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Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon (Vengeful Piñata)

Authorized Response Level:

4 (Severe Threat)


KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon refers to entities resembling a quadrupedal Piñata which are a imminent danger to any nearby children. Any human child under 12 years of age who enters within a 5 meter 15 meter 30 meter radius of the entity and stays within this radius for longer than 30 seconds will begin to experience the effects of KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon, which includes the immediate and total dehydration of the victim, total paralysis of the victim, with the exception of their eyes and nervous system, and gradual transmutation of their organs into unnatural candies which KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon uses for reproduction.

KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon will approach the victim, if possible, and begin to repeatedly batter them, causing the developing candy to pour out of the cavities created by the entities assault. If victims are removed from the area of effect, KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon will cease activity, and the victim will perish either due to dehydration, asphyxiation, or internal bleeding.

KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon candies are shown to have a subconscious effect on any individuals under the age of 12, causing them to desire to eat the candy, although this is described more as an "intrusive thought" rather than a singular desire. Individuals under the age of 12 will become an instance of KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon in the span of 10 minutes, while other organisms who consume the candy will come down with a rapid and severe case of Type 2 Diabetes, which will usually result in death unless the individual seeks immediate medical attention.

KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon is typically immobile, outside of the occasions where a victim enters its range of effect, however it has been shown to be able to orient itself in the direction of large clusters of adolescent children1 up to 200 miles away.

Engagement Rules:

Explosives are not to be used on KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon under any circumstances, as the candies produced by KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon victims are also within KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon instances, and are completely immune to blast or heat damage. Heat-based weaponry will effectively destroy an instance of KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon, removing it of its anomalous effects, however the only way to destroy KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon candies is through acidic substances with a pH of 2.

KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon should be destroyed immediately on contact, preferably via the use of a flamethrower, to prevent KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon from further effecting potential victims during transport. After termination, area should be quarantined and thoroughly searched for KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon candies, which must be destroyed at the nearest possible opportunity.


KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon was first encountered by the Coalition in June of 2011, in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon candies of unknown origin were served, leading to the death of 17 people, including three children who transformed into KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon instances. Two of these instances were eliminated by Coalition forces, however one instance managed to avoid destruction, and was found by the SCP Foundation, which designated the entity SCP-956.

The KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon entity was put under the control of Dr. Francesca Nile, who is responsible for the creation of the SCP Foundation's Junior Disposable program, and thus the death of, and illegal and unethical treatment and experimentation on, over 2,000 children2. Under Dr. Nile's tenure as project lead, KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon instances have continually grown in power, showing a continual and worrying increase in scope and efficiency.

An ultimatum has been delivered to SCP Foundation officials, ordering the surrender of the KTE-0154-Blackwood-Gorgon entity and Dr. Francesca Nile to Coalition forces by 03/15/2022, for liquidation and prosecution respectively.

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