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Thus each of us had to be content to live only for the day, alone under the vast indifference of the sky.

The Plague, Albert Camus

hello yes this is kybard. i am writer who is definitely not a dog. i live inside of the internet.

Alright that's enough of that. Here are some SCPs I wrote:

Her Favorite Color is Red.

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Hurts to talk. Please. Hard to tal— (video ends)

A story about the difficulty of empathizing through a veil.

I talked about this one with TheeShermTheeSherm on the Site-42 livestream; you can watch the recording on YouTube here.

Now, here are some favorite SCPs of mine (that I didn't write):

In real life I am a poet and have been published some places.

UPDATED, 2019/11/17: heck yeah


hot streak

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