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Hi! I'm Korben600. You probably know me as "That guy who never posts anything" or "Who?"

Anyway, if you're here, it's probably because you read some of my work, and enjoyed it enough to see more! …or you want to leave a scathing review about my historical inaccuracies, of which there are many.

Whatever reason you're here, I hope you enjoy my work!

Also if you're here from the SCPD discord, and are wondering "Hey, doesn't he have more stuff than this?", that's because I create (And post onto discord) about 6 good ideas for every 1 I actually write. Let's just say I have a HELL of a writing backlog I've been meaning to get to…

SCP-6091: It is World War 2. All is not quiet on the Eastern front. But it will be.

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