Last Days at Camp
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"All right, Campers! Who hasn't fed Big Bear yet? We can't go to bed until Big Bear's nice and full!" At the back of the dining hall, a shy little girl held up her hand. She hadn't said a word since she had arrived at Camp Krakkow, and had spent all dinner looking at her plate. Counselor Dan simply smiled at her. "And what's your name little lady?"


"Well, step on up, Mary! Is this your first time at Camp Krakkow?"

Mary nodded, stepping forward and standing in front of Big Bear, an ornate carving of a grizzly with an open mouth.

"There's a special reason we feed Big Bear every night, Mary. He keeps the camp safe from bad things in the woods. So, whaddaya say?" Counselor Dan stepped aside, handing Mary a small bit of steak.

Mary, standing on her tippy-toes, put the steak into Big Bear's mouth. "Hello, Big Bear." The little girl stepped back, and the carving closed its mouth, its eyes lighting up. Mary gasped. Big Bear was magic…

"All right campers," Counselor Dan said, "The bad things in the woods can't get us now! You're all safe to run around camp at dark, but don't let us catch you!" The campers cheered.

Mary couldn't sleep. She missed her mom and dad, and woke up crying. Why was she here? She knew she asked, but she didn't know she'd be so homesick… and she needed to go to the bathroom.

She stepped outside of the girl's cabin quietly, and onto the lantern-lit walk to the toilet. She was glad Big Bear was watching over the camp; it was scary at night, but the lights and Big Bear made it not so scary.

After she came out of the restroom, she saw something near the path. It was the chainsaw man, from the movie her brother made her watch before she came here, but chainsaw man wasn't real it was just a movie. "Mommy…"

Big Bear came out of nowhere and ate the chainsaw man right up. He then walked with Mary back to the cabin.

Mary woke up just then, still in her bed. She didn't need to use the bathroom, and realized that she had been dreaming. She didn't remember what the dream was about by the time the morning came.

Tuesday was Arts and Crafts. They were supposed to help decorate Big Bear, make him scarier so the bad things wouldn't hurt the camp. She knew it was all pretend, but it was still fun. She got to paint a big scary face on Big Bear's chest, and gave him a medal that said "Best Bear Ever".

Camp wasn't so bad, that night. She slept and dreamed that she was with Big Bear, riding him through the forest and helping him fight the bad things.

Wednesday was a nature walk. It was fun. She found a big footprint that her camp book said was a Bear Track! "Look counselor Dan, look! It's one of Big Bear's!"

"Right you are, Mary! Right you are." He pointed to another footprint next to it, this one a triangle. "Looks like he was going after a bad thing. I hope he got it." Counselor Dan showed them about how to hide yourself from bad bears that weren't Big Bear.

On Thursday, Mary slept. At least, she thought she slept; she couldn't remember doing anything.

Big Bear was gone. Nobody knew what happened. He had just… gone. The counselors said they had called the police, and Counselor Dan was scared of something. Mary didn't know why; it was all pretend. The bad things weren't real.

Counselor Dan did a magic trick after dinner, and made himself fly; it wasn't a very good trick, though. Nobody was around to see it, and you could see him hanging by the rope.

The other counselors said that Counselor Dan had hurt himself doing his trick and had to go home, now. They would be sending the campers home tomorrow.

"I'm here at Camp Krakkow, where dozens of parents arrived this morning to a gruesome sight. Over 50 people are believed to be dead, most of them children. Parents arrived here to pick up their children early after a camp counselor reportedly died of unknown circumstances. The FBI is investigating, as are local police, who refuse to disclose any details, except for the absence of the camp's mascot 'Big Bear', a statue kept in the dining hall. There's a truck pulling up now from the Southern Camping Partnership, which recently purchased Camp Krakkow… Sir? Sir! Wendy Dolittle, Channel 4 News, can we get a comment?"


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