Lady Zero's Personnel File

Person Of Interest 78559

Name Lady Zero
Alias None
Response Policy Detain if possible, terminate if necessary
Status Inactive

POI-78559 Personal Statement:

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my author page. I am currently a college student with a great interest in bettering my writing skill, which is why I'm getting a minor in creative writing. I've written a few SCPs so far, and I'm so happy to be among the great writers of this site. I am always looking to improve my skill, so please give feedback on any and all of my works here! I am always open to being messaged any questions, comments, or just casual conversation topics, so please, feel free to smash that "Write Private Message" button.

I'm happy to be here on this website. Thank you all for giving me a proper creative outlet where I can actually feel like people are enjoying my works.

Much love,
Lady Zero

Known Works:

The following are categorized by order of discovery.

Authorial Commentary: Anomalous grapes that make opossums gain sapience. My favorite animals are opossums so I figured that'd be a lovely thing to write about. This was my first article that actually managed to stay on the mainsite (and my third ever written) so I feel rather proud of this one.

Authorial Commentary: Quite possibly the best article I have written or will write for the Foundation. A parallel, more successful version of the Foundation that is used by the OTL Foundation for advice. Has the highest rating of all my articles.

Authorial Commentary: An anomalous radio source from 144 light years away seems to be transmitting photos of places about to experience disaster. I got the name and idea from a Death Grips song.

Authorial Commentary: Pens designed by an AWCY member that have compulsory writing effects, with different colors corresponding to different themes. The first one I've written since I moved to college. Was inspired by a book I read when I was a kid.

More works are expected to follow. Foundation assets are recommended to continue watching for increases in POI-78559's writing proficiency, and to view any new works written. Upvotes encouraged, only if such works merit them.

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