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The MA-Class Mass Animation Scenario is the Foundation's term for any scenario wherein a large number of nonliving things display intelligence or mobility to the point of jeopardizing normalcy. This may or may not also entail an "SK-Class Dominance Shift", depending on the power and resources available to newly animated things.

An MA-Class Mass Animation Scenario should not be declared until at least one of the following is affirmed:

  • Return of the situation to normalcy, i.e. deactivating the newly animated entities and erasing memories of the event, is infeasible.
  • Location and destruction of the affected things is considered impractical or unethical.

- From "Procedures for Addressing Apocalyptic Scenarios", 3rd Edition

Bring Me to Life: Doomsday Stories


#1: Chaos Praxis

One of three reasons for people to bleed in this place. One, sickness, he wasn't sick. Two, self harm, grudgingly accepted. Three… He didn't know what to call.


He'd always hated this part.


He didn't know much about what a coup was, or what a purge meant, but he thought the two must be related. Seemed like they were wiped out. He didn't really know why it happened, but he did know that the name "Chaos Insurgency" was pretty cool.


#2: SCP-3406, "Awakening"

SCP-3406 is a ritual that causes sapient entities with a physical form to become capable of locomotion.


"Humans are not alone on this planet. We filled this world with our bodies and things but also our thoughts, and when there was no more room for us in our heads we spilled over into other things."


SCP-3406 is considered uncontained.


#3: Misery Makes Company

"I’ve done worse for two hundred bucks. I’m not going to die."


In the distance, the city stretches and groans, like a newly wakened child, shaking off the stiff rust of sleeping centuries. Though the audience cannot see them, worlds even older open their eyes, full of vengeance and youthful wonder; giants are surely in motion.


"I’m not your boss, I’m your shirt."


#4: The Three Documents of "The Artist Formerly Known As Chuck"

After the 2024 exhibition was abruptly cancelled, it seems appropriate that the 2034 exhibition should be used to usher in a new age, and The Champion of the New World is intended to do just that.


All of our collective effort will focus on turning it into a formidable, immortal guardian of the arts.


While the fall of Bismarck has been a major setback, we need to view it as an opportunity to learn, and I have learned more than anyone else.


#5: UF-00031

UF-00031 defines a general phenomena in which artificial, manmade objects or images created to resemble human faces spontaneously become anomalously animate and intelligent.


UF-00031A-767 displays consistent violent behavior toward all living humans and instances of UF-00031, and shows no ability to verbally communicate in any way.


All visual data collected from public and private surveillance systems within Contained Zones are fed directly to Autonomic Analysis System 1836 (AAS1836).


#6: Serving the Twin Cities Since 2021

"There is no 'we' here. No disrespect, Pauline, but you're flesh and blood, while I'm an internet meme carved into a fence post."


"And ♕⛯♣☬ won't pretend that the ☌☞♫☞⛖☁ ☛⛯♠♁☖♤☣♦♅ isn't keeping some ☬⛝♛☗⛻★ locked up with cages too, that's irrelevant to the point I'm with."


"You are listening to community radio, eight-three-oh, WCCO."

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