Last Mission of Zeus-4
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Recovery Log Transcript
Date: ██/██/████
Recovery Team: Mobile Task Force Zeus-4 "Dire Thunder"
Subject: Site-22
Team Lead: Alpha
Team Members: Omega, Gamma, Delta
Abstract: After Site-22 suffered several containment breaches, MTF Zeus-4 were sent in to find and retrieve critical data and, if possible, extract any remaining personnel before the onsite nuke was detonated. However, the mission was a failure, and the team was prevented from even entering the site. Included below is their final transmission before disbanding.

Deployment Manager aka SiteCommand: Members of MTF Zeus-4 check in.

Alpha: Alpha checking in, over.

Gamma: Gamma checking in, over.

Omega: Gamma, please be advised that we should be doing this in numerical order, over.

Gamma: Command, please advise Omega that it really doesn't matter in what order we check in, over.

SiteCommand: Jeremy, it really doesn't matter what order you guys sound off in.

Omega: Command, please advise as to the identity of this "Jeremy" individual. I am Agent-

Omega can be heard mimicking the sound of static.

Omega: -of MTF Zeus-4, decorated hero of-

Alpha: Thank you, Omega, we can see that your comms are working. Team should continue to check in, over.

Silence for five seconds.

Command: Luke, this is you.

Delta: Oh, okay! Sorry guys. My name is Luke, this is my first time at the table, and-

Omega: Delta, please simply check your comm system and refrain from giving out classified information such as your name, over.

Delta: What?

Alpha: Just say you're checking in, and follow it with the word 'over' so we know we got the end of your transmission.

Delta: This is Luke checking in.

Another awkward pause.

Alpha: Over.

Delta: Right! Over.

Alpha: Okay, let's get a move on. Permission to proceed, Command, over.

Command: Permission granted, Alpha. Here's the situation: following numerous containment breaches from Euclid- and Keter-class SCPs, Site-22 has been compromised. The on-site nuke is set to go off in t-minus thirty minutes, vaporizing everything within a three kilometer radius. Before that happens, O5-7 has authorized one final mission to go inside to retrieve Dr. Redacted and escort her safely to-

Omega: Please clarify, Command. I'm unfamiliar with any personnel at any site under the name 'Dr. Redacted', over.

Command: That's what it says in the file, Omega. I'm just reading you the briefing.

Omega: I'm just not sure that's the doctor's actual name, Command. Over.

Alpha: Objection noted, Omega. Please allow Command to continue the brief, over.

Gamma: Afraid I'm gonna have to side with Omega on this one, Cap, dirty as it feels. Hearing someone referred to as 'Dr. Redacted' just doesn't sound right.

Delta: You forgot to say 'over', Clair.

Sound of Gamma sighing heavily through her nose.

Gamma: Over.

Delta: Actually, now that I think of it, how are we supposed to recover this doctor if we're not allowed to know her name? Are we supposed to just grab the first living person we run into? Is she the only female doctor working at this site?

Alpha: Newbie brings up a good point, Command. We'll need a way to identify the target if we stand any chance of a successful extraction.

Command: Fine. Just let me find something you can work with and declassify it.

Radio silence. Thirteen seconds later, the sound of rustling papers can be heard. Alpha clears his throat.

Command: Doctor Allison Taylor can be identified by the wine-colored birthmark on her neck.

Gamma: And probably also by a nametag that reads 'Dr. Alison Taylor'.

Delta: Over.

Alpha: Is that the entirety of the briefing, over?

Command: That's all the relevant bits. You're to enter Site-22 and retrieve Dr. Taylor, as well as any information and other survivors you might encounter.

Omega: Any information on what skips we can expect to encounter at Site-22, over?

Alpha: We've got a list of all the entities contained within the site and their SCP designations. Be advised that this may not include unauthorized transfers.

Command: Come on, give me a break. I promised not to pull the 'unauthorized transfer' thing on you guys again, and I meant it. I'm sticking to the containment list you have access to, and that's it.

Gamma: Should be fair enough, as long as none of us take the opportunity to metagame.

Delta: What does that mean, over?

Gamma: It means googling the skips in question and building your character with a ton of bullshit feats and equipment specifically designed to show the rest of us up and ruin the fun.

Omega: I don't understand what you're hinting at, Gamma. Also don't forget to follow each transmission with the word 'over', over.

Gamma: Goddammit, Jeremy, we're sitting three feet away from each other! You can drop the 'over' thing!

Omega: Gamma, please be advised that the Foundation uses the metric sys-

Loud thumping noises can be heard alongside the scratching of a chair against carpet. Unintelligible arguing between Gamma and Omega ensues, and Gamma's voice grows quieter before disappearing. Omega's voice can be heard following a similar pattern.

Delta: Clair? Jeremy? Are you coming back, over?

Alpha: I think that's a wash, newbie. Better luck next time.

Command: We'll try again next week. Hopefully then we'll be able to get past the mission briefing and actually start playing. Thanks for coming over anyway. There's still pizza on the dryer if you want some.

More chairs can be heard shuffling, then muffled conversation between Alpha, Delta, and Command. At this point, audio cuts out entirely.

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