Letter of the Day
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To: O5-C
From: Director, Site 19
Subject: Daily Director’s Memo, ██/██/2012

SCP-███ was recovered today, four days after its original escape. Agents Dash and Jack led the recovery alongside Mobile Task Force Alpha-Three “Lokie’s Lollygaggers”. Team casualties were moderate: Replacement members have been requested from the Personnel Office. The recovery effort caused significant collateral damage within the residential district of Canterlot’s east quarter: reconstruction teams have been deployed and Class A amnestics have been distributed to the populace. The cover story provided to officials was that it was an accident involving a new breed of discordian parasprites. SCP-███’s containment procedures have been reviewed and amended appropriately.

Elsewhere, Operation Love and Tolerance continues to be a success. Five more operatives of the Church of the Lunar Goddess have been captured this week, as well as a successful raid on a Carter-Marshall Crusader chapter house. Interrogation has been carried out by Agent Pi, and recovered materials have illuminated plans for the next three months for both groups, as well as revealing the locations of SCP-███, SCP-███, and SCP-███.

Dr. Faust and Dr. Rare have also made significant progress with Project Periphery. If the test run is a success, we are predicting that the D-Class will be made obsolete by this upcoming spring.

However, it has come to the attention of the staff that SCP-███’s containment protocols seem to be swiftly turning inadequate. Procedure FIM-MONTAUK has been modified to include [DATA EXPUNGED].


The modifications have already been passed by Dr. Shy of the Ethics Committee, and await your approval.

With regards,

Dr. T. Sparks

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