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Óðinn á yðr alla

Technical briefing regarding the development of La Llorona Model


The document outlines the successful weaponization of La Llorona phenomenon as an infiltration shock troop. A short background of the phenomenon's nature is given, followed by a technical description of the weaponization process and the paraprosthetic augmentations required. The tactical and strategic justification is also presented, and the document ends with a sample of successful test subjects.


La Llorona has been described since Pre-Columbian times in Mexica folklore. Traditionally, La Llorona is believed to be the restless spirit of a young woman who, after drowning her own children, committed suicide in the same manner. Said spirit is associated with water bodies and is recognized by her characteristic shriek, presumably regretting the death of her children.

La Llorona phenomenon is the supernatural process by which new La Llorona spirit instances are created. We have isolated the necessary factors for this phenomenon to occur. It has been determined that the following conditions must be present to trigger the creation of a new La Llorona instance:

  • The subject must be a female between 15 to 36 years, approximately.
  • The subject must be experiencing grief and guilt from having caused the death of a child. Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary for the subject to actually be the mother of the deceased.
  • The subject must commit suicide by drowning in a body of water.
  • The water temperature should oscillate between 25° to 27°C.
  • The water mixture should be similar to that of Texcoco Lake between 1490 and 1530, including the presence of strain 1TEX1 of the cyanobacteria Arthrospira platensis2.

Arthrospira platensis 1TEX

If all the above conditions are met, La Llorona phenomena will trigger during a suicide attempt in about 40% of cases. This will result in the creation of a new La Llorona instance. Previously, it was believed that La Llorona phenomenon's trigger was of sacrificial nature, meaning that the drowning of the subject must immediately follow the actual act of infanticide for the phenomenon to occur. The trigger has been in fact determined to be psychogenic in nature. The subject must be in a state of psychological distress associated with guilt regarding the demise of a child at the time of the drowning. It is not necessary for the demise of the child to have taken place immediately before the drowning of the subject.

La Llorona spirits are cataloged as a Type 1 non-corporeal apparition: bounded to a specific location, totally intangible, and for the most part inoffensive to humans3. However, we have developed a process to turn a Llorona spirit into a valuable asset, giving it offensive capabilities by bounding it to a physical body and weaponizing its wailing, while conserving the ability to become intangible. The new La Llorona Model is set to become a valuable infiltration and disruption asset.

Technical description:

We have managed to reproduce La Llorona phenomenon by introducing the subject into a Virtual Reality simulation chamber. The VR ambience recreates a lacustrine environment. The subject is then presented with virtual humanoid constructs representing their deceased children. Through neuropsychological suggestion, the subject is made to experience a memory flashback about the incident where they caused the death of the child. The subject is then compelled, via the same suggestion, to drown their "children" in the lake. The psychological distress after this action would compel around 67% of subjects to attempt to drown themselves, for the remaining 33%, additional neuropsychological stimulation can be employed to achieve that end.

At the time the subject attempts drowning in the virtual simulation, the subject's body must be drowned physically until clinical death. This is achieved by filling the special chamber with water. Thus, we can replicate a suicide by drowning from the psychological perspective of the subject, even though they are not technically killing themselves. This will trigger La Llorona phenomenon, initiating the subject metamorphosis into a Llorona instance.

A Llorona instance is a water spirit without a physical body so its link to the material world is bound to the particular water reservoir where it died. Lloronas can only manifest inside said reservoir. To avoid this pitfall, we have found a technique to bind a La Llorona spirit to the subject's body water instead. The subject must be injected with a solution rich in Arthrospira platensis directly into their bloodstream. The water in the chamber must be vacuumed out almost immediately after the subject's vitals cease. The chamber must be vacuum-sealed. La Llorona will bind to the nearest water body with a high concentration of Arthrospira platensis, in this case, the subject's own bodily fluids. The subjects must then be revived via defibrillation. This will result in a technically living subject with a Llorona spirit as their soul. Cybernetic augmentations are then applied to the subject in order to correct any physical damage caused by the process and make them combat-ready. With this procedure, we achieved a 34% success rate in the production of new Llorona Units.


La Llorona Models are meant to serve as an infiltration and shock unit. Its lacustrine nature makes it a perfect candidate for amphibious operations. For this end, La Llorona is equipped with the following augmentations:

  • Ontological Phase Inversor: This module can harness the spirit energy of La Llorona to induce a temporal state of ontological instability to the unit's body, achieving a temporal state of intangibility similar to the one usually presented by standard Type 1 non-corporeal apparitions. In this state, the unit is immune to physical harm and can traverse solid bodies and obstacles, though it is also incapable of engaging in physical combat.
  • Vocal amplifier: La Llorona is famous for its characteristic shriek. This implant in the vocal cords channels and amplifies it in order to weaponize it as a powerful sonic blast. This attack is capable of inflicting disabling physical and psychological damage to objectives inside a 6-meter radius.
  • Memetic camouflage: The memetic camouflage module allows the unit to blend into crowds. Normal perception of the unit would be memetically affected in order to conceal its true nature: it will appear like an unassuming normal human female to observers. The memetic effect would also compel observers to not pay too much attention to the unit. This will allow the model to infiltrate enemy lines to deliver a sonic attack. However, advanced counter-memetic training or filtering devices can be used to counteract memetic camouflage.
  • Standard close-combat augmentations: The unit has received a standard prosthetic intervention to enhance melee performance, including antipersonnel claw extension in its arms.
  • Neural inhibition module: The psychological instability inherent to the subject's profile combined with the traumatic nature of the procedure will certainly hinder the subject's compliance with Valravn's leadership. For this reason, the neural module plays an important role in ensuring Squad Leaders always maintain control over Llorona units.

Tactical and Strategical Justification: On the tactical level, we classify La Llorona as a stealth shock troop specialized for infiltration, disruption, and sabotage missions. For example, in a disruption scenario, La Llorona Model memetic camouflage would allow it to safely infiltrate an enemy gathering, position itself in an optimal spot to maximize casualties, and then deliver a sonic attack. Alternatively, memetic camouflage and intangibility can be used in conjunction with melee enhancements to assassinate an enemy objective without raising alarm. On the strategic level, La Llorona model has the principal objective of working in synergy with the Valkyrie model to allow for [REDACTED], this being possible by the thanatological characteristics of both units. Successful [REDACTED] will be crucial for future operations regarding the capture of the being known as █████████████ and the securing of ██████.


Llorona Unit during tactical test

Succesful subjects sample profiles:

The production of Llorona units requires a rather rare personal profile from the subjects. This difficult the usual policy of recruiting subjects from the military profession. For this particular model, we have extended the recruitment pool to include the civilian population.

A. Ceballos
Lead Researcher in Paraprosthetics

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