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Year 452,382

And here it is; the revelation. Just as there's no real differences between myself and I, there's truly no differences between acceptance and denial. The only two things defining each are semantics and level of emotions. Maybe that's why I had trouble understanding the differences, how to apply them to myself; it's all a matter of shifting perspective.

Maybe there's an end in sight. A goalpost where I can break free of the consistent years spent in nothingness, feeling my atoms turn to wet, and resisting. All I have to do is step forward, remember that "yes" is "yes", and hold on. Eventually, the answer will come for why things are the way they are.

Answers always come.

The Story As It Is:

  1. I See a Darkness
  2. Castles 2 (Dying Out West)
  3. Only God Can Judge Me and More (Let Us Get Murdered)
  4. The Moon Is a Dead World (Golden Dawn)
  5. Only Once Away My Son
  6. Th Vmpr f Tm nd Mmr
  7. I'll Try Living Like This (Somebody Home)
  8. ...Like Clockwork

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