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September 3rd,

Perhaps not one of my finest days. The piping issue spread from the southern zone to over half of the site's area, so we had to put whatever we were doing on hold for maintenance to come to the rescue…again. To make things even better, the leaks made it to a couple of storage units, apparently messing up some of the containment procedures of the anomalous objects there. That means that someone special is going to have to go there soon to clean up and report back the damage caused and that special someone is probably going to me, as usual. Greg decided to come to cheer me up by passing by to offer me my weekly session of "loud vocalization" about how careless and irresponsible I am. This episode was about how it was my fault that the piping system broke down, even though I just happened to be in the area of the incident. Boy, do I like working here.

Oh, also one of the Tactical Response Squads came back recently from a Serpent's Hand raid with more than a handful of items. Tomorrow I'll be assigned to reviewing and cataloging some of them, so that might be interesting at least. Somehow, they always seem to give me the funniest ones to study. Not complaining, though.

September 5th,

Oh, God, I really fucked up this time! Maybe Greg was right all along about me being irresponsible, but I can't stop now.

This morning, some guys left me a few sealed boxes of artifacts and objects recovered from that Serpent's Hand raid, telling me to look through them and report if I find anything peculiar or that can be useful to the Foundation. I grabbed my coat, looked for an empty examination room, requested a few D-Class personnel and started working. The whole day passed and nothing too incredible showed up: some liquid that keeps a spherical form, a creepy plastic figurine that doesn't cast shadows, a pair of shoes affected by inverse gravity. Seriously, why would they even keep this kind of junk?

It got really late and the only item left unopened was this small wooden crate. Now, I know I could've left it there and continued the experiment the following day, but I was really tired and pissed that nothing interesting showed up so I said "screw it" and went in the examination room by myself. I opened the crate and discovered this old-looking book inside. I picked it up, flipped through the pages only to find…nothing. The damn book was empty. Right as I was about to put it down and call it a day, I spotted some text with the corner of my eye on the first page. "Our story begins on July 17th, in the magical city of Southampton, as a hero is gifted to those lands."

Right after I read that first sentence, another just showed up on the page. After reading that one, another one followed it. And even crazier is that the sentences were about me! About my life! But it was like someone transformed into a story. It wasn't a cold, boring biography, it was a tale of a hero on his mighty quest to discover his purpose and change the world! I kept reading and reading until I reached the point in my life when I discovered the book. The text then told me it's time for me to continue my journey and stopped generating sentences. I wasn't shocked, just amazed of how interesting my life seemed when put into that perspective. I was so captivated, I didn't even realize almost 2 hours had passed. I was way too tired to write a report on this inoffensive SCP, so I grabbed my stuff and headed home, still with a smile on my face.

That's when the weird stuff started happening.
As I was driving home, I suddenly started hearing a faint voice in my head. I turned down the radio, thinking the sound might've come from there, but it kept going, becoming more audible with each sentence. "Tired, Lawrence, you're just really tired. That's all." I kept telling myself. I then started to clearly make out the words. They weren't gibberish, it was a calm voice talking in my head, describing the actions I was doing. "Lawrence suddenly started feeling uneasy, as if the whole world crumbled inside him. The sweat on his forehead and tight grab of the steering wheel were giving away the fact that something was on his mind.". I started freaking out.

I pulled over to gather my thoughts for a moment, to focus on what was going on, but the voice kept going, almost covering my thoughts. It then came to me that the voice's way of speaking was familiar to me and I immediately knew why. It had the same narration style as the text from my "story". But that was not all there was. I needed to go back to the site and ask for help.
I got back in the car and started heading back to where it all started. On the way there, the voice continued to describe my thoughts, feelings, actions, as well as the kinds of places I was passing through. At one point, though, the voice said something like "During his hasty drive to his workplace, our hero stopped paying attention to the surrounding traffic, causing him to get struck by a monstrous truck whose breaks had stopped working.". A chill suddenly climbed my spine. Almost without even thinking, I smashed the break with my foot right as I was about to pass an intersection. The driver behind me must've gotten pretty angry, but I barely heard his honk. I was too focused on the giant truck passing at full speed by me from the street coming from the right. I watched it go on for a few more seconds, only to witness a crash into a huge statue, followed by an explosion. A few meters forward and I would've been hit full-on. I think the voice saved my life (or maybe put it in danger in the first place?).

Fast forward 10 minutes and I made it to the site. I told the guards I had forgotten something in the lab to let me in and I started wandering the halls, trying to focus on what I had to do. I wasn't sure who to report this to, since I wasn't very familiar with the night shift. Luckily, I remembered about a lady I knew, Lucy, a researcher assistant. The shift difference never allowed us to really get to know each other, but on the rare occasions we had met, she'd always been very nice to me. I asked around for her lab and I managed to make it there in one piece. Right when I was about to enter it, the voice caught my attention with "He carelessly entered the laboratory, ready to ask Lucille for help, not knowing that she, like a vulture, had been waiting patiently for him to make a mistake, so she could fly in and take the researcher position she had dreamed of.". I didn't know what to do. Another researcher passed by the lab and probably noticed me having an existential crisis, because he asked me if I was ok. I had to make a choice.

I could've told him what had happened and seek help. This would've been the sensible thing to do, considering the fact that I had no idea what was going on. But through the entire wave of thoughts going through my head, I was able to focus on one. This voice inside my head. This voice had information. I didn't know how it worked or whether I should trust it, but this thing may had saved my life and warned about me losing my job. It knew much more than I did and probably much more than anyone else did. I am not proud to admit it, but I started feel paranoid about the fact that letting the Foundation know I have access to possibly unlimited information might lead to them locking me up, or even my termination. So I let myself guided by this fear and told the researcher I was just sleep deprived. I called myself an uber home, because I didn't feel like driving in that condition. And here I am. I'll try to get some sleep, but I don't expect it will be easy with Sir Talk-a-lot chatting in my mind. This next day is going to be very, very interesting.

September 6th,

Today was very, very interesting.
I tried going on with my day as if nothing was wrong. That proved to be a little harder than I'd anticipated. Apparently, a voice talking continuously in your head can really affect your ability to focus. Talking with others was the fun part. It was like trying to hold a conversation with someone while listening to a podcast in your headphones. It did generate plenty of awkward moments when you just nod and smile, hoping it wasn't a question, but worst case scenario my coworkers think I was a little hungover.

I was right about this voice having all sorts of information. I managed to find out a lot of… unexpected facts about people throughout the site. This workplace really is a snake enclosure. I have to be careful who I can trust from now on.
But that was just the tip of the iceberg. I was passing by one of the locked empty containment cells and I thought I heard chatter inside it. I couldn't make out any words, but the voice gave me some insight. Apparently, the Foundation is bringing in this new classified creature to the site tomorrow. I don't know how this is going to affect us yet, but I don't like the way the voice described it as "a devilish beast" and the fact that my team wasn't informed about it makes it even more concerning.

September 7th,

I think I'm slowly starting to get used to this. Yeah, I still need sleeping pills to get a good night's rest and yeah, I am making efforts to focus on certain thoughts or to talk to other people, but it went from a big pain in the ass to a regular pain in the ass.
I didn't learn anything interesting today, unfortunately. Just the regular gossip about other's people thoughts and personal secrets. I try to forget some of the things I find out about these people. The voice can get into some really nasty stuff (why do you have to be such a creep, Dimitri?).

September 8th,

A man can only fuck up so many times, right? I wish that was true…
Today there was a slip-up. Remember that creature I talked about a couple of days ago? The one that was supposed to be secretly transferred to our site? Well, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that it's not a secret anymore. The bad news is that the thing breached containment when it arrived.

I was just sitting at my desk, filing some reports or whatever, when the alarm went off in the site. I was hoping my little mind friend would tell me what was going on, but I guess he decided to keep the readers on their toes. I left my quarters and headed towards an emergency room to wait for the Tactical Response Team to do their thing. I got there and the door was sealed shut by a security officer. People were talking about what SCP could've breached and rumour quickly spread about a classified entity. I, of course, acted surprised.

Now, here's a fun fact about our emergency rooms. Once sealed, it is almost physically impossible to open them without someone from a command center opening the door. That is extraordinarily useful when dealing with most SCP creatures, because they wouldn't be able to knock it down. A less fun fact about is that this system isn't really efficient in instances where the SCP can just phase through the walls, which was, as you probably guessed, exactly what happened after a few minutes.

The thing looked like a small cloud of smoke and it definitely wasn't passing by to say hi. It headed for the first person in its way and somehow entered his body, possessing him. It got control of his entire body, and, like most things we study do when they escape, started trying to kill people. Of course, we heavily outnumbered him, so we simply immobilised him. The smoke then started passing from person to person every few seconds, confusing the hell out of us, since we didn't know who to target. This fiasco continued until someone got killed for real. A guy, Charlie apparently smashed the possessed lady's head on the ground in self defence. The SCP then exited her body, looking almost twice as big as before. Things didn't get better from there, as the gas continued to possess random people through the room.

It was a bloody mess, literally. Screaming, running around, fighting. I was terrified and it looked like there was virtually nothing we can do to stop it. That's when my little pal came into play. "Lawrence and his companions were courageously making their stand against the shapeless monster. Little did they know, the beast had none, but one rather wet weakness.".
It took me a second, but once it came to me, I didn't stop to think twice before shouting my lungs out for someone to turn on the fire emergency sprinklers in the room. I shouted once, I shouted twice, I kept shouting until I saw Lucy(must've pulled an all-nighter, or in her case, an all dayer), reaching for the manual switch. As soon as the water started raining from the ceiling, the thing rushed out of whoever it was possessing and stormed through a wall like a bullet. After a few seconds, everyone went dead silent. Some of them then started looking at me, confused. Not knowing what to do, I tried to get everyone to calm down and settle. It somehow worked.

We waited about an hour trapped in there, wet, creeped out and awkward after all that had happened. One guy came to me at some point and asked how had I known that water would work on the thing? I then realized it, too. How could I logically explain them how I got that information without breaking my cover? I couldn't. I babbled something about having been just a lucky hunch out of fear and he left me alone.

Someone eventually let us out of there. They had us checked for scars and bruises, hospitalized the really beat up people and then let the rest of us go home for the day. Now I don't know what to do next. It is no mystery that I raised suspicion and I can't allow mistakes like these to happen again. If they find out I have been hiding an anomalous item from them, things are going to get even messier than today. In the meantime, I'll come up to some other excuse if they decide to question me tomo-

Incident Report 4569-1
Incident Date: 08/09/20██
Researchers Involved: Dr. Lawrence Preda
Classification: Class C
Incident Description: Multiple reports have been received from personnel regarding Dr. Preda's unusual behavior and knowledge of classified information about a certain SCP entity. Further investigation has proven that he had been not only purposely hiding information about an anomalous item from the Foundation, but also utilizing the object for his own personal gain. These actions are not in conformity with several Foundation rules and thus, Dr. Preda was detained, interrogated and had his journal studied. The Ethics Committee's first given sentence was the administration of amnestics and placement into civilian society at Level C, but these have proven to be ineffective at the removal of SCP-4569-A from his mind, as have all other methods attempted by The Foundation. EC had no other choice but request the termination of Dr. Preda and increased security for SCP-4569, in order to prevent similar events from occurring.

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