dumb baby jail

Hey there :D

I'm Limeyy and I guess I've written enough stuff to not be irrelevant now. I first found this site maybe 5-6 years ago? And made a yearly or so pilgrimage to binge articles for a couple days straight. Eventually, I decided to get a little more involved back in mid-2019, writing my first successful article (lahmi-gath) by the end of the year. Since then I've been loitering around #thecritters because crit staff haven't managed to get rid of me yet, occasionally subjecting the innocent readers of this site to my writing.

Outside the wiki, I'm a Chemical and Environmental Engineering student from England. I've also got a big love for history, especially Latin American (never take me up on an opportunity to talk about it), do a fair bit of baking and an awful lot of sleeping.

Oh yeah I'm captain of site crit, vc of rewrite and on MAST and CO now. Feel free to bug me about any of those.

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