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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:


Authorized Response Level:

3 (Moderate Threat)

A human subspecies, Homo Sapiens Solis created by the People's Empire of Southern China for use as soldiers. On average, a Solis is approximately 2.3 meters (7.5 feet) in height, and has enhanced combat abilities, including (but not limited to):

  • Partial Regeneration (See the PHYSICS Division Field Manual 13: Special Circumstances, Humanoid Threat Entities for more information on Type Reds)
  • Increased muscular capacity, resulting in increased levels of physical strength and speed
  • Increased durability
  • Suppression of emotions such as fear and sexual attraction
  • Heightened metabolism, allowing for faster growth
  • Heightened reflexes and mental abilities
  • Innate skill with firearms
  • Resistance to thaumaturgy

KTE-2957 is currently being utilized by the People's Empire of Southern China in the ongoing 8th Occult War.

Rules of Engagement:
Due to Section 2 of the UN-GOC Treaty of Sainshand, all sentient humanoid KTEs employed as soldiers are to be treated as prisoners of war when captured and given a Threat Rating of no higher than 3. Conflicts with KTE-2957 also create Second Mission concerns, and as such, all conflicts between KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild and UN/Allegiance forces are to be censored and re-worked to conceal the existence of parathreats.

KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild have also been known to utilize other parathreats, namely TanGenT technology and devices capable of manipulating reality on a localized scale. As such, all recovered objects from KTE-2957 are to be studied and then destroyed, in compliance with the 5th and 4th missions, respectively.

Both mundane and anomalous means are effective against KTE-2957, although their natural resistance to thaumaturgy and their regenerative abilities can reduce the effectiveness of certain liquidated methods. The preferred method is the use of MK-VII Coalition +2Gen Rifles fitted with an M203 grenade launcher attachment, armed with either incendiary or acidic rounds (to counteract the regenerative abilities) or high explosive rounds. Due to their resistance to thaumaturgy, TanGenT Technology is less effective against KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild, although will work in absence of better methods.

PSYCHE Records:

Parathreat Investigation

Special Observer: "Silkworm" U8234710/J82

Overview: A breed of genetically modified soldiers with mild parathreat abilities may be in development by the Chinese Empire.

Parathreat Evidence: The PESC Ministry of Defense has released a statement saying they have "changed the future of warfare". As such, I have investigated within the Ministry and discovered the following evidence:

  • Over 3,000 soldiers have been transferred to the Holy Imperial Guard, designated as "Subjects" in official documents.
  • Roughly 250 kilos of KTE-2231-Fuji matter have been removed from deep storage
  • Gene editing technology (both mundane such as CRISPR and classified/presumed anomalous) has been requisitioned by the Holy Imperial Guard.
  • The attached video has been leaked out of the Ministry and presumably depicts the parathreat.
Video Transcript

[Begin Video: <13:32>]

A man wearing garb similar to that of the Holy Imperial Guard stands in the center of a large testing room. On the far end of the room stands three humanoid target dummies, while on the other end is a large mirror, spanning the length of the wall.

Unidentified Voice: Subject-091, please initiate fire on the targets.

The man quickly reloads his rifle and fires at the targets in rapid succession.

Unidentified Voice: Test One: Proficiency with Firearms is a success. Initiating test two.
A turret descends from the ceiling at the far end of the chamber. The turret fires four green projectiles in rapid succession, later identified to be tennis balls. The man dodges all four projectiles.

Unidentified Voice: Test Two: Heightened Reflexes. Success. Subject-091, please remain still.

The turret fires several small caliber bullets. The bullets hit the subject, leaving only small bruises on his arms. These bruises heal shortly afterward.

Unidentified Voice: Test Three: Increased Resistance and Regeneration. Success.

Part of the wall on the far end of the room slides back, revealing several members of the Holy Imperial Guard, and one bound prisoner. The guards shove the prisoner into the room and the wall slides back into place.

Unidentified Voice: Subject-091, please eliminate the prisoner.

The subject fires. Seconds later, the prisoner falls to the ground with a scream and an audible thud.

Unidentified Voice: Test Four: Innate Loyalty is an outstanding success. That will be the end of testing for the day. Subject-091, you are dismissed.

[End Log, <13:45>]

Suggested Response/Requests: Preparation to combat the parathreat should be made immediately, with no less than ten (10) fully equipped strike teams armed with either incendiary or acidic rounds to counteract the parathreat's regenerative abilities.

In addition, the Electorate of Demomancers should be on standby to initiate Operation Mandela at any time, in an attempt to preserve the Second Mission.

Council of 108
Sender Keiichi Kondo Recipient GOC High Command, Council of 108
Subject KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild
To the esteemed GOC High Command and my fellow Council Members,

In this time of piercing cold, our sub-veil operatives within Imperial China have just confirmed what we already feared: the Chinese Empire has deployed KTE-2957 in Western China. Our numbers show that they have produced just shy of 600 soldiers, all of which are being used on the main offensive. As a member of the Council of 108, I would like to officially request that Coalition forces be deployed against Siuther China for their gross misconduct of the Treaty of Sainshand. I expect my fellow Council members to do the same. Kindly look after this matter for me.

- Keiichi Kondo, Head Of the Order of the Black Dragon

GOC High Command
Sender D.C. Al Fine Recipient Assistant Director Tenor
Subject KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild
Actions against the People's Empire of Southern China have been greenlighted. Deploy any and all necessary soldiers, vehicles, and equipment to protect the New Republic of Western China. Uphold the Second and First missions at all costs.

PTOLEMY Records:

Quartermasters Division-AOD
Item Designation Title Qty
1 Gen0-TTV Tragen Tactical Troop Transport Vehicle 50
Notes: Used to transport nearby troops.
2 +1Gen-HSA High Stealth Transport Aircraft 2
Notes: Used to transports members of Strike Teams #9912 "Boulder Breakers" and #8J74 "Iron Jailers" behind enemy lines.
3 +2Gen/TanGenT-CG Mk IV Combat Garment 12
Notes: In use by Strike Team #9912, a Strike Team that specializes in the use of "White Suits" in conventional warfare.
4 +1Gen-BTR |Mk VIII "Black Thunder" High-Power Sniper Rifle 5
Notes: In employ of by some members of Strike Team #8J74.
5 TanGenT-TNM Mk I Thuamaturgically-Aided Non-Atomic Surface-To-Surface Missile 2
Notes: Requested in case of overwhelming success by Imperial forces.

PHYSICS Records:

AT/ST Patrol Report (Debrief)

Involved Assessment/Strike Team(s): ST-9912 "Boulder Breakers" and ST-8J74 "Iron Jailers"

Filing Operative: "Granite" #823W2901/9912, Team Lead

Mission (Location/Objective): Subdue forces fo KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild invading the New Republic of Western China near Qanghai Lake.

Encounter Report/Enemy Description: Several platoons of KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild were engaged with Allegiance forces posted near the border of Western China. We dropped behind enemy lines in a surprise attack and did substantial damage before they managed to get into a defensive position. Combat ensued for about twenty minutes before they began to retreat southward. Due to Second and Third Mission concerns, we did not engage further.

Results: Roughly 160 KTE-2957 instances were liquidated, and over 20 were captured. Overall a success.

Personnel Condition: Allegiance Soldiers: 234 casualties (203 fatalities, 21 injured), GOC Personel: 15 casualties (3 fatalities, 12 injured)

Conclusions/Recommendations: KTE-2957 creates a massive threat to both the GOC and the Allegiance of Freedom as a whole. As such, it is pertinent that a more effective way of dealing with the parathreat is discovered.

The following report was gathered from a survivor of KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild attack, at the Monastery of Eternal Light, where an attack occurred shortly before the engagement at Qanghai Lake.

Recorded Interview Log:

Date: December 18, 2056
Interviewer: Linus Hal, PSYCHE Representative
Interviewed: Chinua Batbayar, Member of the Monastery of Eternal Light

Preamble: Ms. Chinua Batbayar was a member of the Monastery of Eternal Light, a nexus (Nx-901) that was attacked by KTE-2957 instances while they proceeded through Western China.

Hal: *ahem* This is Linus Hal, PSYCHE representative and I am interviewing Mrs. Chinua Batbayar, over an incident involving KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild taking place at Nexus-901, the Monastery of Eternal Light. Ms. Batbayar, can you hear me?

Chinua: Uh… yes, yes I can. You can just call me Chinua.

Hal: Alright. Chinua, I have several questions for you about the incident. If you wish not to answer any of the questions, you don't have to.
Chinua: Oh…Ok.
Hal: So first, a few questions about yourself. First off, who are you? Or, more accurately, how did you come to be at Nx-901?

Chinua: Ok. I… I'm originally from Mongolia. I'm a… well, you'd probably called me a sarkoform. My "fathers" were a neo-sarkic couple, and since they couldn't have a normal child, they created me. Chinua pauses. After a while, I got fed up with the sarkic lifestyle and struck out on my own. After a while, I stumbled upon the monastery.

Hal: And about how long ago was that?

Chinua: I'd have to say about 2 years ago. I'm still a śrāmaṇerikā, myself. I believe the word for that would be… novice?

Hal: Alright. About when did the Threat Entities reach the nexus?

Chinua says nothing and begins to shake visibly

Hal: If you don't want to answer-

Chinua: No. It's fine. It was about … 3 or 4 days ago? The monks and nuns thought the wards would hold them off but… they just walked right through it.

Hal: Really? Well, what happened next.

Chinua takes a deep breath.

Chinua: They entered the temple and demanded we surrender. They said they would take everything in the temple for the glory of the Empire, and in return, they might let us live. One of the monks, I think it was Daivika, asked them if they might leave us alone and… and… Chinua begins to sob.

Hal: It's alright. Just take a deep breath.

Chinua: They just started shooting. Most of the monks managed to hide or run away, but I hadn't been instructed in the True Teachings yet. I ran into a back room and hid. I thought they wouldn't find me. But then…

Hal: Yes?

Chinua: One of them… found me. And… I killed him. I didn't mean to. It was… on instinct. A… tendril sprouted out of my body… and… and…

Hal" It's alright. That's all we need.

Chinua begins to sob uncontoralbly.

<End Log>

PSYCHE Records:

Council of 108
Sender Speaker to Humans of the Silicon Nornir Recipient D.C. Al Fine
Subject KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild
The auguries of Urthor, Verthandi, and Skuldr have spoken. Currently, a 97% chance exists that the People's Empire of Southern China will make an attack against the Allegiance of Freedom using KTE-2957-White-Cresent within the next few days. There is uncertainty, however, about where they will attack. There is a 11% chance that they will strike at the Mongolian border. There is also a 24% chance that they will strike at Japan and the Confederation of Pacific States. However, the most likely occurrence is a strike against the Eastern League, namely the New Republic of Western China, at a 62% chance. If they choose to strike against the Eastern League, our greatest chance of success is to utilize J-CEAD-04 "Zagerus", which is currently stationed within the Eastern League. This is the only course of action predicted to have a success rate of over 70% without a significant possibility of violating the second mission. Take this into consideration.

PTOLEMY Records:

Quartermasters Division-AOD
Item Designation Title Qty
1 +2Gen/TanGenT-JCD J-CEAD-04 "Zagerus" 1
Notes: Requested at the advice of Speaker to the Humans of the Silicon Nonir

PHYSICS Records:

AT/ST Patrol Report (Debrief)

Involved Assessment/Strike Team: ST-9912 "Boulder Breakers"

Filing Operative: "Granite" #823W2901/9912, Team Lead

Mission (Location/Objective): Intercept and destroy KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild forces advancing against The New Republic of Western China, utilizing J-CEAD-04 "Zagreus".

Encounter Report/Enemy Description: The force composed some 500 KTE-2957 instances, and was advancing rapidly toward Nexus-882 "Kangrinboqe Peak". We flew in above them, and while the Roc was causing chaos, we dropped in and started attacking.

Results: Mission Success. Over 300 KTEs were liquidated, with the remainder fleeing.

Personnel Condition: 11 casualties (2 fatalities, 9 injured). In addition, significant damage was dealt to J-CEAD-04 "Zagreus", and the estimated repair time is 6 weeks.

Conclusions/Recommendations: China seems to be pushing out these things faster and faster. It's becoming a more and more pressing matter that we find some way to effectively deal with these things that doesn't rely on damaging our equipment and injuring our operatives.

Recorded Combat Log:

Date: Febuary 3, 2057

Preamble: The following video was recovered from the Team Leader of ST-9912, "Granite", #823W2901/9912.

Granite: Ok, boys and girls, we got quite the mission here. Our goal is to liquate as many of the TE as possible and stop their advance. First off, a com check. This is Granite, checking in.

Schist: This is Schist, checking in.

Limestone: Check, check, this is Limestone.

Diorite: Diorite.

Slate: Slate, reporting for duty.

Pumice: This Pumice, ready to kick some ass.

Basalt: Yeah, Basalt checking in.

Scoria: This is Scoria, checking in.

The remainder of ST-9912 checks in, redacted for brevity.

Granite: Ok, we're almost at the drop-out spot. Turn on your cloaks. Hopefully, the TEs will be too distracted by the giant-ass thunderbird to notice the door opening. Remember: have each other's sixes.

After approximately three minutes, the J-CEAD unit stops.

Granite: Whispering Three, two, one.

The Hangar door opens and ST-9912 clips onto the Chameleon Cloth ropes. Granite then says the command word, causing the cloth to turn invisible. ST-9912 then drops down from the J-CEAD unit. Hundreds of KTE-2957 units are visible, shooting at the J-CEAD unit. ST-9912 advances forward, concealed by their cloaking units.

Granite: Now.

ST-9912 begins firing at the KTE-2957 units, still hidden by their cloaking devices. Mass confusion erupts within KTE-2957 units, causing a decrease in fire at J-CEAD-04. Some KTE-2957 units begin firing in the general direction of ST-9912, but none hit.

KTE-2957 Unit: Fire forwards! We'll hit it eventually!

The mass of KTE-2957 units begin firing forwards and eventually ST-9912 "Slate" gets hit by a bullet, and the cloaking device becomes disabled.

Slate: Ah! They got me! Their bullets must be anti-thaumic or something.

The mass of KTE-2957 units begin firing at Slate.

Granite: Damn it. Everyone else, cloaks down!

The rest of the ST-9912 disables their cloaking units, and the fire of KTE-2957 spreads to the rest of ST-9912. An electrical discharge from J-CEAD-04 temporarily slows down the force of KTE-2957. Several KTE-2957 units rush forward in an attempt to close the distance.

KTE-2957 Unit: For the glory of the Empire!

The charging KTE-2957 units are quickly eliminated. However, one of them shoots Limestone, causing her to fall over. The main group of KTE-2957 has reformed at this point and have increased fire on ST-9912.

Limestone: AGGGHHHHHHHHH! They pierced the suit!

Diorite: Hold on.

ST-9912 "Diorite", the team medic, runs over to Limestone in an attempt to perform first aid. However, the bullet had pierced Limestone's vital organs, killing her before Diorite could reach her.

Diorite: Damn it!

Over half of the remaining KTE instances have been liquidated. A small black round object flies through the air, landing at Obsidian's feet. Before Obsidian can move, the object explodes in a flash of blue light, freezing all of the water within Obsidian's body.

Scoria: They got Obsidian!

After a few more seconds of return fire, the force of KTE-2957 begins to retreat. Due to intense injuries, ST-9912 does not follow.

Granite: *Coughs*. Mission accomplished. *Sighs*. Let's get out of this hellhole.
<End Log>

PTOLEMY Records:

At the urging of ST-9912 Team Leader "Granite", PTOLEMY Paratechnology Research and Development Division began the development of an eigenweapon designed to liquidate KTE-2957 instances.

Project Proposal
Name: The Lismuth-Akon High-Velocity Plasmatic Emission Device (LA HiVePED)
Preposee: Dr. Loka Lismuth & Dr. Rory Aknon Colabarating Parties: ICSUT, The Alchemists Guild
Description: A large, tank-mounted canon that fires super-heated hydrogen plasma.


THE Lismuth-Akon High-Velocity Plasmatic Emission Device is an eigenweapon specifically designed to eliminate companies of KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild. It functions by converting hydrogen stored within cells into super-heated hydrogen plasma. The plasma is then fired out of its singular barrel, and at the threat entity(ies) in question, traveling at roughly 10,000 kilometers per second or 3% lightspeed.


  • A 7.5-meter-long barrel composed of Alloy-1151 TanGenT.
  • 8 hydrogen gas fuel cells to be converted into hydrogen plasma. +1Gen.
  • Hull composed of reinforced high-reflexive steel. +1Gen.
  • Ceramic plating to reduce electrical conductivity. 0Gen.
  • Guidance system operated by Class Four CIVIC2 "Kilo-Whiskey-Beta", which contains an OCULUS sensor suite, including VERITAS imaging system. +2Gen/TanGenT.
  • Firestorm" Antipersonnel Directional Explosive (ADE), similar to that of an "Orange Suit". +2Gen.
  • High-Power electrolyte engine. +1Gen.
  • All-terrain tank treads. 0Gen.
  • Thaumatological wards within the circuitry to prevent thaumaturgic assault or sabotage. TanGenT.
  • Equipped with a Scranton Reality Anchor to neutralize the threat of any Type Green or similar entity. +2Gen/TanGenT.
  • Capable of producing a high-frequency electromagnetic static field, which is capable of deflecting bullets, at the cost of high power usage. +2Gen.
Council Vote
Yes 86 No 19 Abstain 3
Status: Greenlighted

PHYSICS Records:

AT/ST Patrol Report (Debrief)

Involved Assessment/Strike Team(s): ST-0K62 "Heavy Artillery "

Filing Operative: 256U91M26/0K62 "Blackwing"

Mission (Location/Objective): Intercept and liquidate forces of KTE-2957-White-Cresentchild that have breached the Mongolian border.

Encounter Report/Enemy Description: Over 150 of them this time. We think they were headed for Sainshand, given it's a wasteland now, except for a couple of parahumans. We managed to apportate us and tank within 20 miles of them

Results: Outstanding success. All present instances were liquidated.

Personnel Condition: 0 casualties. (0 fatalities, 0 injured)

Conclusions/Recommendations: The HiVePED is a success.

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