King Pogan
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Hey. I'm KingPogan.

You probably know me from some random SCP you read that happened to have my name at the bottom.


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Item #: SCP-6679 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-6679 is impossible. Due to the nature of SCP-6679, individuals suffering from its effects are to be largely...
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+ Show component code - Hide component code + Show component code - Hide component code + Show component code - Hide component code + Show theme code - Hide theme code ...
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Item #: SCP-3822 Object Class: Keter Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-3822, total containment has yet to be accomplished. Containment efforts are thus focused on preventing...
tags: alive humanoid keter reproductive sapient scp sentient uncontained

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Item #: SCP-3981 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Confirmed instances of SCP-3981 on public television channels are to be immediately blocked and collected for later analysis by...
tags: cognitohazard euclid media mind-affecting recording scp transmission visual

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WARNING LEVEL 4 RESTRICTED The following file requires Level 4 security credentials to access. Unauthorized access attempts will be logged internally and provided to O5 Command for further analysis. ...
tags: amorphous extradimensional k-class-scenario keter neutralized scp
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A Very Radical Christmas
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They had been staring at his cracked, toothy grin for what seemed like hours. Within the frigid, vacant interior of a silent concrete cell, the blackened nightmare stood with a perfectly straightened...
tags: tale the-old-man

The Break Room
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Other Works By KingPogan ▸ More by this Author ◂ {$comments2} F.A.Q. {$doesthisfixthebug} The room was sparse, containing only a mostly ransacked box of glazed donuts and two...
tags: tale

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Info ⚠️ Content Warning: This article contains extreme violence, vivid descriptions of gore/death, implied reproductive violence, torture, strong language, and forcible confinement. ...
tags: tale the-old-man

File 682 ATLAS
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SECURITY NOTICE This file is only accessible by members of O5 Command. Registering user credentials Credentials accepted. Welcome, O5-1. PROJECT BRIEF The ATLAS Project is a classified initiative...
tags: hard-to-kill-reptile tale the-old-man

Operation Wilhelm
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FROM THE DESK OF THE UNITED STATES HIGHER RESEARCH COMMITTEE 02 JUNE 1947 TOP SECRET Director Collins, The USHRC has received your written request in regards to Operation Wilhelm and reviewed it in...
tags: tale

Emergency Action Bulletin
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tags: tale

Foundation Incident Review 221-B
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SCP FOUNDATION DEPARTMENT OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS INCIDENT REVIEW 221-B Overview Incident Summary Casualties Final Report Incident ID: 221-B Incident Type: Class-A Date of Incident: 08/31/████...
tags: tale

Ra'ash The Cosmic Hound
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Agent Hawthorne awoke to the sounds of chaos and death. He had heard them before. Afghanistan. Iraq. Places and moments he had desperately tried to purge from his memory, yet always crept their way...
tags: tale

Gor'dun the Consumer
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Gor'dun the Consumer sat upon his throne in the Dark Quadrant of the Andromeda Galaxy, shifting his weight to rest his head on his fist. His cosmic, almost impossibly dark face twitched in anguish as...
tags: tale


King Pogan
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Hey. I'm KingPogan. You probably know me from some random SCP you read that happened to have my name at the bottom. Collaborations
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