Kulzn's Personnel File
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Agent Saul Kulzn



Prior record: Copy_Received; Setting

Recruited into the active ranks of the Foundation at an early age after surviving the initial discovery and encounter of [DATA EXPUNGED], Kulzn became an agent of note within the British branch of the Foundation, eventually coming to lead MTF Kappa-42.
After the disappearance of three members and the subsequent suicides of two others, agent Kulzn did proceed to go A.W.O.L for approx. twenty eight (28) months. Intel of movements for this period is insubstantial.

After restoring contact with the Foundation, Kulzn was reacquisitioned and placed on diminished duty until such time as Overwatch saw fit to reassign him to the reactivation of Site 33.

Currently acting Head of Research at Site 33, replacing Dr. Kara (deceased).

Current assignments:

SCP-393 - Night Vision Hoodie
SCP-419 - Window to the World (since updated by Reject)
SCP-421 - Chair of Contemplation
SCP-425 - Cyber Reptile
SCP-429 - Torturous Light
SCP-454 - The Procrastinator's Pad
SCP-511 - Syphulzn


-Site 33 Incident Report
Exeunt Praetor Nocturne - A slightly more coherent account of things
The Beast and its Prey

Note: So, who's lined up for head of 33 after this geek gets killed off? I'm offering 12 to one odds as to which part of his body is the only bit found. -Dr. Bright

Note: I'll take a piece of that action. I've always been partial to my right hand, I'll go with that. - Agent Kulzn

Addendum 16-03-2009:

There's something affecting me which i can't explain. you ever felt like drowning? I mean that you want to drown in something, you want to drown in liquid, you want to drown in noise, you want to drown in cold, darkness or fire. it#s something I can#t shake, somethign i don#t know when it started and I can#t see it ending.
and it's infuriating, I want to scream and yell until my lungs tear and my wordsare as blood and flesh; my boneswant to stretchaand crack, my muscles feel like they need to tear themselves apart to feel relief.

getting worse as I wrtite this,c an't stop shaking, twitching, need to vent, to rage, to roar and rend and damage. self restraint holds me, as it alwayss  shas.on;ly ever slipped twice.

need more noise

Addendum 17-03-2009: As a precautionary measure, a request has been filed for ██lbs of Telekill alloy, to lace the offices of senior personnel of Site 33, citing the possibility of incursion by a psychological memetic threat, after multiple examples of Addendum 16-04-2009 came to light.

Addendum 04-04-2009: Request denied - O5-█

Addendum 05-04-2009: I can easily get the stuff from other sources you know, we've survived out in these wilderlands long enough to make a few friends. But, as it stands we have one helmet between all the security personnel. One helmet. You can see where I'm going with this. - Agent Kulzn

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