Learn To Live

As Dr. Everwood filed out of the conference room, all she could find herself doing was listening to the meaningless chatter around her.

"It's absurd they think they should have any power."

It's kind of amazing what people say in passing after meetings. Thinking that nobody else is listening to their vitriol or top-secret information.

"I'm surprised we haven't just taken over yet. Make 'em another front. Hell, they've already got an 'S' in their acronym!"

But this time, the conversation tuned out, and—

"Doctor Everwood?"

She blinked, and found that she had been absentmindedly staring at the cause of all of this commotion— the reason she had to fly all the way to the middle of Oregon. A girl with fair skin in a slick green dress, her brown hair pinned back. Faeowynn Wilson. Holding in a sigh, Everwood responded, trying her best to give a friendly smile. "Hello, Miss Wilson. What is it?"

"I was wondering if you'd be able to talk. Outside of the board."

Everwood glanced down at her watch. It'd be another half-hour or so before she had to catch a flight back to Site-55. There was time to spare, but… well, why not? "Sure," she said, looking back up just in time to see a breif expression of relief cross Faeowynn's face.

"Wonderful. Follow me to my office? It's just down the hall." She turned and began walking, before turning her head back towards Everwood. "Would you like coffee or tea or anything?"

At least Everwood would get something out of coming here. "Tea. Any kind you have should be fine."

"I'll go fetch that. You can head on down, I'll be there in a moment." Faeowynn pointed down at a door before heading down another hallway, while Everwood continued on.

Faeowynn's office was surprisingly… well, bland. Other than the minty green colors of the painted walls and the redwood desk, it looked just like one she'd see at Site-55. Taking a seat on the chair opposite the desk, she waited for a few moments.

Everwood barely noticed when Faeowynn came in, offering her a small saucer, atop which sat a teacup. She grabbed it and raised it to her lips, watching as Faeowynn sat at her desk with a cup of her own. A smile crossed her face as she sipped the tea, its flavor sweet and earthy, but with a gentle underlying spice. "Chai?"

Faeowynn returned a momentary grin, then nodded. "It's one of my favorite kinds of tea."


They each took another sip before Faeowynn put her saucer down. She looked up with determination in her eyes. A determination Everwood once had. "So, what did you think about the meeting? I noticed you looked a bit… out of it, for lack of better words."

"Hrm. Just seemed like…" The doctor glanced at Faeowynn— she didn't seem like someone who particularly enjoyed formality. "A waste of time."

"Why so?"

"Well," she chuckled, "you've proven yourself more than capable of containing Wondertainment anomalies. I don't see why the Boring Agreement is possibly being amended now. Seems like they just want to give my research team more work."

Faowynn's eyes narrowed. "But do you oppose their decision?"

Setting down her teacup, Everwood sighed. "What are you getting at?"

"They said that the amendments would be made in private with the help of your team. Are you going to make sure they happen, or are you going to oppose their decision?"

"I don't think you understand. There is no opposing their decision. I can try and make the restrictions lighter, but like it or not, your Wondertainment anomalies are likely going to be transferred to us."

Faeowynn brushed a few lingering strands of hair away from her face, looking down at her teacup for a moment before locking eyes with Everwood once more, though the determination in them seemed to be dimmer now. "You're the team leader. Can't you—"

"What did you expect?"

Faeowynn blinked. "What?"

"You corresponded with an anomalous entity we've been trying to track down for ages. If you had simply reported your contact to us, you might've been lucky. Maybe only Walter would have been taken away. Instead, now every anomaly you have that's connected to a Group of Interest has a chance of being taken into our custody. So I ask again: what did you expect?"

"I…" Faeowynn looked down. "I didn't know you all would be going through everything. I thought…"

Everwood glanced at her watch before standing, making her way to the door. Sighing, she glanced back at Faeowynn. "Like I said, I can try and make the restrictions lighter, but… I'm sorry. Can I offer a word of advice?"


"The Foundation is a bureaucracy, Miss Wilson. Learn to live in it."

And she headed through the door, leaving Faeowynn in her office, alone.

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