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Fatalities for 2014

Ketergrams are part of the Safety Subcommittee's program to promptly disseminate facts and outlines of events that have resulted in the deaths of Foundation staff in the line of duty. The data provided is based on preliminary investigations only, and does not represent final determinations or conclusions with respect to these events. Most bulletins recommend one or more "best practices", deemed likely to have prevented or mitigated the associated fatalities.

Information contained within these bulletins has been redacted as necessary and is approved for general use by L-1 staff and above who do not have specific prohibitions against such exposure. Administrators are asked to post these bulletins as soon as practical, in appropriate areas where staff congregate or frequent.

This annual summary of the previous calendar years' bulletins is provided to allow staff to review incidents they might have missed due to workload, vacation, or incapacitation.

Individually, you are encouraged to discuss the information within with colleagues, and contemplate how you might have prepared differently for, or responded differently to the events that unfolded. Supervisory staff are asked to recognize and forward practical suggestions, both general and specific, to the Safety Subcommittee. Our mission is to systematically improve the safety of Foundation operations.

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