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Item #: SCP-001
Object Class: Thaumiel
Level 3/001

SCP-001, Entrance Alpha. Foundation front purposefully expunged.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-001-K containment cycles are to be monitored from observation stations no more than fifteen meters away from the relevant containment area or threshold, using systems that do not compromise the integrity of the cycle. The SCP-001-K containment cycles must be maintained at all costs. Containment cycle failure has a non-zero chance of generating a spontaneous K-Class End-Of-The-World Scenario.

Certain members of personnel, during the course of their employment at the Foundation, either acquire or awaken anomalous properties that make them unfit for continued duty at their previous positions. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Manifestation of a chronic anomalous illness, such as Lycanthropy (Class 3 or below), Stevenson Syndrome, and Photonic Gastric Discharge Syndrome.
  • Manifestation of spectral phenomena, particularly Deering-class Hauntings.Referring to a pattern of haunting where an entity latches onto a single individual for the sole purpose of tormenting them; named for technician Phillip E. Deering. and Hirose-class manifestations.Scenarios where a 'guardian entity' of some form manifests around the subject..
  • Sudden expression of traits from anomalous DNA.
  • Awakening of thaumaturgical abilities equal to or higher than Class-4 ("Archmagus").
  • Awakening of psionic capabilities, particularly Delphi- and Dahl-class individuals.

For an expanded list of qualifying conditions, see Document 001-3, Pages 15-203.

Foundation personnel that meet the above criteria are to be removed from their current positions and reassigned to SCP-001; this is to be viewed as a form of punishment by the larger Foundation, in an effort to discourage individuals from actively attempting to acquire anomalous capabilities. The term 'Keter Duty' is to be used to refer to this reassignment.

Locations that are listed as the site of reassignment are to similarly reinforce the idea that 'Keter Duty' is a highly undesirable punishment. This list currently includes:

  • Point Nemo
  • Cape Maude, Antarctica
  • Vladivostok, Russia
  • The Darién Gap, Central America
  • Pyongyang, DPRK
  • Site-87, Wisconsin, USA
  • Site-36, India
  • Foundation HALO Facility Gilgamesh.An early HALO model, notorious for its tendency to list heavily to one side due to a faulty gyroscope.
  • Stonehenge, United Kingdom
  • Roswell, New Mexico, USA
  • Various Foundation Waste Disposal facilities
  • Any assignment in a national capital (i.e. Washington, D.C., USA and Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
  • Any non-Foundation military encampment or base
  • Lunar Area-32

Upon arrival to Site-100, individuals are to be escorted directly to Administration for orientation and explanation of their new assignment and administration of memetic agents in order to implant knowledge of various non-intuitive pieces of information regarding SCP-001 (such as the layout of Site-100, the location of personnel quarters, and the measures necessary to properly dispose of waste within the facility).

Each of SCP-001's 'Roots' are to have signs staged at either terminal, giving directions for all necessary instructions and rituals required to traverse them, as well as listing travel restrictions. Thresholds within the containment sectors that do not lead into Roots are to have an eight-meter exclusion radius in all directions, enforced by armed guard. Personnel may only cross thresholds that correspond with their individual clearance levels. In the event that the threshold leads to an extraterrestrial or extra-universal location, said personnel must also be accompanied by a contingent of personnel with at least a Class IV combat certification.

Currently, SCP-001 is experiencing extradimensional interference, indicating an imminent Migration event; determining the source of this interference is Priority Alpha.

Description: SCP-001 refers to Site-100, a non-Euclidian facility that was either constructed or discovered by the Foundation in the early 1900s.Due to a measure passed by the original five Overseers, the exact nature of SCP-001's origin has been purposefully lost.. Entrance Alpha, the primary entrance to SCP-001, is currently located in the south-western United States; the next Migration event is expected to occur in 2024 2021.

A map of SCP-001's Euclidean geography. All areas barring Entrance Alpha, Administration and the Archives have apertures leading to the outside of Site-100.

The interior of SCP-001 has been excavated from at least one extradimensional space, with anomalous transit corridors, colloquially known as 'Roots', connecting them. These Roots possess various anomalous properties, and are typically in an exterior natural environment of some form, despite SCP-001 being entirely subterranean. For example:

  • Root Aleph, connecting the Archives to the Core, is a volcanic beach that abruptly terminates in a sheer obsidian wall that extends into the horizon. Fish that appear to be made of living igneous rock are found swimming in the waters.
  • Root Beth, which connects Sapient Containment and the core, opens into a large hallway with walls made of glass and mirrors, similar to an archetypal fun house attraction. Individuals who attempt to walk through Root Beth inevitably end up at their starting point.
  • Root Daleth, connecting Conceptual Containment and the Core, is a vast, glowing ocean with no transversable path. Due to the nature of Conceptual Containment, constructing or bringing in a water-faring vessel is highly impractical.
  • Root Vav, connecting Esoteric and Conceptual Containment, is a vast field that is filled with various varieties of fruit trees that is incapable of being crossed. A year-long expedition into Root Vav resulted in failure after a member of the expedition team expressed a desire to return home, and all members of the team found themselves back in Esoteric Containment.
  • Root Tzaddi, connecting Administration and CMS.Cognitohazardous, Memetic and Semantic Containment. resembles a large igapó.Blackwater-inundated forest. Exploration into this area shows it to be on top of some form of floating mountain. Signs directing individuals to the path appear when areas are not being observed. Flamingos (Phoenicopterus ruber) are the sole species of animal that inhabit Root Tzaddi.
  • Root Peh, connecting Administration and Archives, runs through the fifth floor of a tenement building in an unknown city. Inhabitants are humanoid, and will invite Foundation personnel to partake in recreational activities with them.
  • Root Shin, connecting Sapient and Conceptual Containment, acts as the primary power generator for Site-100, as it contains several hundred perpetual motion machines which generates a constant 8.7gW of electricity

SCP-001 is divided into ten major sectors: Entrance Alpha, Administration, Archives, six additional containment sectors, and the 'core' sector. The structural elements of each containment sector appears to be concrete and rebar, with tiled flooring and flourescent lighting reminiscent of standard Foundation Site construction. However, each of the containment sector is several stories tall and are framed in a panoptic structure, with the floors accessible via several glass elevators situated in the open central space.

Each containment area contains several instances of SCP-001-K or access apertures (termed 'thresholds' by Site staff) to areas of localized reality containing these items if physically located outside of SCP-001. Each SCP-001-K instance represents an anomaly that is capable of perfectly containing an extant Keter-class SCP object. These items are contained in such a way that their individual anomalous properties result in the containment of all items in the same area.

Certain humanoid and/or sapient Keter-class anomalies (such as Dr. Audrey McGrath, Agent Ji-Hu Choe, and Containment Specialists Deino, Enyo and Pephredo Gray) have been forcibly conscripted by SCP-001 to act as Foundation personnel to aid in containment using their anomalous abilities; this conscription anomalously prevents any official Foundation documentation from referencing these individuals using SCP designations beyond the generalized SCP-001-K designation.

In the event that a newly created or discovered anomaly is designated as Keter-class, SCP-001 will begin a process of 'judgement'. During this, at least one section of wall within a containment area will recess into itself, with a short summary of the SCP in question (typically less than three sentences) written upon it. Following a period between two weeks and seven months, if SCP-001 deems the item as needing to be contained within itself, the recess will deepen and expand, and the corresponding SCP object will appear inside it, alongside a second, newly generated SCP-001-K instance used to contain it. This SCP-001-K instance is generated along with relevant documentation, such as containment procedures, images, and occasionally, experiment logs; individuals mentioned in these logs recall taking part in listed experiments, but cannot remember when they occurred.

In certain cases, SCP-001 will reject an SCP object; for example, SCP-008 was deemed to not require containment within itself, and was reassigned a Euclid classification.

The following is a partial list of SCP-001-K instances and their methods of containment.

Objects designated as SCP-001-K SCP-001-K Description Containment method
SCP-3984, an anomalous phenomenon where no member of the kingdom Animalia (including humans) is capable of dying. K-2935, An alternate universe where every observable organism— including most sapient AIs and some entities known to possess complete immortality— have spontaneously died. The open threshold between K-2935, intermingling with SCP-3984, caused an end to an ongoing ΩK-End-of-Death Scenario. The threshold can be passed through with no ill effect on the baseline universe; it is believed that the 'death' effect in K-2935 and the ΩK-Class scenario are subverting each other's effect, allowing for the continued existence of both life and death. Organisms within K-2935 have begun to decompose due to bacteria and fungi unintentionally introduced from Site-100, effectively re-introducing life into the K-2935 universe.
SCP-5007, an entity of unknown origin that inhabits the Bass Strait, a body of water between mainland Australia and Tasmania. K-169, a gargantuan arthropod that was originally located in the Atlantic ocean, before being forcibly moved to the south Pacific surrounding Australia. Following the consumption of a vast amount of K-169's mass, SCP-5007-C is currently believed to be 'choking' on K-169 due to the sudden appearance of several large barbed growths on the carapace of the surviving portion, holding it in place. SCP-5007's activity has dropped to negligible levels, barring an occasional sea quake when it 'gags'.
Allison Eckhart, an extradimensional Allison Eckhart that contains several Allison Eckharts that are capable of negatively affecting non-Allison Eckharts when given a semantic Allison Eckhart. Allison Eckhart, An Allison Eckhart affecting Agent Allison Eckhart, which causes Allison Eckhart and all of her component Allison Eckharts to have the semantic identifier of "Allison Eckhart". The semantic identifier of Allison Eckhart was introduced to Allison Eckhart, causing all instances of Allison Eckhart within Allison Eckhart to be assigned the semantic identifier of Allison Eckhart; as Allison Eckhart cannot properly function with concrete semantic identifiers, all Allison Eckhart instances have entered into a quasi-comatose state. This has not affected anomalous entities that are in the same species and/or clade but not associated with Allison Eckhart.
SCP-4040, a 'pataphysical singularity' responsible for the creation and maintenance of Nexus Zone 18 (Sloth's Pit, Wisconsin) K-1698, a probabilistic anomaly that results in individuals becoming unable to reach or exit specific areas due to intervening circumstances, such as jammed doorways, blocked roads, or errant gusts of wind. SCP-4040 has been 'cut off' from the rest of Nx-018, as well as the world, by K-1698's effect, while SCP-4040's 'gravity' prevents the phenomenon from spreading any further. Individuals have been able to reach SCP-4040, but barring the use of other anomalous items or phenomena, this can only be accomplished once per individual.
SCP-5859, a memetic vector affecting the phrase 'E pluribus Unum', which results in individuals who handle currency bearing this phrase to join communes cut off from the rest of society. K-2078, a memetic agent which references an individual that has run in every U.S. Presidential Election, who runs on a pro-gustatory platform; infection by this agent causes drastic behavioral changes in affected individuals, particularly increased appetite. K-2078's campaign platform has included the reintroduction of the E pluribus unum motto since 1984; this has altered SCP-5859's intended effect so that individuals are now compelled to further consume various products of American make, particularly foodstuffs. Further countermeasures regarding obesity caused by this interaction are under consideration.
SCP-3003, an extraterrestrial civilization of humans ruled by SCP-3003-2, a species of sentient microbe, which will attempt to conquer Earth some time before 2050. K-1233, An entity that resembles an EMU-type spacesuit, proclaiming itself to be the "Moon Champion". Entity is highly durable, and is capable of flight speeds exceeding Earth's escape velocity using its jetpack. The threshold leading from SCP-001 to SCP-3003 is inaccessible by all SCP-3003-# instances, but K-1233 is capable of free ingress and egress. They display combat capabilities not documented in the file created by SCP-001; these capabilities seem specifically suited for destroying SCP-3003-1 and SCP-3003-2 instances. Currently, K-1233 is leading a large-scale rebellion against SCP-3003-2 made up of liberated SCP-3003-3 instances; full eradication of SCP-3003-2 is expected by 2029.
SCP-5501, a "wet plate" camera from the 1800s along with 18 photographs, which act as apertures into an alternate reality filled by immensely hostile entities. K-1983, an extradimensional space containing hostile Tartarean entities which collect the hearts of humans and can be repelled by prayer. The photographs created by SCP-5501 are contained wtihin K-1983, each acting as an aperture into the opposite. The K-1983-2 instances invade the alternate reality to collect hearts, and SCP-5501 breaches into K-1983 in order to attack K-1983-2 instances.
SCP-ZH-002, an anomalous chimeric entity, roughly equine or cervine in body shape, whose appearance corresponds to natural disasters affecting Taiwan. K-239 is Agent Sigurrós Wotansdóttir, a twenty-year-old Type-Green humanoid of Icelandic descent, capable of spontaneous matter and energy alteration. Following SCP-001's judgement process, a threshold leading to Taiwan opened within Biological Containment; this threshold is mobile, and always leads to an area that is within half a kilometer of SCP-ZH-002. Agent Wotansdóttir has used her abilities and training with equine anomalies to 'tame' SCP-ZH-002, to the degree that such a thing can be accomplished. Agent Wotansdóttir has become SCP-ZH-002's full-time caretaker, mitigating the damage it causes, returning to SCP-001 through the threshold twice daily for meals and using other amenities in Site-100.
SCP-3852, a phenomenon wherein an anomalous cadaver manifests in a small community, leading to the lynching of an individual accused of the murder. K-2547, a phenomenon wherein several hundred canines will surround and isolate small communities. K-2547 is led by K-2547-1, a sapient coyote who wears a black coat and a crucifix. K-2547 appears and quarantines the community where SCP-3852 has manifested. K-2547-1 proceeds to hold a trial regarding the alleged crimes of the SCP-3852 instance, acting as the judge, prosecution, and defense simultaneously through a process of tri-location. The 'defense' tactics of K-2547-1 consist of either holding the town's water supply permanently hostage if the individual is not found innocent, confounding a jury of non-anomalous humans with circular arguments, or finding itself in contempt of court, leading to a mistrial.
SCP-PL-122, an area of land in Poland which decays and/or corrodes organic and inorganic matter. Knowledge of SCP-PL-122's location causes this decaying effect to spread. K-1262 is a vegetal mass that is capable of growth at an incredibly rapid rate, approximately .7km/h. The decaying effect of SCP-PL-122 is effectively smothered by K-1262's rapid regrowth, limiting its decaying effect. Due to the massive amount of plant growth, the true nature of SCP-PL-122's anomaly cannot be discerned by personnel observing it; combined with altered Foundation documentation, this has effectively negated SCP-PL-122's anomaly from spreading in the mental landscape.
SCP-055, (unknown) SCP-579: [DATA EXPUNGED] Can't fit square pegs in round holes.

Only nine of the ten sectors of SCP-001 are accessible. The Core of SCP-001⁠ has been completely cut off from the rest of SCP-001 through the three connecting Roots (Aleph, Beth and Daleth) either terminating or being unnavigable using current available resources. Despite this, several Foundation expeditions to attempt to reach the Core have been undertaken, with each expedition revealing new information about the nature of the Core.

In April of 2021, an expedition successfully reached the Core of SCP-001. The following containment cycle is inaccessible to all but the Administrator of the Foundation. Its cycle is contained within the core of Site-100, alongside a sealed document.

Addendum: Site-100 Central Containment

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