Cave's Caveman Cave

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Just Cave - Classified File


Just Cave in disguise. Face censored as per security protocols.


Just Cave in action. His disappearance is so rapid that security cameras cannot produce clear images.

This unknown individual is one of the most complex and mysterious ones the Foundation has ever dealt with. The individual known as "just cavejust cave" has been seen lurking in the canteens of various Foundation sites, stocking up lunches and raiding the sweets area, disappearing seconds later. It is unclear whether Just Cave is a Foundation member, but his document is classified to extremely high clearance levels. Espionage rumors reveal that Just Cave has also been seen in GOC structures, Church of the Broken God places of worship, UIU offices and even some Chaos Insurgency sites, Headquarters of Delta Command included. According to every report, the individual was always doing the same actions described above. We're aware Just Cave posseses an office at the head office of the Unusual Incidents Unit, where we assume he's hiding the loot. Further investigations are ongoing.

Welcome to my insignificant but very nice drawing notebook! I'm a small (tiny) artist on Twitter and Instagram where I post drawings that have nothing to do with this site. Here you'll see all my SCP-themed works!

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