Lerche's Merchant Shop & Inn

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    Greetings traveler! Welcome to my humble shop.

    You walk towards the counter where the enigmatic man awaits. His face is obscured by what looks like a bird mask.

    You seem weary friend. Here, have a drink.

    Alright. Now relax and make yourself at home.

    It has been a quiet day today, so how about we have some music? We have a jukebox over here.

    The merchant points to a nearby jukebox to his right.

    Your choice, my friend.

    Alright. If you'd like some shut eye, we have an inn next door just down this corridor.

    The merchant points to your left to an adjacent corridor.

    Now, I'll be right back and then you can just check in here.

    Take a look around and see what you like.

    If you need anything, press the bell at the counter.

    Oh! And do behave yourself friend.

    The merchant leaves into the room behind the counter. The sound of the door shutting echoes throughout the chamber.

    You look around. There are various items on sale.

    As you check out the items, you notice something in the corner of your eye.

    To your right you notice a posh looking curtain. Its embroidery almost seems to draw you in. Curious, you look toward the counter. The merchant is still out of sight. You amble towards the curtain.

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