La Foi de La Paix, Circa 2011

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Catalog Identification: 6589-[PAR]

'La Foi de La Paix'


France, 2011

Materials: Damascus steel, White acrylic paint, Cryptomantic engravings

Location: Paris Academy, France

Exhibition History:

Paris Academy (2012-Present); On Display within the Sculpture and Statue wing, Floor 2.

Occult Properties:

Individuals viewing La Foi de La Paix for an extended period of time will begin to experience feelings of harmony and bliss.

When two or more individuals with:

  • Opposing ideals
  • A history of constant argumentation
  • A poor relationship
  • A grudge of any kind

View La Foi de La Paix simultaneously, both parties will tend to come to a form of agreement and are openly more friendly and agreeable towards the other party.


La Foi de La Paix is an 88.9cm tall, black metallic statue somewhat resembling a human female. Its arms cross around the stomach area and it features a large, bulbous, tumor along its neck and chest.

The backside of La Foi de La Paix features a short letter carved into the metal and accented with white acrylic paint. The provided text reads as follows in American English:


I know our relationship has been shaky these past few years but allow this piece to be the spark that reignites the passion we once had, in each other and in art itself.

Let the fire in your heart engulf us both, for we're going to do great things. This, I am sure of.

Yours, P.


Late 2011: La Foi de La Paix is estimated to have been completed and mailed to the Paris Academy by this time.

Jebuary 11, 2012: La Foi de La Paix arrives at the Paris Academy, the piece is unboxed and sent into anomalous property investigation, the piece was later deemed non-hazardous and is put onto display.

January 15, 2012: La Foi de La Paix is unveiled to the public.

March 3, 2012: A large brawl occurs in the Paris Academy threatening several pieces of art, security officer Claire Penot uses La Foi de La Paix to deescalate the situation. This is successful, Mrs. Penot received a plaque to congratulate her on her problem-solving skills and quick thinking.

March 5, 2012: La Foi de La Paix is put under further investigation to research the potential use for the piece in later meetings and/or negotiations with other groups within the anomalous community.

March 10, 2012: La Foi de La Paix is removed from display.


On April 1, 2013 La Foi de La Paix arrived in Florence along with French representative "Luna Martin" for a meeting with "Giovanni D'Amelio", a member of the Florentine Academy in order to discuss the specifics for a large anartist exhibition when, at precisely 5:15 in the afternoon, La Foi de La Paix began emitting a loud unidentified piece of music for 2 minutes 5 seconds before detonating in a large explosion of paint and metal shrapnel, killing Mrs. Martin and seriously injuring Mr. D'Amelio.

When security arrived they found the only remains of La Foi de La Paix present were a burnt scrap of paper and a note wrapped in an unknown anomalous material, both of which have been provided below.

With thanks to Ralliston and LAN 2D.

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