KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild — "Werebeast Curse"
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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:
KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild "Werebeast Curse"

Authorized Response Level:
4 (Severe Threat) 5 (Immediate Threat)


Cells infected with KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild

A thaumaturgically enhanced viral infection modified from Rabies lyssavirus. The virus is less deadly than R. lyssavirus but has significantly higher transmissibility. It is most easily spread through direct exposure to contaminated bodily fluids.

The virus can infect all organisms in the kingdom Animalia, though paranatural effects only arise in animals of the phylum Chordata. Animals infected by KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild display increased aggression towards all species in genus Homo (e.g. Homo sapiens sapiens, Homo sapiens sidhe, Homo decensus) under the effects of moonlight. Infection of KTE-6990-Menndel-Nimuebusterchild from non-humanoid animalia to humanoids transmits qualities of the donor animal.

Humanoids infected by KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild undergo physiological transformation. Under the light of a full moon, infectees undergo involuntary bodily transformation into the species of the source animal that infected them. When not fully transformed, infectees are distinguishable by permanent theriocephaly1 of the infection source species and cannot restore their human features. Furthermore, the vast majority of humanoid subjects undergo permanent hybridization, blending their physiology with that of the source species even when not compelled to transform. This is reflected outwardly in altered sensory perception and reflexive instincts.

There is no know cure for KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild; infection is permanent. The virus can survive in an animal population indefinitely with minimal mutation due to thaumaturgic constraints, and it can reinfect humanoid hosts from animal carriers at any time.

While most humanoid infectees of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild are only Second Mission: Concealment concerns, paracapable donors may create Humanoid KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild instances that are First Mission: Survival concerns. See updates below.


Initial Proliferation Report:

The Fae ecoterrorist group Triumviraté attempted to release KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild into zoonotic reservoirs in several locations simultaneously, most notably foxes in Hokkaido, Japan, jackals in northern Egypt, and white-tailed deer in the midwestern United States. Additional contagion attempts were successfully prevented via preemptive strike. Triumviraté did not attempt to infect themselves with the virus.

The Foundation was able to contain the Japanese outbreak before a strike team was able to respond, and has stated that the infection is being studied under proper health and safety protocols. The Egyptian outbreak was terminated by government forces, as Triumviraté had greatly underestimated the level of Kemetic syncretism in modern Egyptian religious practice.

Immediate Coalition response within the United States was constrained by diplomatic agreements with the US government. It is believed the American Paranatural Warfare Command (PENTAGRAM) was investigating potential weaponization of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild. Roughly 72 hours after the introduction of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild into the environment, it had completely infected the population of Kirwin. While the majority of human infectees were infected by white-tailed deer, a sizeable minority were infected by domestic cats or dogs.

Kirwin, Kansas, and the nearby wildlife preserve have been declared the Kirwin Quarantine Zone. As the parahuman infectees remain American citizens, the Zone has been placed under the joint administration of the World Parahealth Organization and the FBI Unusual Incidents Unit. As part of this joint arrangement, the GOC and UIU are engaging in a mutual intelligence sharing agreement. All animal life within 10 km of the Zone is being exterminated. All infected individuals have been put under quarantine.

PSYCHE Records

The Sidhe Lounge is an Esterberg-based member of the Council of 108 with a focus on documenting fae parahistory. The Lounge was already involved in Coalition operations as cultural intelligence specialists on the motivations and likely actions of Triumviraté. Upon being informed of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild, Lounge leadership cleared the following documentation for Coalition dissemination.

The first excerpt describes the overall motivation of Mabbite groups, of which Triumviraté is the most prominent, and their motivation for using naturogenic bioweapons. The second describes the motivation for the creation of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild.

Sidhe Lounge
Olivié Gwyneth

On Neo-Mabbite ideology:

When we speak of Mabbites, those self-proclaimed devotees of the Fae Tyrant Queen of All Things, we cannot speak of them as a whole. Do we count among their number the royal guard of the Queen herself, lost to the mythic history before the First Diaspora? Do we number the 'pata-Shakespeareans, who invoke her fell name when they enact the history-drama of the bard? And shall we name those who seek to restore her to the Real from the Unreal, guided by their false dreams of her golden age, lost to antiquity?

This last group, ignorant children and charlatans both, might be called Neo-Mabbites. They gather around her as a totemic mirror of what they wish to steal from the world and know little of the true prices her reign extracted from man and fae alike. Yet in a sense any born after the Day of Flowers must be Neo-Mabbites, for they cannot possibly have received any true knowledge from Mab herself.

The most prominent Neo-Mabbite group of the late 20th century is Træḿveraty ("We Will Prevail"), often corrupted to Triumviraté or Travesty by scholars unfamiliar with the Fae language families. Triumviraté, like most Neo-Mabbites, are fae supremacists and primitivists. They view Mab's reign as an idealized time of harmonious co-existence with nature, despite archeological evidence to the contrary, and seek to reverse what they view as the corruption of nature by man, who have usurped the natural order and risen above their station.

Analysis of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild

We believe Triumviraté understood that Mab had some means of inflicting permanent theriocephaly upon her foes but either did not know or did not care whether it was by magical force or genetic alteration. The first would last only so long as Mab deigned to enforce her will upon her victims; the second would twist its victims' blood itself, a curse for generations. The particulars of the curse have been lost to time; prevailing legends, primarily those told by the aristocratic class, state that Mab chose to regress her enemies to their baser nature, to the animals that her sister had uplifted lowborn fae from. We suspect, ultimately, that this story is but an amalgamation of two deep-seated traumas: the blood curse an ancestral memory of the iron aversion faekind suffered from for so long, the theriocephaly an exaggerated retelling of the events of the Third Diaspora of Fae.

Triumviraté wished to make a world in Mab's image yet held the barest fraction of her power. It was more expedient, more sensible, for mortal mages to craft a curse that mirrored Mab's cruelty rather than try to mimic her raw impositions of will.

The Werebeast Curse was the result. In this, Triumviraté sought to exploit the nigh-primordial fear fae society held towards Mab's curses to imply a greater fraction of her power remained in the world

PSYCHE Records

Preliminary Social Media/Search Query Monitoring:

The infected in Kirwin are provided with monitored, highly-limited internet access. Any outgoing messages and posts are highly censored. This serves a dual purpose of creating the illusion that nothing wrong is occurring within Kirwin and to monitor sentiments within Kirwin.

The following messages are illustrative examples of those collected in the first 3 days of GOC management.

Google searches:

Is the government allowed to lock me down? (200+ similar)

animal virus (not rabies) (100+ similar)

Reddit.com/r/legaladvice post:

The government shot my dog. Can I sue?

Hi r/legaladvice. My dog was acting strangely the other day after it came home (I live in a small town so it's pretty normal to let your dog roam during the day.) Usually he's always friendly and wouldn't hurt a fly, but he bit me. You're not going to believe it, but I turned into a dog myself, but that's not the point.

Some government jackboots pulled up that evening, shot my dog, and locked me in my own house. They let me out the next morning, but said I couldn't leave my town. Reddit, what are my options?

GOC cyberoperatives, in addition to censoring any paranatural details, successfully derailed the reddit thread into an argument about the safety of allowing dogs to roam outside. Engagement levels remained within acceptable misinformation thresholds.


In the course of the initial response, Coalition forces encountered numerous hostile infectees of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild with paracapabilities transmitted from donor species. Illustrative examples are provided below.

Transmitted Properties
Avian entities with Type-Red regenerative abilities associated with exothermic thaumaturgic reaction.
Infectees demonstrated advanced pyrokinesis with natural backlash harmonization. Upon termination, infectees regressed to infant age and emitted explosive bursts of thermal energy. Life signs were detected afterwards.
All five subjects currently held in drowning chambers. Water is not cycled to prevent bodily fluid contamination.
Horned equines. Horns possess abortifacient properties. Mechanism of action is retrocausal erasure of all effects of sexual intercourse by consumers.
Keratinoid portions of infectees e.g. hair, nails inherit sterilizing properties of horn. Retrocausal sterilization can be inflicted through penetration of skin barrier.
Subjects terminated through conventional means. No individuals with children are to assist in applied force.
Common coyotes. Subjects do not undergo conventional pregnancy but reproduce through spontaneous generation of offspring through non-memory affecting retrocausal alteration.
Both patient-zero infectees had 5 children (no education records provided), all infected with same strain of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild.
One subject force-fed unicorn horn. Children ceased to exist. Both remaining subjects terminated through conventional means.

PSYCHE Records

As a rapidly-emerging anomalous disease with unclear pathology and epidemiology, KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild fell under the mission statement of the World Parahealth Organization (WPO). The following excerpts contain important contextual information about the WPO's approach towards anomalous infectious diseases.

Excerpt from World Parahealth Organization Infectious Disease Control Guidelines:


The World Health Organization defines an epidemic disease as occurring in a region in excess of normal levels, and a pandemic disease as having spread worldwide and affecting a large number of people.

The World Parahealth Organization (WPO), in contrast, deals most prominently with endemic paranatural diseases (EPD) such as Translyvanian Hemovorism and Allgermanic Werewolvism. These diseases maintain a constant level of infection within the general population, most of which is obscured behind the veil. The purview of the WPO is limited when it comes to EPD; specifically, the WPO is not permitted to deploy aggressive disease control measures in the designated historical hunting range for the Transylvanian Hemovore and the Allgermanic Werewolf, so long as the Hemovorous and Werewolf communities follow the exceedingly generous terms of the diplomatic agreements outlining their allowances for population growth and hunting.

Precedent protects endemic paranatural diseases. For security and the health of all mankind, the WPO holds as a central mandate the eradication of all epidemic and pandemic paranatural diseases before they become endemic.


As part of its mandate, the WPO produced the following epidemiology report of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild based on observations and personnel casualties from preliminary operations. An annotation from the WPO Paramedical Encyclopedia has been included for explanatory purposes.


WPO Epidemiology Report: KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild

Variable Therianthropy (VT), caused by a thaumaturgically-enhanced strain of Rabies lyssavirus, is an emerging threat to First Mission: Survival Concerns. Infection is transmitted by contact with bodily fluids, and no cases of airborne transmission have been reported. Infection is associated with permanent disfiguration and subsequent dysphoria. No cure is known.


VT can last indefinitely within a zoonotic reservoir, increasing the aggression of infected animals towards human beings. Any transfer of bodily fluids (primarily mucus, saliva, and blood) from an infected specimen, human or other, has a 100% chance to transmit the virus to uninfected individuals. There are a number of reports, still under investigation, that VT can be transmitted by superficial bites as well. Furthermore, VT has no inherent associated fatality in healthy adults and infected individuals remain contagious for the remainder of their lives.

The estimated R0 of VT, including both human and animal transmission, is between 30 and 50. Comparable diseases have been listed below.

Disease R0
Seasonal Influenza 1.3
Ebola 1.8
SARS 2-4
Measles 12-18
Variable Therianthropy 30-50

Variable Therianthropy can be eliminated as a public health problem via population control. Any animal populations known to be or suspected of infection with VT must be exterminated. Human individuals infected with VT should be quarantined from uninfected humans, though they may contact other infected individuals freely. Absolutely no contact between infected individuals and animal life should be permitted.

PSYCHE Records

Continual Social Media/Search Query Monitoring:

As epidemic management efforts in the Kirwin Quarantine Zone neared their third day, a change in sentiment was noted in resident use of social media.

Google searches:

How do (unregistered immigrants) climb the wall? (50+ similar)

Facebook posts:

Calling all American patriots: unlawful detainment of American citizens! (10+ similar)

Reddit posts:

AITA for wanting to eat my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I both recently underwent a pretty dramatic health scare. We're both doing ok now and we've decided we want to make this work even though it seems like we shouldn't be compatible

The other day though I was watching him when he was making dinner and I just got so hungry. I walked up behind him and naughtily muzzled the nape of his neck the way I had a hundred times before our health scares. As soon as I smelled the musk of his sweat I knew; I didn't want the vegetables he was chopping. I wanted him. I wanted to tear his belly open and spill his guts on the floor. I wanted to tear the flesh off of his bones and utterly devour it.

He asked me what was on my mind and I just told him I was hungry. He must've suspected something though so he kept pushing even though I kept telling him I didn't want to talk about it. Finally I snapped and told him he looked delicious.

He pointed the knife at me and left the house! He hasn't been back and none of my neighbors or friends will tell me where he went. Reddit, AITA?

GOC cyberoperatives redirected the above post to be published on /r/nosleep instead of /r/amitheasshole. Engagement levels remained within acceptable misinformation thresholds.


Following the internal release of the WPO epidemiology report, anthropocentric elements within the GOC pushed for immediate action. However, given the known diplomatic stances of the WPO towards endemic paranatural diseases, moderate elements suspected bias on part of the WPO and demanded a neutral part perform additional analysis. Member organizations Goldbaker-Reinz Ltd. and Servants of the Silicon Nornir were consulted by PTOLEMY to perform rapid in-depth analysis. The Silicon Nornir provided a dataset of future projections, and Goldbaker-Reinz determined the worst case scenario among them.2


Worst Case Scenario Analysis

KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild ("Werebeast Curse", "Variable Therianthropy")

Zarin Julia Kim, Analyst, Goldbaker-Reinz Ltd.

Goldbaker-Reinz Ltd. has performed analysis of scenario forecasts provided by the Silicon Nornir and determined the likely economic and societal impact.

This analysis was performed on behalf of the Global Occult Coalition. All judgments expressed within should be taken as the opinion of Goldbaker-Reinz Ltd. and not the position of the Servants of the Silicon Nornir, the GOC, or the Council of 108 as a whole.

Scenario Assumptions
We assume that Triumviraté has no further samples of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild and that all releases have been successfully terminated or otherwise contained except for the Kirwin population. We believe this is a reasonable assumption through consultation with the Silicon Nornir.

We assume no individual of sound mind would wish to willingly spread KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild and have accounted for accidental spread and unsound mind. The Silicon Nornir believe that the PENTAGRAM has procured samples of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild and are analyzing it in vitro but will almost surely not deploy it as a bioweapon in the field.

Summarized Catastrophe Timelines
An infected individual makes contact with an airborne animal (e.g. bird, bat) that has bypassed existing quarantine measures. The individual has the bare minimum transfer of biological material necessary to transfer the virus e.g. feeds a bird from a paw that has contacted saliva, transferring KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild to a zoonotic reservoir. The airborne animal escapes the exclusion zone, making biological contact with others of its species, spreading the infection.

The virus spreads through the ecosystem, jumping between species until every nonhuman member of kingdom Animalia is infected. In parallel, the virus jumps to members of genus homo, where spread is primarily caused by accidental transmission due to prominent visual indicators of infection. The virus becomes impossible to stop save for total extermination of the biosphere.

All humanoids inevitably become infected by KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild without consistent source features. Humanity splinters culturally. The human species ceases to exist in any meaningful sense, in a total failure of First Mission: Survival concerns.

Economic Impact
The $10 trillion global healthcare industry would collapse nearly entirely. Sufferers of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild undergo significant biological shifts both physically and chemically. Nearly all existing pharmaceutical drugs would cease expected function and require replacement, leaving all sufferers from preexisting conditions without access to care. Almost all medical and research professionals would require retraining to adjust for changes in biology. Existing medical research on the Allgermanic werewolf and similar subspecies would be largely inapplicable due to the extreme variation of suffers of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild.

Mitigating Factors
The World Parahealth Organization takes the spread of paranatural diseases very seriously and will bring the full force of disease prevention.

Infectees of KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild have not had the opportunity to form a distinct national culture, exempting them from the CPPCG. Should cultures develop, it is likely that the difference in interspecies sources can be exploited to prevent meaningful unity. Currently, the individuals in Kirwin believe that they are being held until the development of a cure and are willingly self-isolating from the outside world.

Should the scenario come to pass, there are no viable measures to undo it.

We estimate that this worst-case scenario is "Improbable/Preventable" assuming proper measures are taken. Should no action be taken and the course of events be allowed to proceed, we would reclassify this scenario as "Possible/Irreversible."

PSYCHE Records

Final Social Media/Search Query Monitoring:
The following Reddit post was intercepted under protocol SHADOWBAN and was flagged for alarming rapid escalation of pro-KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild sentiments.

If you could become your fursona, what would you give up?

If I told you there was a way to become your fursona, would you go for it?

I know it sounds like a rhetorical question, the kind you've heard a thousand times already. But what if I told you it was real?

I was bitten by my rottweiler last week. He's a nice dog and he usually never bites. But before you knew it, I had a rottweiler head, paws, and a great sense of smell. I've been marking my territory around my property and it feels amazing. I know it's weird and gives the rest of us a bad name, but it's just so satisfying knowing that my land, from the trees in the north to the curb on the southern road, is all mine.

The other people in my town are undergoing the same thing. At night, I've gone outside and howled at the moon, and they howl with me. We howl, one pack, the way we were always meant to be. The way humans were always meant to live. But in the day, they see it as a curse and want a cure. They're afraid of being persecuted for being different. I think we all know what that feels like.

But I view this as our chance. I think we can build a new society based on who we truly are. We can build a future free of persecution, where we can be sure that we won't have to be afraid of extermination or being murdered in the streets. (Sorry, I know it sounds cheesy, but I'm just way too excited — I couldn't help myself!)

If you agree, come to Kirwin, Kansas. It's not a curse. It's a gift, and gifts are meant to be shared.

And if they stop you, I'll come to you.

GOC cyberoperatives allowed the publication of the above post. However, after 10 minutes had passed, the reception had been unexpectedly overwhelmingly positive, so it was emergency terminated.

This information was shared with the UIU. Furthermore, the WPO officially recommended to the U.S. Government that humane euthanasia be performed on the infected victims of Kirwin, as through no fault of their own their continued existence was a threat to the entirety of human civilization.

In response, the United States Government unilaterally condemned the WPO for recommending the extralegal mass execution of American citizens without due process. Furthermore, they demanded that control over the Kirwin Quarantine Zone be transferred entirely to the UIU and that all GOC involvement in the operation cease. Attempts at negotiation failed, and Coalition forces withdrew promptly.


The Council of 108 was debating the merits of conducting clandestine operations within United States territory, against American citizens, without the cooperation of the American government, in order to contain a highly contagious First Mission threat. It was clear that any accidents in the PENTAGRAM's investigation into weaponizing KTE-6990-Mendel-Nimuebusterchild would transform the existence of the human race.

However, before a course of action could be agreed upon, approximately 300 1-milliTon explosions were detected within the Kirwin Quarantine Zone.

When the United States government was notified of this occurrence, the PENTAGRAM liason to the GOC explained that during a PENTAGRAM experimental thaumobaric weapons test, a flight path error led to an unintended activation over the Kirwin Quarantine Zone. Standard cover story "gas leak" was used to explain this and no additional aid from the GOC was necessary at the time.

ICSUT analysis indicates that the weapon seemed designed to harness ambient EVE radiation to catalyze a backlash cascade with highly exothermic effects. A weapon with this design would be more potent against Type-Blues and fae, as well as any other organisms that incorporate more thaumaturgic processes in their biology than baseline H. sapiens sapiens. While a bomb of this design would lack the precision of a sentient thaumaturge and the ability to control thaumaturgical backlash, it would have the benefit of causing exothermic reactions to occur within cells, boiling its targets alive and causing them to explode from the pressure differential.

There were no survivors from the Kirwin population itself, human or otherwise.

No casualties were sustained among Coalition or American personnel.

Investigations into issuing international sanctions against the United States Government for multiple counts of illegal paraweapon testing by the PENTAGRAM are ongoing.

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