Interlude: An Exhibition
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Photograph of "Every Day Is Wednesday"

Found in 2012, as part of the Library-curated exhibition:

"Standing on the Shoulders of the Phoenix: Discovery and Rediscovery in Post-Millenial ReCreationist Anart"

Michael Petrakovich
Canadian, 1976-2043

Every Day Is Wednesday
Blood, sweat, and fears on canvas;
Oils on juniper wood.
Donated to the Library by the artist.

The first piece produced by M. Petrakovich following his abandonment of the "shock and destroy" tactics of the art collective "Are We Cool Yet?", Every Day Is Wednesday is an important and breathtaking viewpoint into the artist's struggles to redefine himself as a member of the ReCreationist school of anart rather than as a Pseudo-Deconstructionist.

The references to the traditional style of surrealism are most pronounced in the usage of inks composed of blood samples from Picasso, Dalí, and Masson, combined with sweat from the artist himself. Petrakovich's use of synaesthetic effects is given full freedom here, with gustatory-tactile and auditory-proprioceptive responses most often reported. Also note the unique use of ocher and crimson in order to provoke the sensation of drunkenness, a cognitive effect Petrakovich used to great effect in later pieces.

The secondary and more infamous effect has been described by the artist as "fuck copyright" and consists of any indirect representations, including photography, video feed, hand-drawn sketches, clairvoyance, astral projection, and scrying, to only produce an altered copy of this descriptive plaque with the majority of the text replaced by the following phrase: "Suck it bitches. You got to see to believe."

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