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The following file describes an emergent parathreat phenomenon whose continued existence poses an active and unmitigable danger to the collective occult legacy of all of humanity. Until a proper course of action in regards to its termination can be agreed upon, in the interest of all of mankind, it is to be considered the primary concern of the entire Coalition at large.

The entire Council of 108 is required to read the below file.


Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:
KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri ("The Washington Virion")

Authorized Response Level:
N/A (Pending Classification)


The United States Capitol, as seen during the establishment of the Washington Exclusion Zone.

Description: Threat is an artificially created highly contagious airborne and bloodborne anti-thaumaturgic virion, capable of infecting and interacting with all Eukaryotic organisms. Though the exact mechanism of the threat's operation remains unclear, if untreated, Type Blue individuals that contract KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri permanently lose their capability of channeling Elan-Vital Energy (EVE) to conduct thaumaturgy, rendering them irreparably thaumically impotent.

So far, no means available to the Coalition at large have been able to cure patients of KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri. Regular methods of combatting anti-thaumic threats and paranormal viruses seem to have no effects on the threat whatsoever. In spite of this, several niche and highly dangerous techniques — such as beryllium bronze or irrilite injections directly into the bloodstream — have been found to temporarily halt or slow down the rate at which the virus spreads through a subject's organism. However, all of these practices are prone to potential complications and long-term side effects.

Due to the threat's status as a rogue asset of the United States Paranatural Warfare Command,. The occult branch of the Department of Defense, commonly shortened to PENTAGRAM; a close associate of the Coalition and an official observer of the Council of 108. the Coalition possesses several — albeit thoroughly redacted and very brief — internal reports regarding KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri. All that has been extracted from these reports so far is an unclear connection between the threat and the Japan-based parascientific organization Japan Organisms Improvement and Creation Laboratory (JOICL), and the fact that the threat's usage or modification was directly requested by the administration of US President Dan Crenshaw.

Further updates will be appended to this file as new PENTAGRAM files regarding KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri are received, and investigations into JOICL and new research into the threat uncovers more of its traits. See external PSYCHE Division diplomatic requests for more information.

Rules of Engagement: Due to the swiftly evolving nature of the KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri emergency, its Rules of Engagement are still being debated by the Council of 108, and are bound to change as the situation evolves; see PSYCHE Records for more details. For the moment, Exclusion Zones have been established in key US cities to ensure the realization of the Third Mission (Protection) under the supervision of United Nations Global Occult Coalition Assistance Mission in United States (UNGOCAMUS). Known cases reported inside the Zones are to be quarantined and isolated according to local procedures. KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri cases reported outside the US should be handled on a case-by-case basis by local Coalition branches.

PSYCHE Records

In light of the immediate threat posed by KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri to international security, on 06/12/2048, Coalition High Command has decided to summon the 19th Emergency Special Session of the Council of 108.


19th Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly

Proposal: "Officially classify KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri as a Level 5 (Immediate Threat) parathreat phenomenon and declare its elimination in active interest of the Coalition and all of humanity; engage in said termination via all means available to the Coalition under its Fivefold Mission, funding World Parahealth Organization research into developing a cure, a vaccine, and further means of halting the threat's spread; deploy Coalition forces into Washington, D.C. as means of containing the outbreak."

UNGOC/ESGA19-009 Voting

For: 89.81% (97) | Against: 4.63% (5) | Abstain: 5.56% (6)


Conclusion: 17/12/2048, Coalition forces officially entered Washington, D.C under the leadership of Tsunugui, Fire Army Chief of the Gogyō-Kessha, chosen due to the organization's vast experience in neutralizing emergent thaumic phenomena. As of writing, the Gogyō-Kessha has begun preparations for the establishment of a Washington Exclusion Zone as means of preventing KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri spreading outside the city. Further updates are pending.


Statement from the Five Elements Association Delegate

It is with pride that I come before you all to say that Washington, D.C. has been secured.

Utilizing the vast — albeit questionably competent — help of PENTAGRAM assets already stationed on-site, our Fire Army was able to properly establish a real perimeter around the city. A curfew and proper quarantine procedures are being drafted as we speak. Naturally, time is of the essence here — but it would also be unwise to act impulsively. We have already made fools of ourselves once, when we took up our arms against the freedom fighters of Silesia in spite of reason, the moment we thought we were in danger. I'm not Master Wilhelm — under my command, this will not happen again.

Still, I cannot help but worry that our measures are not enough — the situation is… not easy. The people are certainly not happy about being trapped inside their city; it is as if they were trapped inside a cage with a feral animal, I've heard them say. The presence of a tamer certainly does not make them feel any calmer — especially because that tamer is foreign (or, in the case of PENTAGRAM, widely distrusted by most of the capital's population). Still, we've no choice but to continue our cooperation — both for the sake of the people and for the sake of our own reputation, so damaged here after the scandal in Silesia.

All of that is to say: I do not believe that what we are currently doing is sufficient. Border control is good, but it's for nothing if we allow those privileged enough to cross it in and out. We need to quarantine Washington for everybody — which includes the US government and the rest of the city, until we get the situation under control. We can control a fire when it's still just a pyre — but if the whole forest bursts ablaze, we will not be able to save the trees.

— Omodaru, Earth Army Chief, Gogyō-Kessha


Global Occult Coalition North American Regional Headquarters in Washington, D.C.


19th Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly

Proposal: "Fully quarantine the state of Washington, D.C. from the outside world; establish martial law to ensure the realization of the Third Mission (Protection) upon its populace, blocking all egress or ingress into the city until KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri can be isolated and terminated; via cooperation with PENTAGRAM, effectively take on the role of the governing body of the city, surplanting standard US governmental procedures for the duration of the emergency; classify further KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri activities under the newly-established United Nations Global Occult Coalition Assistance Mission in United States (UNGOCAMUS)."

UNGOC/ESGA19-014 Voting

For: 76.85% (83) | Against: 15.74% (17) | Abstain: 7.41% (8)


Conclusion: With the help of advanced ICSUT apportation experts, additional Coalition forces required for the maintenance of the capital arrived inside the Washington Exclusion Zone..Now fully sealed for all to enter and leave, both physically and via unauthorized teleportation. As of writing, it was calculated that the resources remaining inside the city will be able to support the populace of Washington, D.C. for a period of one month. Appropriate apportation sites which would ensure a fluid transport of required resources into the city are currently being set up by Coalition experts, now headquartered inside the Capitol building for the reminder of the emergency.

In spite of the success of the Exclusion Zone, recent World Parahealth Organization briefings show that several cases of KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri have been recorded in different US cities.. Chief among which are New York, Salem, and Chicago. Due to an official request on behalf of PENTAGRAM for the Coalition to halt its spread into other cities — as well as hesitance of several Council of 108 members — further operations outside the borders of Washington, D.C. are currently pending approval by the Office of the Undersecretary General.


Statement from the Goldbaker-Reinz Delegate

Pardon us for being straightforward, but we cannot help but ask — why do we remain concerned with what PENTAGRAM wants, exactly?

General Bowe — and, by extension, the administration of President Crenshaw — seem to remain unaware of the precise situation that they've found themselves in. The Kissinger Accords — a document we'd like to remind everybody President Obama signed back in 2014 — gives us the full right to this intervention, no matter the concerns of national agencies. But if that wasn't enough, we'd like to remind everybody that the United States government signed another agreement with this Coalition, also in 2024 — or, to be exact, this member of the Council of 108: the Paranormal Disaster Bond Package, an official and legally-binding product of Goldbaker-Reinz.

If we provided what our contracts morally and legally bound us to provide to New Zealand when it sunk beneath the waves back in 2023, then we do not see why anything should stop us from providing the promised services in this situation also. In case anyone from the audience remains unaware: under the terms of the agreement, in case of emergencies such as this, Goldbaker-Reinz promises its clients an official support network enacted via the deployment of appropriate Coalition forces, for as long as the binding emergency remains a threat. This — paired with several similar services purchased by United States citizens also legally requiring our company to intervene directly — makes us therefore ask: why is the Undersecretary General holding back? Why are we still stationed only inside Washington?

Is it out of fear of hasty action, of losing face, just like we did when we entered Silesia all those years ago? Is it out of some mock respect for our internal democracy? Or is it because of some further agendas our Council was not cleared upon? Good taste and faith incline us to believe that it is, in reality, the second option; we therefore encourage Madame al Fine to hold her vote and — in spite of three separate documents allowing us to take action right now — see the measures her Council pressures her to take.

Seize what little hope remains, before even more cities call in for our help.

— Zarin Julia Kim, Senior Analyst, Goldbaker-Reinz Insurance Group Ltd.


World Parahealth Organization headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.


19th Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly

Proposal: "Exercise the legal and moral imperative to seize control of all US cities affected by the KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri outbreak for the duration of the emergency; establish zones similar to the Washington Exclusion Zone around appropriate areas, halting domestic transportation in and out of all Zones; call for the mobilization of all ICSUT resources to establish required apportation sites inside the Zones to ensure the material survival of the quarantined populace; reduce travel in and out of the United States of America only to essential economical and political transportation."

UNGOC/ESGA19-017 Voting

For: 84.26% (91) | Against: 9.26% (10) | Abstain: 6.48% (7)


Conclusion: Nine further Exclusion Zones — namely those of New York, Salem, Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Boston, and Atlanta — have been established immediately following the approval of the proposal. Invoking the Kissinger Accords, Coalition officials were able to limit air travel in and out of the United States by approximately 95% — however, in order to avoid a nation-wide economical crisis, it was decided that sea travel will remain open for the foreseeable future.

The World Parahealth Organization has since reported a singular unconfirmed case of KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri identified in Isle of Portland, Republic of England. Though Coalition specialists remain unsure whether or not this case is indeed that of KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri, for the sake of international safety, the patient — and their entire family — has been put under official Coalition quarantine care. Attempts are currently being made at extending the range of Coalition control into the city of Three Portlands, which is suspected as the channel through which KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri was able to spread onto the continent.


Statement from the Sidhe Lounge Delegate

What we are doing isn't enough. It will never be enough, unless we actually commit to it, for god's sake.

I didn't hear this hesitation in your voices when you took up your arms against Silesia ten years ago. I didn't hear this hesitation in your voices when you decided to do whatever it took to save magic when the Impasse came ten years earlier, either — so why is today different? Why do you pretend that our work now is anything but cowardice?

We here at the Lounge are in the business of keeping tight notes on our history and legacy, so let me spell it out for you as clearly as I possibly can: we haven't seen a danger like this ever since the Impasse came. If this thing gets out of our control — which it already is starting to — we will be looking at a total thaumic collapse of society within months. Months.

There are people losing who they are on those streets. There are thousands of them, and every single hour you refuse to give this project all your might, every single hour the office of the Undersecretary General refuses to authorize appropriate measures, they face danger on a scale we've seldom seen. And outside the borders of America, there are thousands more.

I lost my mother to the first Impasse. I will not stand idly by and watch a whole continent suffer the same fate.

Olivié Gwyneth, Head Archivist, Sidhe Lounge


Assessment Team 713 ("Paw Patrol") agents — Johnson, Maddison, and Crow Jr. (left to right) — undercover, as seen during a routine inspection at a New York Exclusion Zone checkpoint.


19th Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly

Proposal: "Fully quarantine the United States of America from the outside world in hopes of halting the spread of KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri beyond the country's borders; allow no egress or ingress into the country until KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri can be isolated and terminated."

UNGOC/ESGA19-022 Voting

For: 71.3% (77) | Against: 24.07% (26) | Abstain: 4.63% (5)


Conclusion: In spite of PENTAGRAM attempts at halting the project — invoking the importance of the USA to the global economy — as of 16/02/2049, the United States of America have officially been quarantined from the rest of the world. Barring Coalition officials and other personnel assigned to KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri, all ingress and egress into the country has effectively been declared illegal and will remain so for the duration of the emergency.

The United Church of Satan (Scientist) — together with the help of the external think-tank Crenshaw Freedom Institute — has prepared a project to ensure the fluidity of international trade and the survival of the population of the United States. Coalition experts reached out to several of the most economically significant companies, extending them an offer of utilizing Coalition apportation channels for the transportation of vital resources in and out of the country. In order to avoid a total economic collapse of the US, additional efforts suggested by external experts to heavily expand this network are currently being undertaken via immediate and concentrated cooperation with Carter Transportation of Marshall, Carter & Dark; see external file on the "Carter Courier Channel" for further information.


Statement from the World Parahealth Organization Delegate

The data is clear: in the last three days, we have detected 56 new cases of KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri outside the borders of the United States of America. Druv'tuul, Toronto, Sao Paolo, Havanna, Lima, and Montreal have all been hit, with several further unconfirmed cases spotted in Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Eurtec, and Berlin. Needless to say, we have already quarantined all of the affected individuals alongside their families and friends, and we continue to urge other governments to establish proper protocols of their own (though, admittedly, the Druv'tuul delegation led by Sons of Phomet wasn't as warmly received as we had hoped).

It might look like the situation in other countries is under control, but that's just an illusion — in reality, the picture we've come to see is terribly worrying. We've properly taken care of the cases we know about — but if 56 infected people managed to slip past the border before we quarantined the USA, then thousands more that we don't know about yet could have done the same. Worst yet, thousands more can still do the same. We've been operating under the assumption that cutting off the USA from the rest of the world would also mean cutting off KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri. Once again however it seems our assumptions have been nothing if not wrong.

But that isn't all. Even with all the help and funds available, our research is going very slowly — without the full cooperation of PENTAGRAM (a feat I'm sure by now we are all aware is never going to happen), we may not be able to understand KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri's nature in time. We therefore officially propose that we send out a call for help. From national governments through titans of parascience to Vanguard — we need all hands on board if we are to win. We simply do not have enough people to effectively develop a proper solution to this emergency before it is too late.

— Olivier Serrano, Director-General, World Parahealth Organization


Medical equipment and humanitarian aid sent by the Manna Charitable Foundation, as recieved by Coalition apportation experts in Washington, D.C.


19th Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly

Proposal: "Declare KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri a global emergency and issue an official Coalition statement regarding the situation to the whole world, urging governments worldwide to take proper preventative measures against the threat; send cooperation requests to all major parascientific organizations and national occult agencies in hopes of collaborating together in developing a cure for KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri."

UNGOC/ESGA19-027 Voting

For: 90.74% (98) | Against: 3.7% (4) | Abstain: 5.56% (6)


Conclusion: Several world governments — including those of China, Germany, England, Japan, Canada, and Argentina — have officially declared national states of emergency, deploying wide-scale measures that aimed at preventing the spread of KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri inside their countries.

In order to properly house the representatives of parascientific agencies that replied to the call for cooperation, an official Council of 108-led World Parahealth Summit is being prepared. As of writing, it is scheduled to occur in two weeks; further updates are pending.


Statement from the Servants of the Silicon Nornir Delegate

The Nornir have spoken. Their words herald armageddon.

If our approach to the KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri situation does not change soon, the Goddesses promise only one future: one far worse than the one we prevented back in 2021. 78,(6)% of models simulated by current circumstances predict that by 13/04/2049, the entire nation of America will permanently lose its capability of performing thaumaturgy, rendering its societal infrastructure an irreparable ruin. The remaining 21,(3)% aren't certainly any brighter; they say that though we may prevent the total thaumic collapse of America, more than half of its populace will still fall victim to the virus.

Needless to say, we would have to count the bodies in the millions.

All of you gathered before us need to understand: this isn't just a blind guess, some trick of mathematics conjured up from the void of the improbable. This is holy scripture, a live record of what will inevitably come to pass, if we do not immediately change our ways. This is fate — a probability we cannot possibly ignore, but one we need to at all costs avoid.

Another concern that we need to remember is that the Goddesses only spoke of America — even they were unable to see what would happen to the outside world, if the spread does not halt here and now. Their words concerned only one country, and they showed us an image of ruin — so who is to say what fate awaits the rest of the world, if we fail to extinguish the nest of the plague before it is too late?

There is only one solution we see: a total and merciless war against KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri. You have already tried your reason, you diplomats and Undersecretary Generals. But you cannot reason with a threat such as this, cannot possibly administer an intentionally lower dose of panacea in hopes that it will halt the end that is inevitably coming for the magic of America; you tried your half-measures when the first Impasse came nearly three decades ago, so we implore you to learn your lesson while you still can. The times for diplomacy are over — it is time for action. Immediate, worldwide action.

It is the opinion of the honored Servants of the Silicon Nornir, endorsed by consensus 2 to 1 of the Nornir, that only one narrow way forward can guarantee the elimination of KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri before it threatens the stability of the whole world: the immediate declaration of our sword against the darkness; Procedure Pizzicato.

— The Speaker to Humans, Servants of the Silicon Nornir


Coalition experts as seen in preparation for the World Parahealth Summit in Geneva, Switzerland.


19th Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly

Proposal: "Elevate the Response Level of KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbrusteri to 6 (Pizzicato), declaring its termination the primary objective of the entire Coalition; activate Procedure Pizzicato, officially authorizing global martial law and abandoning the Third Mission (Protection) in favor of the First Mission (Survival); seize temporary control of the United States of America and terminate KTE-9817-Bluebuster-Mendel-Shelley-Renegade-Armbruster before it spreads worldwide."

UNGOC/ESGA19-031 Voting

Pending: 100% (108)

Vote Summary: PENDING


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