Kensing's Writing Farm


Well howdy y’all! You’ve found yourself on the little homepage of the Kensing Farm, where I grow and publish SCP pages and tales by the bushel! Have fun taking a look at my produce!

— Me (Who else?)

Right here, we’ve got our home-grown SCP Foundation tales, and while there aren’t too many yet, this year’s tale crop is growing nicely in the draft stages.

SCP Tales
Back to Your Irregularly Scheduled Programming Here's a somewhat gross tale about a nasty corporate documentary revealing and introducing my planned Greazeburger Incorporated GOI, and one of my favorites! Also, there’s a nice reading by Dr. Fullham on this one, so be sure to check it out!
A Disgruntled Fan Letter on the Subject of Clownery This jamcon tale is an in-universe angry fan letter set in Tropinano's Unnamed Clown Newsletter series, and I had a lot of fun with this mess!

Next, we’ve got our SCP Foundation articles, fresh from my sandbox page! This year's draft crop is still a bit small, but the new ones are growing in nicely!

SCP Articles
SCP-5519: A Dark Timeline Right here's a short, weird skip very, very loosely based off of my frustration with various food allergies. Fortunately, this takes place in an alternate universe, and is limited to a very distant corner of the Foundation multiverse!
SCP-5229: Dem Wet Bones This was my first-round entry for Jamcon 2021 before a currently under-way rewrite began, and it's a nice horror article about a liquid-craving skeleton!
SCP-5951: Corporate Dealings in the Multiverse at Large This one’s a nice Greazeburger skip about corporate takeover and also a quasi-sequel to Irregularly Scheduled Programming, although not as vibrant as the tale.
SCP-5215: Welp, Sky’s Haunted My first skip here is a not-as-weird article about a friendly entity trying to help with light pollution in the somewhat far-off future, and while it is short, manages to express a melancholy atmosphere pretty well over the course of the story.

Now, there's serious stuff for a minute, so here's what should happen if I ever buy the farm:

If I, Kensing, am inactive on the site or the IRC network for over one year without prior notice, then the staff of the SCP wiki have complete control over my written works, with the exception of my clownverse tale, which goes to Tropinano. If unfortunate events should come to pass, then I trust the staff of the SCP wiki to handle my stuff responsibly.

Here's hoping that I won't mysteriously gain possession of a large, open pasture anytime soon!

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