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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:
KTE-3528-Black "Son of Muspelheim"


The Ojos del Salado eruption.

Authorized Response Level:
5 (Immediate Threat)

A humanoid entity with volcanic rock-like skin 3-4 metres in height, currently leading an army of approximately 20,0000 similar humanoids. Eyewitness reports confirm 3528-Black and its forces emerged from the Ojos del Salado stratovolcano in the Andes, and have been steadily marching north. Volcanic eruptions have emerged along their path, causing heavy civilian casualties.

Sequence P23–86
T: 12:28 | D: NOV-03

The Latin Chapter of the Knights Templar: hope to god this thing's still working.

Ojos erupted about six hours ago, and things have been steadily getting more fucked ever since. The lava streams or whatever they're called wiped out most of the population on the Chilean side, so we're looking at tens of thousands of fatalities already, which will get worse with the volcanic winter- Assuming we make it that far. I've got no idea how things are on the Argentine side, but it's probably the same.

And to top it all off, we have an army of fire jötunn marching north to deal with, along with all the other godly shit running loose in Latin America. Anyone out there?

The Hermatic Order of the Golden Dawn is currently disconnected.

The Ordo Templi Orientis is currently disconnected.

The World Parahealth Organization is currently disconnected.

The Latin Chapter of the Knights Templar: Well, fuck.

The International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology: Oh thank god this thing's still working. All our other communications have been swamped. What's your status, KT?

The Latin Chapter of the Knights Templar: Not good. We have a few days at best before our backup generators fail, and that's if we don't starve to death first. Rations are running dangerously low. What happened to you guys? I thought Arthur and Fionn were keeping things straight.

The International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology: They were, but even heroes can't do anything against a tidal wave. It's KTE-2297, I'll send you what we have.

KTE-2297-Cetus "The Serpent": A massive aquatic serpentine entity stretching across most of Greenland in deep hibernation. The skin of the entity secretes a potent toxin that causes death in minutes. 2297-Cetus had been known to Coalition agents for decades, but has recently awoken and is swimming southwest, causing heavy devastation.

Estimated Fatalities:

Ireland 250,000
Norway 130,000
Iceland Unknown
Greenland Unknown

The International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology: We've got no communications coming in from Greenland or Iceland, but considering they would've been almost right above 2297-Cetus when the waves started forming… it's not looking good. We need to activate Pizzicato.

UN High Command is currently disconnected.

The Latin Chapter of the Knights Templar: Oh, Father save us.

The United Church of Satan, Scientist: I don't think that'll be happening anytime soon, considering the multiple eschatologies.

The International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology: Holy hell, UCS is still up and running? How's the situation there?

The United Church of Satan, Scientist: Well, it's not exactly ideal. It looks like 2297-Kapala has sprung up.

KTE-2297-Kapala "Ship of the Dead": A Viking longship composed of millions of individual human nails about 860 m in length. 2297-Kapala gradually built itself up over the course of centuries, with the first reports of it being from the late 1300s when the entity was only half its current size. Tsunamis caused by 2297-Cetus have dislodged the ship, which is travelling southwest in the serpent's wake.

The Latin Chapter of the Knights Templar: What's your organization's status? Able to respond to the Threat Entity?

The United Church of Satan, Scientist: If this was any other day? Sure. But KTE-3043-Green's little apocalypse has been tying up most of our resources. Maybe if we

Wait. Hold on. Is anyone else getting a message?

End of Sequence P23–86


Special Observer: Cynthia Fume

Overview: The three roosters have crowed. Hel's bloodstained guardian roams free. The great serpent Jormungandr has awoken, and in his wake sails the ship of the damned. Surtr and his jötnar host march forth from Muspelheim, and Hrym from the east.

Ragnarok has come. The age of the wolf, when the sun will turn black for all the years to come, Yggdrasill shall shudder and groan, and no man will have mercy on another.

But it does not need to be the end. Lady Frigg has sent a message, passed down from the Allfather to every man and woman of honor, to meet them on the field of Óskópnir, at Pelee Island. This is where the fate of all Nine Worlds will be decided.

The Global Occult Coalition must stand ready to defend humanity against all foes.

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