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BlackFXBlackFX, TechSorcerer2747TechSorcerer2747, and htrowiihtrowii

You stare at the computer monitor as, one by one, the Sites blink out of existence. You pick up the phone to warn the Site Admin, but all of your words come out in the wrong order. You try again, but this time, even you aren't sure what exactly came out of your mouth. Before you can try a third time, you pull the phone away from your ear and stare at it, because you're not entirely sure what it's for.

What if you still had thoughts and feelings but were completely incapable of conveying them? What if everything went wrong all at once and you had no way to tell anyone?

What if the entire world got stuck that way, forever?

Recovered Data:

Not with a Whimper, but with a Bang, written by TechSorcerer2747:
Emma wasn’t sure when civilization had collapsed in on itself like a dying star, but Site-15 lasted almost a month. By the time it went dark and she left for the nearest working facility at Site-17, most of the skips there had either been transferred, breached containment, or been neutralized.

KTE-6024-Blit-Nuntius, written by DrDromeus:
The countermeme is beyond anyone’s control. It's not a tool, it's a destructive force. Sure, it could destroy a hostile meme, but it will also destroy every person who gets into even the slightest contact with it. It destroys their communication at its core. And we can't get rid of it unless we destroy them. How many people would have to die then?

Project Proposal 2024-258, written by htrowii and TechSorcerer2747:
It is an unremarkable, otherwise perfectly ordinary white painting on a canvas. It shall be viewed by everyone who passes the sign, and they will start to gradually lose the ability to communicate, be it electronically, by sight or verbally. I'm not sure if it works on everyone but it seems to target spoken words and written text and even stuff like interpretive dancing.

Pizzicato, written by DrDromeus:
"We are out of alternatives." al Fine turned from the window, looking Lieutenant Dean in the eye. She saw a young man, naive and afraid.

"Execute Procedure Pizzicato."

The sun rose to mark the new doomsday.

SCP-3432, written by BlackFX:
Despite the official lack of concern, what the GOC accomplished is quite disconcerting. Even if their worry of the meme spreading was based on an incomprehension of the nature of SCP-3432-A, the fact that an operation exists that can generate “anti-information” from real information is alarming, because I don’t know what would happen if SCP-3432 itself were to learn of it.

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