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La Rue Macabre

La Rue Macabre is an anomalous Free Port accessible by taking a left (on foot) off of Decatur Street (next to Jackson Square) onto Morgan. Filled with the bizarre, the forgotten, the outcasts, and the shunned, La Rue Macabre is a place made for the dregs of anomalous society. It's a place to meet, to share stories, to drink away worries, maybe make a few bucks working odd jobs in the city, or if you're really strapped for cash, out in the swamp, and to conduct trade. Life is slower here, sweltering in the heat of the swamp.

The setting is twofold. La Rue Macabre is essentially a very large, possibly endless, pocket dimension with a Way in the bend of the Mississippi River next to Jackson Square. The Important Folks don't decide who gets in, for the most part, but they definitely decide who gets to stay. One half of that setting is the settlement that makes up La Rue, with people moving around over the still waters, and the wild, untamed wetlands everywhere else. Odd things live in those waters, especially miles and miles from La Rue where folks don't often go. No one's gotten any proof of anything yet, but there are tales of thirty-foot gators ridden by the Gatormen, a theoretical race of sapient nomads, eons-old cypress trees that talk and maybe even move, and then there's the Shadow Man, who wears a coat made of shadows and spectacles made from the night sky. The Shadow Man's said to appear to folks who go out too far in the night and does… something to them. No one who might have talked to him long enough to know what that is has been seen again.

The most populated part of La Rue is the area "closest" to the French Quarter. The architecture is the same as the Old Quarter but without the benefit of a civic government keeping everything up to code, and it sits on a small island of dry land. The houses and buildings are crumbling or just showing signs of age. Eventually, that gives way to docks and wooden buildings built in a peculiar style unique to La Rue, all swamp woods held together with traditional joinery and their own secret tricks, with boardwalks over the swamp water in between. The visitor may then realize that the entirety of La Rue Macabre is built upon a swamp that stretches into the horizon all around the cluster of buildings that makes up the beating heart of La Rue Macabre.

The first and third Sundays of every month are Market Days, where the citizens of La Rue and whatever visitors are in all congregate to swap tales and food and sell whatever they found or built out in the swamp. This is a time for laughter and sorrow, to commiserate about the "old days", or to tell stories and jokes about whatever strikes their fancy. Market days are good days, and everyone looks forward to them.

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