Kit's Home Hub of Happenings
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Kit may have believed that once, but now he had seen things and felt things and fucked things that no-one else knew of – amazingly beautiful things, indescribable horrors he scribbled in notebooks with his heart racing and his breath short, things that were meant to be mundane but spoke and looked and stared at him.

Kit deserves a pretty hub, but pretty hubs take time, so this is Under Construction.

Please excuse the dust, unexpected noises, and the occasional creation of swarms of butterflies.

You can read these in a-n-y order and they'll make the same amount of sense: none.

Because Kit is not a person

Because Kit cannot be easily explained in his actions and worlds.

I suggest you start at the top and work down. I suggest you wear a hard hat. I suggest you hold on tight to that hard hat and watch out for wrenches thrown by curious creatures with no hands and only tongues.

And Then, Kit Slept in which we discover our hero protagonist unwilling victim dismissing his new life in favour of eye tattoos and butterflies.

Kit's Bloomin' Adventure in which Kit enters an alleyway, takes some wrong turns along the way, and has Eldritch-like sex with a being who seems only composed of nerves and sexual heat.

Kit's Brotherhood in which we find out that Kit isn't alone, but may as well be.

The Duvet Queen in which Kit writes doesn't write a poem and he wakes up on the floor again, pens stuck to the side of his face.

Kit's Horror Hospital in which Kit is finally detained in a mental health hospital only to be stalked by a being well-known to the Foundation.

That One Time Kit Tried to Kill Himself in which Kit tries to kill himself, survives, and discovers the alleyway that changes his very existence forever.

Loskon in the Making in which we find out about Kit's past, and how it led him by the hand to where he is now.

Live Now. Tomorrow, We Die in which Kit is a stray animal, taken in by the man who destroyed his mind.

Twenty Minutes in which we - and Kit - find out it takes only 20 minutes to erase someone's self, identity and mind forever.

An Arm and a Leg in which Kit pays a visit to the Meat Market.

Kit, The Storyteller in which Kit, uh, tells a story.

No Racing by Horse-Drawn Vehicles in which we find a fun little bagatelle.

Hands Under the Water in which hands grow amongst the weeds and the Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water is neutral.

Kit Always Used to Think She was Cool in which Kit watches from a distance and fits together with someone like a broken jigsaw.

Trans(formative) a poem about the changing of self and the changing of others.

I Wish You Weren't Here I wish you weren't here.

And Then, Gabriel Slept SCP-KIT is Kit is Kit is Kit is Kit is Kit who is Kit where is Kit why is Kit

Kit says... that suicide and heavy metal maybe two of the most misunderstood things in the world.

We're Going to be Okay Dawn remembers a house, Kit, and the mould around them that formed angry beasts.

The Kit Christmas Mini Saga 2017

One Kit and an (Anomalous) Baby Pt. 1 in which Kit tries to have a peaceful Christmas alone.

One Kit and an (Anomalous) Baby Pt. 2 in which Kit doesn't have a peaceful Christmas alone.

One Kit and an (Anomalous) Baby the Penultimate Chapter in which Kit tells a festive tale of a boy with no skin, and a monster who lived in his house.

One Kit and an (Anomalous) Baby - the Finale in which things get Too Real and no-one has a peaceful Christmas.

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